How To Make A Telugu Bride Look Modern and Traditional Both?

Telugu weddings are very beautiful and special. They are rich in traditional values and the ceremonies are also very nice. The main attraction of any wedding is bride. Everyone notices the attire and over all getup of the bride, as she has to be very beautiful on her marriage day. Telugu matrimonial functions are filled with many varieties and today the brides are combining the traditional look with modern touch. To get more information about how the look of bride should be, read the points below:

Modern and Traditional Bridal Attire
Modern and Traditional Bridal Attire(PC:
  • Wedding attire: The dress of bride is very important part of her look. The modernization as well the traditional look can be attained if proper selection of the dress is done. However, the dress for bride is saree, but the type and design of saree matters so much. The saree used by bride should be a silk saree with heavy golden border work on it. The golden threaded work should be visible on the borders. Color of the saree should be bright and it should give you a traditional beauty look. Some modern ideas for saree are to wear chiffon saree with beautiful stone work on them. They are light in weight and also reflect a traditional cum modern look for the wedding.
  • Wedding jewelry: Much modernization of the jewelry can’t be done, as the use of gold temple jewelry is done in the weddings, with the depictions of gods over them. The combination of jewelry and attire is very important for a perfect bridal look. Traditional as well as modern look is achieved when you wear the beautiful jewelry and attire in a matching form. Major jewelry items for bride are layered necklaces, small and golden necklace with ruby studded long chain, arm bands of gold, waist bands called as Vaddanam, fabulous and heavy earrings and also golden bangles. Some plain gold jewelry for hairs and Mang Teeka are also used for a perfect bridal look.
  • Wedding make-up: As the Telugu weddings are taking place in day time, the makeup should be kept vey light and simple. The eyeliners and mascara should be used to give bride a perfect finishing look for eyes. The lipstick should be used in light shade and lighter shade of blush can also be used for a glowing look of complexion. Hairstyling can be done as French roll or traditional long plait look.
  • Floral styling: The hair style of bride is also accompanied with the flowers. The long plait is attached with beautiful flowers and also a small garland is placed on the bride’s head, as a part of the Telugu matrimonial.

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