Importance of Various Indian Suhag Symbols

The wedding day is the most important day for every bride, especially the Indian brides, the solah shringar which are the suhag symbols according to Indian tradition adds value and charm to these brides. In Indian Culture every shringar say suhag symbol has a significance.

Solah Shringar
Solah Shringar (

Following are the suhag symbols and their significance:

Bindi: This symbol has a very sacred and strong religious emotions attatched with it. You can decorate bindi with various different accessories and over the eyebrows also.

Sindoor: An Indian bride applies this vermillion in the centre partition of their hair and is of utmost importance amongst all the symbols.

Maangtikka: This is an accessory which is worn at the centre partition by the Indian brides, and is made up of expensive metals and diamonds or other colored stones are used for making it more attractive.

Anjana: This is kohl made up with the help of Indian holy processes. It is applied on the upper and the lower lid of the eye which adds beauty to the bride.

Nath: This is a circular ring accessory worn around the nostril. And there can be a string attached at one side which is tucked in the hair of Indian brides. This adds a different elegance factor to the brides.

Haar: It is the necklace in Indian terms. This is also made up of expensive metals and alloys can be adorned with diamonds, crystals, pearls and other substitutes.

Karn Phool: These mean earrings. These are usually bold, intense and heavy earring of attractive designs which adds a lot more of beauty to the bride makeup and look.

Mehendi: This is one of the most important pre-wedding rituals and has a lot of importance in the holy wedlock. This signifies the bond of love between the bride and the groom. This is applied generally on the feet and hands of the Indian brides and grooms.

Indian bridal Mehndi
Indian bridal Mehndi (

Baajuband: This means armlets in Indian terms. These are also made up of expensive metals. One of the adornments which adds beauty to the overall bridal look as well as the mehendi on the hands. Rajasthani designs are most appreciated ones.

Chudiyaa: These are the bangles which are generally matched with the necklace and the bridal dress to add on the beauty of the bridal look.

Keshpashrachna: The hair of the bride are dried after her bath and styled in various different ways suiting her overall look. This can also be adorned with gajra (string of flowers) and jewelry.

Kamarband: This means waist band in the Indian terms. It is also made up of different metals helps in adding beauty to the Indian brides look.

Aarsi: This is a thumb ring which generally has mirror, in which the Indian brides can have glimpse of herself and her partner whenever possible.

Itar: This means Perfume. Adding a perfume of the sweet and appealing fragrance gives fresh feeling to the bride and adds up the fragrance to the new life.

Payal and Bichhiya: Payal is worn at ankle and bichhiya on the fingers. These are considered as the strong and highly religious for the long happy life of the groom.

Bridal dress: This is the most important suhag symbol usually in the hues of red and pink colors.


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