Why Should You Plan a Destination Wedding?

Ever imagined going to a secluded beach and saying your wedding wows by the azure blue waters or amidst towering mountains with the endless sky as the back drop? All this can come true if you want. These days’ destinations weddings are in vogue with most of the big wigs planning their weddings at exotic and often unheard of places. We tell you why a destination wedding is better than the boring, old, conventional styled wedding.

1. Be Different– Most couples have a regular, traditional wedding in their hometowns with the same rituals and huge guest list. However, having a destination wedding will make you stand out from the crowd and you will surely enjoy it much more.

2. Save on Decor– Plan your destination wedding in a stunning location and save on decor cost. For instance plan your special day on a white sand beach with the ocean as the backdrop or a tidy vineyard, a heritage property by the lakeside. Such amazing settings ask for minimal dressing up.

3. Limited Attendance– Having a wedding far away from your hometown in some lovely location will mean that only those really close to you and interested in you will attend the wedding. This will help in cutting down on the guest list. If need be you can always throw a party for those grumpy second cousins and office mates once you are back.

Destination Wedding
Destination Wedding (PC:bctours-travel.com)

4. A bonding time– A wedding away from the hustle bustle of your city will seem like a mini holiday. It will be a great bonding session for the bride and groom’s families. They can use the days leading up to the wedding day to know each other. If it’s an arranged marriage the couple will also get some time to understand each other better.

5. Stress Free– In a destination wedding everything is outsourced, hence, there is no stress about checking if the flower person has got the flowers or if the lighting has been done properly for the pre wedding ceremonies or if the caterers have been told about the menu. All you need to do is go to the venue once before finalizing the event and give the person in charge all the requirements and everything will be taken care of. Many of the matrimonial sites like Shadi.com offer these services as well.

6. Cost Effective– Usually destination weddings work out to be more cost effective unless you plan it in an exotic place in ultra luxurious style. You have a smaller guest list as most people do not want to take that extra effort to travel to another place just for a wedding. Also, if you have a good outdoor location for your wedding you can save on decor cost.

7. Adds to the romance– The weeks leading up to the final wedding day are tension filled with everyone ready to snap at the other because there are so many arrangements to be taken care of. However, in destination weddings such problems do not arise.

Everyone is out to have a blast and create wonderful memories. The couple also get a chance to sneak in some alone time.

So get on with planning your far-off locale dream wedding right away!


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