Menu ideas for a typical Telugu Wedding

Indian wedding is famed for the colorful and lavish events. While the North-Indian weddings are replete with pomp and show, the South-Indian wedding celebrations are slightly from that genre. It’s very joyful but grandiose in general. However, the people spend enormously on gold and similar assets. Food happens to be an integral aspect of any celebration and Telugu Matrimony witnesses some of the best foods out there. While most the Hindu weddings have vegetarian meals, some people also include non-vegetarian meals at reception bashes.

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Telegu, the famous Dravidian language spoken mostly in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have some the best cuisines and cultural insignia that make their weddings so spectacular and worth remembering.

  • Starting with appetizers: Appetizers are that important food which you serve before the main course menu Telegu wedding cuisines entails a host of traditional appetizers alongside snacks from various other cuisines. There are separate counters or corners for appetizers. You can find both non-vegetarian and vegetarian foods in the list of appetizers. The food menu is complete without stuff like jahan pakodi, veg cutlet, hot kaza, lasala vada, lollypop, Artikaya bajji, mixed vada and mirchi bajji. You can also have kym balls, Andhra special Gari, Tamalapaku bajji and Vamu aaku bajji.
  • The main course meal: It generally entails roti (Indian bread), rice along with 4-5 types of tasty vegetarian dishes. There are two to three types of non-vegetarian dishes accompanying the first lot. Lentils or pappu (dal) are very common dish in Telugu Matrimony. Since it’s a coastal region, sea foods also rule the roost in the food menu of some families.
  • The vegetarian course: It includes food like makka roti, sajja roti, upudu pindi, sarva pindi, pesara pappu, kandi pappu, rassam, pachi pulusu, pappucharu, vepudu, Pappu koora, ooragaya and so on.
  • Non-vegetarian meals: Families that are open to non-vegetarian food prepare Kodi pulao, Talakaya Kura, endu Chapala Vankaya and the famous Hyderabadi mutton biriyani. The latter is a class apart and needs no introduction. You also have meals like Gongura Mamsam, Royyala Kura and Kodi Gudla Pulusu on the list. Mostly, Muslims and Christians present this wonderful non-vegetarian.
  • Come home to the desserts: Desserts and savories happen to be an integral part of the wedding culture of this region. Like any other wedding food, they are a must in the menu. You have a host of traditional sweets in the local cuisine. They are perennially and automatically in the menu. However, many people also prefer to have desserts from different other cuisines of the country. Talk about customization, this is your forte. You can seve Malai-kulfi with chakodi. How about it for a real fusion?
  • Know the names: Some of the best desserts and sweets to serve are Boondi laddu, Sunnundallu, Malai khaja, Gavvalu, Kobbari Lavuju, Chakkera pongali, Rava Laddu, Poornalu, Boondi, Vennappalu, Payasam, Pongali, Polellu or Bhakshalu and Tapeswaram Kaja. There are other extremely popular sweets like Palathalikalu, Undalu, Laskori, jeedilu, Pappuchekka and Ravva Kesari.

You can pick any three or four from the list and serve them according to your preference.

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Giving a modern twist to some pre wedding rituals of a Bengali Wedding

Let’s be honest here. There’s nothing much for the groom to do the pre-wedding saga except the gaye holud and aye buro bhaath. The entire thing revolves around the bride, who expects fascinating bridal shower from her family and friends. Throwing the bridal shower for the bride has long been a traditional event and it can therefore, tend to become quite boring and repetitive. However, if you want your favorite sister or friend, who is about to tie the knot, to have the most memorable time at her precious bridal shower, you have the entire license to add some spice to her pre-wedding Bengali Matrimony.


You can find really unusual and simple ways, through which it’s possible to make a traditional wedding ritual into an immensely unique and fun affair for the bride.

  • Specially designed sweets: You can’t find any party without proper sweets. But, instead of serving the same old, tested and tried sweets, you can go for the specially shaped ones. You can order these sweets in special contours when the bride is pretty much into cosmetics. It’s a great idea to get the sweets in the shape of lipsticks, eye liners and other cosmetic items. Similarly, you have sweets that are designed in many other shapes. They can represent the liking and unique taste of the bride. The best thing is that you can also get these sweets in some naughty shapes and forms. They will surely add a lot more fun and spice to your ceremony.
  • The fun games: No bridal shower can be complete sans fun games pertaining to the marriage. You can find a slew of classic and timeless bridal shower game. They are designed for the bride and groom only. You can always pick these games to improvise on them and then render a modern twist, if you want. If you are creative, you can always present new games. You just have to ensure that they are all about the beaming bride and her D-day.
  • Special and cute photo booths: A sure-shot way to enliven your Bengali Matrimony is to create photo booths. The bride craves to keep the memories of the pre-wedding and wedding fanfare with her throughout her lifetime. All the fun happening at the party is certainly the best parts of the ceremony. When you make those special booths, the bride can go there with her chosen guests and friends, strike special poses to get captured or clicked in myriad ways. Doing it right after Gaaye holud would be a fantastic idea.
  • Making a countdown chart or board: There are not many takers for this idea. However, a nicely decked up countdown chart always enhances the décor of modern bridal showers, gaaye holud, vriddhi puja and the likes. The best thing about this board is that even after the celebrations, these boards become the bride’s companion. She will look at it daily.

