Fun Rituals to Spice up A Bengali Wedding

There are various ways to have fun during a Bengali wedding. Bengali weddings are loads of fun due to the interesting rituals and practices involved in them. The entire wedding being a five day long process only means that loads of rituals and games are in it.  These games incorporate many traditions of old times though many are not played nowadays. However few have stood the strength of time and are now an integral part of Bengali weddings. There are games for both the Bengali brides as well as grooms.

Bengali Wedding
Bengali Wedding (

There are various Bengali wedding rituals which are immensely fun:

Gaye Holud: This ceremony is mainly done by five or seven married women of the household. They grind turmeric powder with pestle and mortar. After the paste is made they lather the bride with this paste as a sign of making her skin glow. This practice is generally done from the groom’s side of the family.

Dodhi Mongol: At the dawn of marriage seven married ladies take the responsibility of adorning the wife’s hands with shakha and paula (two types of bangles which are read and white respectively) after that they offer and feed the bride with a meal of curd and rice. This is the first and last meal of the day for the bride as she and her family fasts the entire day.

Pottobastra: After the groom is seated at the altar which is situated in the sanctum here only the groom, bride and the priest take place. The groom is then offered new clothes by the person and that person is due to do the sampradaan. The elderly male member of the groom’s family usually does the sampradan.

Mala Badal: after completing the circles around the groom the bride and the groom exchanges garlands of flowers. This needs to be done thrice. This is one of the first steps which signify that they have accepted each other.

Anjali: this is the step when an offering to the fire is made. The Bengali bride brother puts puffed rice right into the hands of the bride and then groom clasps around his wife’s hands. Both of them extend their hands forward and and out the rice into the fire. It is said that this commemorates the true spirit of the wedding.

Sindoorgaan: when seated at their respective places on the chadnbatolla the groom is told to apply sindoor or vermillion to the wife’s hair parting. This is done to show that she is married. Vermillion is a symbol of married women in the Hindu culture. After that is done the groom gives the Bengali bride a new sari or veil to cover her head.

These are just some of the fun rituals which take place during Bengali weddings. There are many more wedding rituals presents but over time many has died out. And the ones remaining to this day showcase the spirit of Bengali weddings perfectly. The entire wedding rituals of the Bengalis are actually a journey which the bride and groom complete together.


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