Fun elements of an Oriya Wedding

The gaiety, bonhomie and merry making seen in Indian weddings can also be seen in Oriya Matrimonials. Although Oriya weddings are a somber affair they have their fun side too. Let’s take a look at some of the fun elements of an Oriya Wedding.

Mangan: This is one ceremony where the bride has a great time. During Mangan turmeric paste is applied on the bride by seven married women.  It not only adds to her beauty but also enthralls all the other ladies participating in this vibrant ritual. Lot of fun and laughter takes place while this is going on. It ends with a ceremonial bath from where the bride comes out looking prettier and the participants feeling happier.

Oriya Matrimonials
Oriya Matrimonials

Barajatri refers to the arrival of the groom at the wedding scene. This is an occasion of great fun and amusement. The groom being the central hero of all Oriya Matrimonials arrives at the wedding location with his kinsmen with much pomp and gaiety.He is ceremoniously welcomed by the bride’s mother with an aarti and a tilak of rice.  All the other members of the groom’s family are also warmly greeted and received.

Salabidha: It’s not only the bride and groom that have all the fun in Oriya weddings. The bride’s brother also gets to have his share of fun in the wedding ritual called Salabidha. This is a fun ritual which involves the bride’s brother (sala) giving the groom a punch (bidha) on his back. This mock punch is to remind his brother-in-law of his duties towards his sister. A lot of jollity takes place as everyone hollers to the sala whether to give a hard or soft blow.

Kauri khela is a fun filled ritual in most Oriya Matrimonials which involves playing of a white colored shining kauri (conch shell) by the newlywed couple. It is believed to bring wealth, harmony and prosperity. The bridegroom first holds a kauri in his fist and the bride tries to break the fist with both her hands. In the next round the bride makes a tight fist with both her hands while the bridegroom tries to open it with only one hand. There is a lot of fun and laughter as each one struggles in this mini arm wrestling match. This event evokes much laughter and cheerfulness amongst the members of the family.

Saasudahipakhalakhia: This is another interesting and humorous ceremony. After the games are over, the mother of the bride makes the groom sit on her lap and feeds him curd pakhala (rice and curd) along with baiganapoda (spicy mashed eggplant). It’s a loving and affectionate gesture by the mother-in-law which the onlookers watch with great interest and mirth. Many a playful remark can be heard during this ceremony especially if the groom happens to be on the healthier side!!

Oriya Matrimonials are a great occasion for two families to get together and celebrate the bond of love and harmony with much fun filled activities.