It’s all about enjoying the thrill and happiness of each passing moment as the wedding day inches closer and closer. Don’t forget to get refreshments for her.

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Menu ideas for a typical Bengali Wedding

Everybody is well aware of the indefatigable and eternal love affair between Bengalis and their food. It will be no surprise to note that they can go the whole nine yards and even beyond with their food in weddings. This love affair is for a lifetime and pure. If it’s a match made in heaven for the couple, their wedding menu and its flavors and aroma will be no less. Bengalis take their cuisines very seriously and they hate to disappoint you with their food, especially in Bengali Matrimony. Walking out of a Bengali wedding with loosened or unbuttoned bottoms, gently patting the belly and smacking the lips is such a customary sight.



Concisely, the Bengali wedding feast is akin to a multi-star cast movie, where the protagonist has to be the fish (no prizes for guessing that) while the others would threaten to overpower its presence with the strong flavors and delicious taste.

  • Little introduction: While you dig deep into fish items, meat recipes and world-famous sweet dishes, don’t forget to eat some of the delectable and tasty vegetarian dishes. They appear to be a well-kept secret and often get over-shadowed by fish and sweets.
  • Maccher chop: It has to be a cocktail snack in Bong weddings. It’s a deep-fried potato casing, which you stuff with spicy fillings of fish. The choice of fish is Bhetki here as it doesn’t have any bones (maccher kaanta). It goes best with kashundi or mustard sauce, served with finely sliced cucumbers, onions and a little lemon.
  • Begun Bhaja: Definitely a part of the pre-wedding set, it’s a delicious and low-cost appetizer. The people serve it with puri or luchi. It comprises brinjal slices before coated them in delicate and fresh spices. After this, they pan-fry the same until they become crisp and crunchy.
  • Koraishutir kochuri served with aloo dum: This is Bengali Matrimony feast, live and unplugged. The stuffed luchi with mashed green peas tastes heavenly when served with aloo dum. The latter is baby potatoes cooked in a spicy curry.
  • Fish paturi: Basically, it’s wrapped fish in clean banana leaf. They marinate the fish with fresh mustard paste, plenty of spices and curd before cooking it into the banana leaf. The best fishes are hilsa and bhetki. It is the crowning glory of fish recipes of Bengalis.
  • Mishti pulao or sweet rice: Bengal’s artistic and majestic answer to the famed biriyani types, you can find this popular dish at almost every Bengali wedding. It’s a fragrant and enriched yellow pulao entailing sweet and savory undertones. You can eat it with spicy and rich chicken or mutton kasha or curry. That provides a perfect balance.
  • Potol dolmaand dhokar daalna: Just as it was turning out to be another drab score for vegetarians, here are two recipes that can beat anything. Potol is the parwal or gourd while dolma denotes stuffed vegetables. You can make it with dry fruits and paneer for the stuffing or include prawns in the mix. It’s optional.

Rosogolla, sandesh and mishit doi (sweet and fermented curd) have to be there.

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Giving a modern twist to some pre wedding rituals of a Oriya Wedding

Over the years, weddings have not lost their sanctity and essence of being an integral and solid part of the ever-prevailing conservative Indian society. However, they have certainly metamorphosed into a revolutionized domain and institution that has undergone sweeping changes in the wake of the internet revolution and economic vicissitudes. The turn of events has exposed individuals, especially the youth to a frenzied cosmopolitan pattern of imbibing traditions and customs from all over the land and the world. Resultantly, the way you perceive marriage, conduct ceremonies, rituals and take vows are gradually changing in sync with the times. The entire thing applies to Oriya matrimony as well.

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With the wedding season and festivities in full swing, here’s a peep into how you can add a modern touch to the rituals, venue décor, attire and make each thing culminate into a grand, vibrant nuptial ceremony.

