Unique Invitation Ideas for a Brahmin Wedding

Preparing to get hitched this wedding season in a big, fat, Indian Brahmin wedding and want to send out the coolest invitation cards to your family, friends and relatives. Fret no more; we give you ideas for some innovative and interesting invites for your big day.

These days numerous Brahmin matrimony services are available for those wanting to go ahead with the typical Brahmin wedding with a cosmopolitan-touch to it- even when it comes to invitations.

Many invitation ideas can be invested for a really cool and innovative invitation card for a Brahmin wedding. Of late, the trend is to send unique invitation cards to relatives and guests that do not only have a piece of hardback paper with wedding details.innovative-wedding-card

Keeping in sync with Indian traditions, there are several options for invitation cards such as sending invitations with a sweet box – the most popular ones, while you may like to give a twist and add the sacred saffron, vermillion and diya.

For bride-grooms, wedding invitation can be sent inside a creative hard-paper palanquin containing sweets, vermillion and the formal invitation for one and all.

Another great way is the pagdi style – you can deck up a beautifully rolled sparkle card board paper and wrap on it a pagdi – pagdi being an essential part of the Indian wedding since it reflects the honour and dignity of the groom as well as the other crucial male members in the family. And include the wedding invitation details along with amenities like saffron, vermillion and kaju barfis.

You can also opt for rolled papers, flower baskets or even magical lanterns – distinctly designed and engraved with exclusive designs – for sending out your wedding invitations.

Of late, the idea of a champagne bottle along with the invitation has become quite a trend – but being a part of Brahmin weddings, it is not preferable yet the same concept can be implied with just a switch to a designer bottle with vermillion, rose petals and rice in it.

You can also opt for the traditional boat or fish-shaped cardboard made invitation styles. The boat and the fish have been a very essential part of the Indian tradition thus, keeping with the traditional angle of weddings. It shall keep up the essence of the Brahmin wedding as well as look innovative and appealing to the invitees.

Last but not the least you can give the famous little potli engraved with intricate zari work and beautiful lace round the neck with an invite in it. You can complement it with little coloured marbles. Won’t it be one of the most beautiful invitation cards for your wedding?

So wait not, gear up and deck up your wedding invitation details in the most amazing way. All you need is a little help from the Brahmin matrimony services who are available everywhere to help you out with weddings.


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