Must Have Traditional Jewellery for Every Kerala Bride

Jewellery in every form is sought after by women all over the world and Kerala matrimony celebrations are one of the most important times when a woman and her family goes jewellery shopping and enjoys the new collections and traditional jewellery items in her closet. The Indian woman has a special significance for jewellery since it stays with her all her life and it is considered as her assets. Since India is full of cultural diversity, it is no surprise that jewellery also differs from different regions to religions.

Kerala is one of the states where gold is of utmost importance due to the Gulf influx. Women here are always seen wearing lots of gold right from their childhood and therefore, the Kerala bride is one of the most amazing brides you will ever see on the wedding day. She will probably be soaked in gold head to toe and she will carry it off in style and elegance. If you are a Kerala bride-to-be wondering about what kind of jewellery to collect for your wedding day, here are a few tips and guidelines.

  • Palaykka – This is a dark green necklace which is a traditional part of the collectibles for your wedding day. Another diversion of this jewellery is called the Pulinagam which also means Tiger’s nail. These are available in different sizes and colours and are considered the basic jewellery for a Kerala bride.
  • The long chains – Since brides here wear many pieces of jewellery, the sizes must differ so that all of them can be seen and adorned on their big day. Some of the long chains are called Poothali, Elackathali, Thalikootam, Kuzhiminni, Menonmani and Dhalaminni.
  • The Jasmine Buds – The traditional necklace called the mulaimottumalai is a replica of the bud and is a favourite since centuries. The designs are a combination of traditional and modern and therefore, they suit the young Kerala bride perfectly.
  • The Kasumalai – This is the traditional necklace that adorns coins that start from the neck and end at the waist. It is the traditional symbol of status and wealth and is still very popular amongst the Kerala brides.
  • Bangles and Anklets

    The bride looks incomplete if any part of her body is not  touched with gold and therefore, traditional bangles and  anklets are also extremely popular with Kerala brides and a  must-have if you are getting married the traditional way.

  •  A Twist on Tradition – If you are a modern bride with a  limited budget, you can still feel extremely traditional and  wear  all the jewellery you desire, thanks to the wonderful  light  weight jewellery that has recently entered the markets.  They  meet the growing need of affordable jewellery that still looks  traditional for the Kerala bride but combines a twist of modernity in the design and the cost as well. The designs are equally empowering and heavy, but they are light to wear so if you are a delicate bride who doesn’t want to become too heavy on the big day, you can opt for these styles as well.

Traditional Kerala jewellery designs are evergreen and are extremely popular and in vogue due to their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. You can opt for lots of beautiful designs and traditional necklaces that will enhance your beauty on your big day!



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