  • Traditions and rituals: Indian being the beautiful melting pot of numerous traditions and cultures, nothing can be as fascinating as the country’s weddings. Like elsewhere in India, the typical Oriya matrimony has also undergone sweeping changes. Earlier, people used to solemnize the affair with two crucial rituals, the engagement or Nirbandha ceremony and the grand wedding event. Now, the pre and post wedding fanfare span for over one week.
  • Then and now: Hitherto, marriages were all formal events with limited guests run on precise and tight budget. Now, with the cable TV era flying high and youngsters getting influences by media and peer groups, marriages have become more about showbiz and glamour and less about rules and rituals. The Oriya people are still one of those who set a limit on the money spent on wedding functions.
  • The new wave: Youngsters feel that marriage ceremonies shouldn’t be all about toiling and slogging under the weight of responsibilities and tasks. Rather, weddings should give the scope to relax a bit, rest and make merry while shaking off the apprehensions that elaborate weddings create. Hence, you have the slew of ideas of hosting those bachelor or bachelorette parties and cocktail events.
  • The pre-wedding saga: Ask any college student about the marriages. They are most excited to attend their cousin’s or friend’s pre-wedding parties. People love these events as they enjoy to the brim without annoying their elders, who typically forbid any disturbance or hiccups during the main marriage ceremony. In the pre-wedding engagement and haldi, you can arrange a mini function.
  • The venue factor: There’s a often a question that what charm would the ceremonies and parties hold if the grand and majestic venues were out of the scene? Venues have indeed played a huge role among a host of other factors to transform the feel and look of weddings. The transition from simple houses to the more extravagant and lavish mandaps, hotels, party halls, clubs, resorts, banquet halls and even gardens and parks, wedding venues have successfully taken away much trouble and pressure from the families.

They provide large spaces for accommodating more guests. As per trend, you can use exotic followers.

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Menu ideas for a typical Oriya Wedding

Every Indian state entails its specialty in cuisines. In the north, you’’ find spicy food with plenty of butter, the eastern and western coastal flank of India love their spicy, varieties of non-vegetarian meals while those in the South prefer food made from flour, using plenty of coconuts in the food. Orissa is in eastern India, hence there’s normal penchant for non-vegetarian meals alongside varieties of traditional and tasty vegetarian courses. Food in Oriya matrimony is something to behold and relish. Oriya cooks are very famous in the kitchen and you can see them cooking across the country, especially in the neighboring.

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Their culinary exploits is reflected in the menu and taste of the foods served in Oriya weddings.

  • The food trend: Oriyas use less spices and oil in their food, yet they are mouth-watering. You will find much traditional regional cuisine in the wedding food chart, followed by many other cuisines. It’s a complete mash-up. The starters include dahi vada, papdi chat, gup chup veg cutlet, steam corn, aloo tiki, veg momo, paneer tikka, chicken pakoda, chicken momo, chicken lollypop and fried prawn. Fish items include cutler and finger. Then they serve salad. The varieties are mixed salad, green salad, pasta and Russian salad.
  • Rice and roti: In rice, you have lemon rice, plain rice, veg pulao, jeera rice, chicken biriyani/pulao, veg biriyani, veg fried rice, mutton biriyani, mixed fried rice and the likes. The Indian bread or roti entails many options as well. You have plain roti, rumali roti, tandoori roti, butter nun, plain nun, poori, parantha, kulcha, gobi parantha, aloo parantha, paneer parantha and the likes.
  • The vegetarian main course: You have a huge selection here. There is moong dal, dal fry, mixed dal, dal makhani, chana dal, mixed veg, kofta curry, nav ratna korma, malai kofta, chana masala, veh Manchurian, baby corn masala and bhindi masala. You also have dum aloo, special aloo gobi preparation, different paneer dishes, chilly mushroom and Orissa special mushroom masala.
  • Non-vegetarian main course: For the lovers of non-vegetarian food, Oriya matrimony is no less than heaven. You have chicken do pyaza, kadai chicken, chicken kasha, ginger chicken, chicken korma, chicken butter masala, chilly chicken, and mutton curry and kasha, and mutton masala and mutton korma. It’s a coastal region so there’s bound to be numerous fish items and seafood dishes. You have fish masala, curd fish, fish curry, prawn masala, curry and chilly prawn. The list is actually listless, but we can stop here.
  • Desserts: You end the gastronomical dream with stuffs like payes, jalebi, rasmalai, halwa, ice-cream, custard and so on.
  • Then and now: Orissa cooks, as said earlier, are much acclaimed in many eastern states of the country, particularly in West Bengal. The Brahmin cooks from Orissa were in huge demand in Bengal. In yesteryears when you didn’t have much catering services, people used to prefer reputed Oriya Brahmin cooks, who followed the traditional school of cooking, using banana leaves to serve the food.

