Complement the beautiful bride with the right Groom Attire

Wedding attires are often influenced not just by fashion but by the decorum and tradition of the culture. But what you must remember is that your “happiest” day must also be your “best-dressed” day!

While the world is talking about putting together the right ensemble for the bride, we bring together some exclusive tips for the grooms on how to complement their beautiful bride on the big day.

Work together!

It is the first day of portraying yourself as a couple to the world and you do not want to miss this great opportunity. Plan your attire with your girl and get some external help to ensure your choice of colours and dress types are singing in harmony.  For instance if the bride chooses to wear a knee length semi formal dress, a black tuxedo would look out of the order. Instead choose a cotton suit in pastel shades and match it up with a floral-patterned tie.

The right fit is always the hit!

Christian matrimonyEven the most expensive suit will not look appealing if the fit is wrong. Custom tailored suits are available for both purchasing and renting. Ensure the suit allows sufficient mobility and has fine elegant cuts. The collar must set in with no bulges and accommodate the tie perfectly. The jacket must run lower than the waist and the vents along the bottom line must not pull up while sitting. The pant must feel and look comfortable in all postures.

The choice of shirt

A plain white shirt is often the safest choice for a Christian matrimony celebration. Grooms can try patterns or other lighter shades of off-white or blue only if they are certain that it matches with the bride’s attire. A strong recommendation from the “profusely-sweating-clan” of men is that an undershirt often helps in keeping you more protected and comfortable.

Matching the wedding vibe

The most important factor is deciding your wedding attire must be the time and type of your wedding. Day time weddings often seem to pose a more casual ambience than the ballroom weddings in the evening. For a more casual look choose lighter shades and fabrics. If it is the typical formal wedding, a black tuxedo must do the job. Grooms can also choose other dark shades of blue and brown and match it with a formal tie and bow.

Get your accessories right

Christian matrimony

Men often lose points when it comes to choosing the right accessories. Choice of your wedding day accessories are a way letting out inklings about your underlying personality. Try a new shade of vest, spice it up with contemporary silver cuff links or wear a tie with a unique pattern. For the shoes, make sure they match your belt and the fabric of your suit. Shoes must be well polished and fit properly.

Remember there are no rules on your wedding day. Tuck in the tradition and blend it with your style and stand there with the confidence of Hercules! You most certainly have our blessings!


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