Modern Brides Choice of Bridal Wear in a Lingayat Wedding

Brides for an Indian wedding are opting for unconventional ways and attires to look beautiful on their lives’ most auspicious occasions.  Lingayat is basically a Hindu caste and they have been worshiping lord Shiva since ages. Thus brides who are engaged in a Lingayat wedding are generally very beautiful. They are basically the Kannada speaking community from the state of Karnataka in south India. The events that take place at the Lingayat wedding are very simple and only a few near and close relatives and friends attend this occasion.

The modern society has seen a lot of changes in the matrimonial field. There has been a change in the mindset of the people all around India. This is seen in the modern changes that have been recently associated with the age old tradition and customs of the Indian wedding. Brides and grooms and their families are shredding the skin of the age old conservative thoughts and embarking into the new school of thoughts. This is now seen in the changes of the modern Indian weddings.

New ideas of the modern brides

Bridal Silk Saree
Bridal Silk Saree(image credit: Pinterest)

The brides from Lingayat Matrimony are very educated and independent. Their thoughts and perspective about the environment and the society has changed. They are now ruling and helping the society to run in a better way. Thus, there has been a change in their choices too. The brides no longer adore the clothes that were selected by their parents or in laws. Now, the bride has modern dreams and she has the potential and capability to make her own choices to suit her personal and luxury needs.

In a Lingayat wedding, a bride is generally seen wearing a beautiful silk sari with mehendi on her hands and very little jewelry on her body. The modern brides are now on the verge of changing the social dogmas. They are no longer stuck by the meaningless and baseless facts and ideas that their elders preach. Rather they are inquisitive and they know what suits them best. The modern bride has now the right to make her choice regarding the bridal wear and the makeup for the Lingayat wedding.

Choices made by the modern brides

The choices of silk sarees from different regions of south India are made by the brides themselves. This helps them to satisfy their needs by choosing the appropriate attire for the wedding day, the most enchanting color and the most elegant texture that would suit with their body complexion. The bridal wear is not restricted to Silk sari. The brides are going a little ahead by opting lehengas and dupattas that make them look beautiful and attractive on the day of the wedding.

The reason why the modern brides are opting for totally different kinds of bridal wear for the Lingayat wedding is that the changing norms and thoughts of the society. The ladies don’t want to stick to the age old tradition. They want to follow the customs and rituals but at the same time they have the desire to change the outlook of the bridal attire with the passage of time. Keep reading for knowing more about Lingayat Matrimony.


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