Now, professional caterers have taken over the throne and business. Hence, you will find various other cuisines in the menu.

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Is He The Right Match For You

Marriage is considered to be the most sacred of all unions all over the world. It is a coming together of two souls in holy matrimony, where they promise to love, hold and cherish each other till death draws them apart. A girl always dreams of her prince charming, her knight in shining armour, who will come riding his white horse and sweep her off her feet. As she grows, she is always on a look-out or that one special person, whom she can love and grow old with. While some are lucky enough to find their true love all by themselves, others depend on other methods of finding a match for themselves, like matrimonial sites or family friends and astrologers. Whatever the case maybe, a girl needs to make sure that her prospective life partner is suitable for her in every way. This holds true even in case of love marriages, where a girl needs to make sure that her beloved will support her in every way, even after marriage. So it you are on a look-out for your Mr. Right or are trying to figure out if your present beau is the right match for you, then here are a few points that you must consider:

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  • He should truly love you: before marrying a boy, you need to make sure that he truly, madly and deeply loves you. He should be protective about you and should honour you for who you are. In case a boy starts being possessive or aggressive in the name of love, it is better not to pursue the relationship further, as it might lead to deadly consequences.
  • He should be financially stable: love may be the foundation of a strong relationship, but at the same time, you need to be practical as well. Make sure the boy has a sturdy job or business and is financially stable and economically strong, so that he can support you as well as your future family after marriage.
  • He should consider your opinion: make sure to marry a man who respects and considers your opinion as well while making a decision. This man will always hold you high and support and encourage you in your future endeavours.
  • Respects your family: while there is no doubt that it is the girl who shifts in with the boy and his family after marriage, this certainly does not mean that your family and parents should be left behind. Make sure that the man gives due respect to your parents and family before you decide to marry him.
  • Should be supportive of your career: if you plan to work after marriage as well, make sure to tell you fiancé about it. If the guy is supportive of your career progress, then don’t hesitate to marry him. However, if he tries to dissuade you from the same and do something that he approves, then it is certainly not worth it.

If you find a man who matches all the above given points, then congratulations! You have found your dream man! Don’t even hesitate for a second to start a life with him. Here’s wishing you a happy future!

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Is She The Right Match For You

There is no one in this world who wants to be lonely. Every living being on this earth is finding a perfect partner, whom they can love, hold and cherish all throughout their lives. As we humans are natural social animals, this need and instinct of having a committed life partner comes two-fold to us. When we talk especially in context of India, marriage becomes a primal necessity. In our society, where concept like live-in relationships are still not widely accepted, it is important that you find a soul mate whom you can marry without a second thought. It becomes all the more necessary for boys to find themselves a perfect girl when it comes to marriages in India. This is so cause of the social set-up that exists in our country. In most cases, the girl leaves her house and single life behind and end up living in joint set-ups, where the boy’s family lives with the couple as well. We often come across matrimonial sites loaded with prospective matches, where men and their families are looking for “suitable, homely and fair girls” for their not-so-fair –or-suitable boy. But are these the only criterions that should be considered before going in for a match? The answer is a big, bold no! So it you are really on a look out for a perfect girl or are in a dilemma as to whether or not a girl whom you like is the right match for you, we have some points which you should consider:

  • A girl who truly loves you: marry a girl who truly loves you. And by love, we certainly don’t mean who agrees to all you whims and fancies. Marry a girl who loves you and supports you in your rights, but has the guts to tell you frankly whenever you go wrong. Only the one who truly loves and cherishes you will tell you right from wrong for your own good. A girl just agreeing with you in order to make you happy is not worth marrying.
  • Who is sure of herself: Marry a girl who is sure of herself. She should have the confidence of executing her decisions and standing by them in the long run. Such a confident and strong lady will prove to be your pillar of strength in case of facing the future challenges that life might throw at you.
  • Is adaptable to new situations: a girl who knows how to adapt to new situations and places turns out to be the perfect choice for a life partner. As in most cases, it is the girl’s lie which takes a 180 degree turn after marriage. Hence, an adaptable girl proves to be a better bride.
  • Respects your family: It is the girl who leaves her family and comes and settles with her husband and his family. Hence, it becomes very important for the girl to give due respect to your family members, even before marriage. Otherwise, it can lead to a lot of misunderstandings in future.

If your girl has these qualities, then go ahead and marry her without any second thoughts. Here’s wishing you a happy married life!

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