Modern Tamil Bride’s Attire

Indians are well acclaimed for their big, fat, extravagant weddings and thanks to the diverse culture, one gets to see variety of wedding traditions in this land. And same goes the trend when it comes to wedding wear for those getting hitched. The attire of the bride and the groom has always been a prime concern in this great land of diverse culture since in different parts of the country, one gets to see different kinds of wedding dresses for the bride and the bride-groom. It might be a typical Assamese meckla in Assam and patiala-salwar in Haryana and Punjab, a Cinderella wedding gown for Christians or Kanjeevaram further down south or even the quintessential Benarasi silk in many parts of the country for a typical bridal wear whereas it might be anything from a sherwani to a dhoti-kurta to a veshti for the bride-grooms.

One can find great varieties in India in terms of bridal wear. Bridal wear plays an important role in the wedding – given the fact brides in India are considered no lesser than a Queen getting hitched on her most awaited day. On a wedding day, after the couple; it is the bride who is the cynosure of all the eyes. Right from her wedding dress to her jewelry to even the accessories she sports – are a prime course of attraction and lend oodles of beauty to the bride.

For brides in far south of India, the attire is much more traditional, simple yet stands as the most appealing and beautiful piece of wedding attire for Indian brides. Brides in south-India are generally dressed up in amazingly done sarees not to forget the fact that this region of the country is most sought after for its beautiful silk sarees.

Hence for a Tamil bride, the attire sticks to either Kanchipuram or Tanjavour sarees. Mostly they are Kanjeevaram silk sarees or Tirubuvanam silk sarees rich in color, texture and display. Bridal sarees for the Tamil brides are generally red in color, yet in modern times brides are taking on the plunge to experiment and put on other distinctive colors that look equally charming on them. The Tamil bridal sarees are mostly heavy in texture with intricate designs and are weaved out of seven kinds of rich threads. Bridal sarees for a Tamil bride are adorned with detailed work of embroidery and sequins work. Most sarees are laid out with beautiful designs of temples, with the large pallu done up with amazing work of designs from the Indian folk-lore and Hindu mythologies.

But the modern Tamil bride, these days, loves more of a cosmopolitan look – they choose to wear half-sarees made out of rich silk or even lehengas made especially out of rich south-Indian silk.

Tamil Bridal Attire
Tamil Bridal Attire (image credit: deranged writers)

The Tamil bride is incomplete without the rich gold jewelry that adds to her charm. The traditional surya kala and chandra kala adorning the bride’s hair-parting are still a hot Favorited among modern Tamil brides. The mooku pottu that is the nose ring, which is basically white diamond, has evolved in designs in recent times and many a modern brides are opting for other gem-stone studded nose-rings for their weddings. Apart from the netri chutti, kolusu (anklets) and the ottiyanam (waist belt); brides these days also deck up themselves in custom stone jewelry which are very similar in design to the typical Tamil matrimony jewelry – the valayal (bangles), vangi (armlet), jimki mattal (bridal earring), kalatigai (stone studded bridal necklace). Also a very integral part of the modern Tamil bride is flower jewelry – ladies these days like it simpler. Most Tamil brides deck up more in custom jewelry with just a simple gem-stone nose-stud, stone earrings with stone studded necklace. Also much part of the jewelry part is being done up by brides with beautiful flowers such as night-rose, tube-roses and daisies.

There are several ways to deck up a Tamil bride beautifully without spoiling the cultural touch and they can be done in the best ways possible.


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