A Muslim Bride’s Guide to Eating Right a Month before your Wedding

Getting into shape is often on the Muslim bride’s checklist for the wedding. Given the kebabs and shormas, Muslim brides need to fight extra temptation than the others.

Here are a few tips to get rid of your love handles and look like a super model on your big day.

Plan a regime

Eating right does not just help fight the extra calories but is also essential to keep your skin glowing for the big day of your Muslim matrimony celebrations. To start with draw a detailed plan listing out the food you need to consume and the junk that you have to avoid. Make sure your fitness plan has some place allotted for a regular exercise routine such yoga, morning walks and so on.

Say no to crash diets

Muslim matrimony

Crash diets that promise shedding of 5- 10 kilos may be tempting but healthy weight loss does not work that way. These diets may produce the desired results but come with a lot of side effects such as fatigue, weakening of the joints, low blood pressure levels and so on. Crash diets make you look exhausted and easily steal away the natural glow from your skin.

Embrace nature’s ingredients

Nature’s ingredients such as fruits and vegetables are a Muslim bride’s best friends. Pile up on the fruit and vegetable intake before your wedding. Fruits and vegetables come with zero calories and have all the nutrients required for a healthy skin and mane. Cook them, boil them or eat them raw, veggies taken in any form are a vital boost to your health.

Avoid eating outside

Home cooked food is the healthiest food in the whole wide world. While Muslim matrimony treats and dinner dates with your fiancé are quite common before the big day, opt for eating “ghar ka khana” as much as you can.

The smart snacks

Hunger pangs come uninvited and we often yield to the temptation without much thought to the health factors. But a bride-to-be needs to practice extra care while choosing her mid day snacks. Replace your coffee with a glass of fresh juice, avoid the pani puri and instead opt for the salad bowl. These small changes in diet go a long way in shedding those extra pounds.

Choose your desserts with care

Muslim matrimony

Desserts are often the culprits that stop us from maintaining a healthy diet. Desserts are loaded with high fat and high sugar content thus contributing drastically to weight gain. It is a good idea to keep away from desserts at least one month prior to your wedding. However if you think your sweet tooth will get the better of you, then practice some caution while choosing your desserts. For instance, an oatmeal cookie with fruit jam will be a better choice than a chocolate truffle cake.

Finally, well hydrated skin looks best and feels the best. Drink a minimum of eight glasses of water every day. Cut out on dehydrating foods like caffeine, aerated drinks and deep fried snacks. Fresh juices and healthy soups can also be accounted into the everyday water intake.



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