Bride Styling Ideas from Shilpa Shetty

With Bollywood weddings, the soon to be married couples would always get inspiration and get a lot of ideas for glamming up the weddings. Be it the cuisines, the decor ideas or the themes, some cool tips can be stolen from the celebrity weddings. However, when it comes to styling up for the D-Day, the brides just want to look their best and look up to Shilpa Shetty for getting tips. Yes, they all want to emulate the panache of glamorous bride like Shilpa. Hence, we have gathered out some very cool tips of styling from Shilpa Shetty with regards to brides of India matrimony.

Here is what, all the soon to be brides can take from this princess for raising the glam-quotient on the D-Day.

Bride Styling Ideas
Bride Styling Ideas (

Throw in melange of outfits
There are too many functions in a wedding and there ought to be various outfits for various functions. Proper care must be taken that you don’t look similar for 2 functions, just like Shilpa.

The right accessories must be chosen
Today, the choices of wedding jewelry are based on the latest trends and on designs of the dress rather than those heavy gold sets. Some very good jewelry designers explain that such jewelry must be purchased that would complement the style. Whatever is chosen to wear must be carried out with confidence. Shilpa had teamed it up perfectly when it came to accessorizing the attire with makeup and jewelry.

Unconventional Mehendi
As per the current trends we can say that ‘the less the better’. This is true in case of Mehendi ceremonies too. Rama Singh, the bridal mehendi artist states that nowadays, traditional mehendi designs have become passe and with negative spaces, designs can stand out. So, a fusion of bigger and intricate mehendi is a very good thing to do.

Minimum makeup
Beautiful brides are definitely considered to be epitome of natural beauty. It seems Shilpa knows this well. Nowhere in her wedding, she would suggest to wear heavy makeup.

Playing with colors
Gone are those days when only few colors defined Indian weddings. Nowadays, the bridal attire of India matrimony is rocked with colors like mauves, oranges, pinks and many such bright shades. So, it is time to shift from traditional hues to something that is quite surreal. In fact, some ideas can be taken from designer who designed the attire of Shilpa for her wedding. The major part of the collection of this designer is found in subtle shades of grey, off-white and ivory etc. which truly redefines Indian bridal fashion. Even for other functions, various untraditional colors can be added such as hot pink, gold, orange, off-white, light pink or bronze.


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