Skin Care Regimen to Follow a Month Before your Wedding

To have healthy looking skin on your wedding day, it is crucial to look every inch the charming and stunning Muslim bride. Your skin provides a perfect canvas for flawless makeup. Try some of the handy tips given below to get that perfect looking skin before your wedding day.

A few months before the wedding

Start a series of regular skin treatments to get the elasticity and shine back into your skin. These treatments will deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin and help get rid of impurities. As a result you’ll never have to worry about blemishes and breakouts.

2 months before your Muslim Matrimony Celebrations

Focus in on specific problem areas, such as dark circles or wrinkles. Treat puffiness and dehydration. As this is a tense time for you, your skin may show signs of stress with sporadic breakouts. Use a mask everyday to keep skin nourished and hydrated.

1 month before your Muslim Matrimony Celebrations

Ideally, you should avoid any major new treatment as you could react adversely. Keep to your routine of cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing. If you are planning to wax your face then do it a few days before your wedding as it will allow the redness to abate.

Hydrate by drinking lots of water everyday

Water flushes out all toxins from your body. Drink at least two litres of water every day. Keep a bottle for yourself, so you can monitor your intake.

Consume coconut water daily

Coconut water will help you glow from within. It’s a delicious way to get clear-looking skin with a lot of added nutritional benefits. Drink fresh coconut water instead of caffeinated and aerated beverages.

Take multivitamins

Consult your doctor and ask him to prescribe multi-vitamins in the weeks leading up to your wedding. It will provide a boost for your system and skin-glowing effects.

Work out regularly

There is nothing like a good workout. Exercise, stretch and feel your muscles tone up and you will be bouncy and full of energy. The sweating will remove toxins, as well

Eat Right

Ditch the pizzas, burgers and junk food. Opt for fresh vegetables  and fruits and use nominal amount of oil in your cooking. Limit  your intake of fatty foods and carbohydrates.


Meditate an hour every day. Concentrate on your breathing and  focus on yourself. You will see yourself performing all the pre-  wedding tasks and arrangements with more ease and without  getting stressed.

Cleanse twice a day

Don’t only clean your face in the mornings, but also wash your face at night before going to bed and remove your makeup. Use a cotton pad soaked in rose water to ensure your skin is really clean after removing makeup.


The main reason you as for a Muslim bride to-be to moisturize twice daily is so that your makeup gets applied on your face smoothly in your wedding day. Even if you have oily or combination-skin moisturize regularly and see the difference.

Try the tips given here and you will have all your guests wondering on that special day the secret behind your glowing skin.


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