Must haves in a Telugu Bride

A Telugu matrimonial ceremony is rich in symbolism and steeped in significance with the main emphasis on spirituality. The bride holds a prestigious place in all the wedding rituals and no religious function can be performed without her. As she is an important element of the wedding she has to take utmost care about what she wears and how she looks. We share with you a few must haves for a Telugu bride.

Telugu Bride

Traditional Bridal Attire – Just like any other wedding, Telugu marriages are full of colour that is expressed the best through the bride’s attire. A Telugu bridal trousseau must have silk sarees. A lot of emphasis is laid on wearing bright coloured traditional South Indian silk sarees with a heavy gold border and intricate gold thread work done on the pallu. Some of the popular options are Venkatagiri, Mangalagiri, Gadwal, Dharmavaram and Pochampally. These sarees look regal and elegant, making the bride shine from a mile on her special day. However, modern brides prefer to wear chiffon or georgette sarees with stone work on it as it is lightweight and also look unique in a traditional wedding backdrop.

Ethnic Gold Jewelry – Every bride wants to look her best on her special day. Jewellery adds that glitter and glamour to an already beautiful bride. Telugu wedding ceremony is all about traditional gold jewelry. Usually the bride has to wear temple jewellery- famous of Andhra Pradesh that has depictions of Gods and Goddesses on it. Some of the must haves in her jewellery kit are Lakshmi Kasu mala, a short pure gold necklace with muvvalu along with ruby studded long chain, a gold arm band with intricate work on it, a traditional peacock gold vaddanam or a waist band, jhumka style earrings and gold bangles. The look is complete with a maang teeka dangling on the forehead and hair embellishments or Jada Billalu with traditional patterns of gold on it.

Simple Makeup – Telugu marriage is simple and somber and usually takes place in the day time so it is pertinent that the bridal makeup is light and subdued. The main focus should be on the eyes with deep kohl lining the lower part of the eye and thickened lashes. The lips should be painted with a natural or a light shade lipstick and a light blush should be applied to add a hint of colour to the face. The look can be complete with a neat hairdo either swept up in a French roll or a more traditional style with a long plait adorned with fresh flowers.

Flowers – In Telugu matrimony, it is a tradition to decorate the bride’s long plaited hair with flowers, pearl strings and beads. At the end of the plait dangle three golden balls called Jadakuppulu. The flower pattern that comes in a pre-stitched ready-made form is called Poolajada and is attached to the braided hair. The top portion of the head is covered with semi circle shaped flower garlands called “Venis”.

These must haves make the Telugu bride look like a maiden from heaven- all set to bedazzle on her special day.


Ten Must Have Bengali Saree in the Bridal Trousseau

A Bengali matrimony is all about traditions and beautiful brides in their regal wedding trousseau. No Bengali wedding is complete without the bride in her quintessential six-yard wonder. So here’s a list of the ten must have sarees for a Bengali bride.

Red Banarsi Georgette Wedding Saree
  1. The Authentic Benarsi Saree – Most brides in Bengal dress up in a red Benarasi. This signature attire is replete with tradition. Its rich brocade texture, magnificent lustrous zari border and an elegant pallu exemplifies the essence of a Bengali bride.
  2. Baluchari Saree – This saree gets its name from a village on the banks of the Bhagirathi River in Murshidabad district. It is a five yard saree with intricate butis and floral design. The show of the saree lies in the pallu that has elaborate pattern.
  3. Daccai Jamdani – This saree finds its roots in Bangladesh but over a period of time it has found its way into Bengal and Bengali marriages. It is a hand woven saree made on fine Egyptian cotton- perfect for a morning function.
  4. Korial Silk – It is also known as lal paar and is worn during the pre-wedding rituals. This white and red saree has a stately look making it ideal for festive occasions as well.

    Tant Saree
    Elegant Tant Saree originally posted in
  5. Tant Saree – This Bengali cotton saree is perfect for pre-nuptial gatherings. It is usually made in bright colours with decorative borders- ideal for a young bride.
  6. Beautiful Super Net Saree –These pure silk sarees are light to carry and easy to drape. They might not be as colourful and vibrant as the traditional Bengali sarees but they have the charm and grace needed for a pre-wedding ritual.
  7. Garad Silk – Akin to a Korial silk saree, the Garad silk is ideal for a bride as its floral patterns make you feel and look festive. Its pristine colours and fine motifs spread across the plush base add a delicate touch to any Bengali wedding.
  8. Kantha Stitch – Kantha sarees are embroidered sarees worn mostly in rural areas. But with changing trends it is now used as a bridal wear and has traditional patterns and designs. It is a favourite amongst brides due to its intricate work.
  9. Tussar Silk – This saree is found in many regions of India but 40% of it is produced in the Malda district of West Bengal. Its “buti” and “pata” design is popular among Bengali brides. It is one of the most sought after sarees-ideal for gifting at a wedding.
  10. Zardosi Saree – Zardosi silk saree is known for its glittering and shimmery look- an integral part of a bride’s attire. They are adorned beautifully with ornate and heavily encrusted gold thread work, stones and studs- making the bride the envy of many.

Saree is a symbol of pride, happiness and celebration for Indian women and the Bengali bride has a plethora of choice to look her gorgeous best during the most important phase of her life. So make sure that you have all these sarees and them some more to complete your wedding trousseau.