Points To Keep In Mind for a Bride to Look Like a Celebrity in a Kapu Wedding

Kapu are considered to be the earliest inhabitants of the Deccan region in India and is popular for its amazing tradition and community. Mainly it is a social grouping of the Balija and Telaga sub castes that are basically found in Andhra Pradesh and its neighboring states. Kapu matrimony is very traditional in which all the rituals are performed in traditional manner. Several ceremonies take place, which are based on the tradition and religion. It is mainly a Hindu wedding celebration with a South Indian touch in it.

Brides in Kapu wedding mostly wear sarees which are embroidered heavily with gold and silver works. It is important for her to look like a celebrity to make sure her in laws like her. Traditionally, Kapu brides dress in typical south Indian fashion, looking like South Indian movie stars.

You can have embellishments and alterations done at anytime, but when you are choosing your wedding dress, design and color of the wedding saree is the first thing you need to decide. Most of the brides go for traditional red but some can also opt for various other colors as well depending on their choice. Your body type play a crucial role when you are choosing the silhouette, it is advised to consult your designer before choosing the right one. For the best results, make a morning appointment with your designer and reach the boutique early in order to avoid the crowd.

Multicolor Bridal Saree
Multicolor Bridal Saree (image credit: umaiyal.com)

Groom your hair well

Your hair must be tied properly. In Kapu wedding brides usually do not dress with untied hair. They properly tie their hair. Jewelry is important in South Indian weddings. You will hardly see any wedding in South India in which bride is not loaded with heavy jewelry. Broad shining gold necklace, big earrings and rings are necessary. These will not only enhance your beauty, but will also give you a traditional look and will create a good impression in front of your in laws.

The top of your dress is also very small as compared to the frilly wedding dress, however it is your face which will get the foremost attention. Remember, your hem and veil can feature a lot conspicuously in wedding videos and photos than your robe.

Take your time to choose

Take it slow. Don’t rush this call, lest you regret it later. If need be, visit multiple boutiques until you discover the proper robe for you. You’ve got each right to appear just like the good bride on your special occasion. At a similar time, don’t strive everything out there only for the euphemism of it! Once you realize a robe you wish, stop yearning for additional, otherwise you can solely confuse yourself. Confine mind that just about no wedding dress shop offers return services, thus take it slow and decide only if you’re assured regarding it.


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