Invitation Card Ideas for Vishwakarma Weddings

It is raining cosmopolitan weddings in India – Across East to west, from North till South, people have been engrossed and running for weddings that reflect our ancient cultural values as well as come in with a modern twist. Whether it is the sangeet ceremony at a Punjabi wedding or a shubhodrishti at a Bengali wedding or the kashi yatra at an Iyer wedding or even a simple Vishwakarma wedding card – People are more and more falling in love with weddings that are best suited for sweet memories with some tangy and spicy events.

And if you are all set for a typical Vishwakarma matrimony ceremony – Whether you are getting married or being a part of the wedding in anyway, you have more than one option to make the wedding full of fun and frolic. Irrespective of the rituals, one has several options and choices to give modern and innovative twists to the events.

Starting with the pre-wedding preparations, what is the more important ingredient at this stage? Well, the invitation card! And who would not love sending invitation cards which are there to stay for you being lovely memories as well beautiful pieces of innovative craft work?

Wedding Invitation Card
Wedding Invitation Card

Being an integral community of God’s Own Country, that is the state of Kerala, a typical Vishwakarma wedding card can be twisted in the form of travel post cards containing pictures from Kerala with the wedding details printed on the flip side of the travel post card. Known for their simplicity, Vishwakarma wedding cards reflect simplicity too yet they can be turned innovative with hand-made or hand-painted cards-with that of natural colors, emitting green and sea-blue colors which would indicate the simplicity and purity of the community from Kerala.

Kerala is the place for some rice, wonderful silk and this fact can be reflected in the wedding cards too – Why not make out little silk handkerchiefs with petite intricate golden zari work scribbling out the wedding details? – Innovative and traditional at the same time!

One can also carve out card board pieces in the form of Lord Vishnu or Lord Balaji with wheat grains and vermilion sticking to it, signifying the sacred union. This would act as a traditional as well as cosmopolitan at the same time also indicating a religious touch.

You can also chose to send little bamboo rice baskets – Rice being an important part of the religious culture not only in Kerala but whole of India – With a little invitation card and vermilion, diya and wheat grains in it! It would serve as the most attractive and appealing wedding invitation idea for a typical Vishwakarma wedding.

Also in case the invitation card is to be sent out from the family of the bride or her relatives, wedding invitation cards can be sent inside a creative hard-paper palanquin containing sweets and auspicious rice-grains, smeared with the sacred vermilion and containing wedding details engraved in golden yellow in sync with the traditional saree of the Vishwakarma bride.


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