5 Things That Make an Iyengar Bride’s Bridal Wear Special

Iyengar Saree Style
Iyengar Saree Style (image credit pinterest.com)

Being home to various kinds of culture and traditions, India offers various kinds of attire, apparel and accessories to its natives. Especially Indian women are more popular for their variety of attire and kinds of costumes which vary from region to region as per various dialects, sects and communities throughout the country.

And being abode to more than a dozen festivals and occasions, the country has a lot of color and shades to display when it comes to various kinds of dresses. And when one thinks of Iyengar matrimony, what can be a much better option for exhibiting and displaying the best of Indian attire and accessories?

In any Indian wedding, the subjects of prime focus are the bride and the bride groom. Indian brides are treated like Queens on their wedding day and are the cynosure of all the eyes. A lot of time and
thinking goes behind deciding the bridal look of the bride for her wedding day. And every Indian bride has a distinctive look depending on the regional costume. Such as a Punjabi bride is more popular in a typical Punjabi Patiala-salwar, a Bengali bride in her typical Banarasi silk attire, a Tamil Brahmin bride in a Kanjeevaram silk saree. There are a variety of looks for Indian brides across the country and every bridal wear is unique in its own way.

Iyengar Bride
Iyengar bride (image credit wedmegood.com)

Further down south, there are a variety of communities – the Iyer community, the Nadar Keralites, the Tamil Brahmins, the Iyengars and many such communities with their distinct cultural traditions, rites and rituals. And every community has their unique wedding customs too. The bridal wear for every bride differs from community to community. Basically south Indian brides are more famous and well-acclaimed for their ethnic look in silk sarees – the Kanjeevaram or the Tanjavour
silk sarees.

Similarly an Iyengar bride too has different sides and shades to her wedding attire. Unlike other brides who put on regular six-yard silk sarees on their wedding, an Iyengar bride decks up in nine-yard Kanjeevaram silk saree in shades of red and green, generally lined with sparkling golden zari borders and buta design work.

Part from just the apparel, jewelry plays an important role in the wedding attire of Iyengar brides.  A very integral part of the Iyengar bridal jewelry is the typical temple jewelry which every south-Indian bride adorns on her wedding day. South-India, being home to scores of beautiful ancient temples and folklores, the jewelry of the Iyengar bride too reflects their rich tradition.

The Iyengar brides always deck up in amazing stone-studded necklaces and ear-rings which are designed out of temple art. Flowers play an important part in Iyengar bridal make-up. White and
saffron colored flowers are a special part of the bride’s hair-do. Beautifully done little flower garlands are wrapped around the hair, which is generally made into a long braid. Also, she adorns her hair parting with the traditional surya-kala and the chandra-kala and pin up the hair with the jadai-nigam, which is intricately designed with pearls, gemstones and gold and is worn to put the bride’s long, thick braid into place. It also depicts a symbolic meaning of fertility, sexuality and wealth for the bride in her new journey. Also the nethi is hair jewelry worn as a part of hair jewelry. Another essential part of the bridal jewelry is the oddinayam which is a thick chain of gold and is worn around the waist to put the saree and pleats into place.


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