Post Wedding Wardrobe for an Indian Bride

As far as women are concerned, their life style, way of dressing, routines and several other things will be changed once after wedding is done. That is, the Indian wedded women have to alter their routine according to their marital family and husband. Among the many things, the most important thing is the dressing of a wedded woman. As like before marriage, Indian brides could not able to wear whatever they like, rather they have to alter their dressing style as like a wedded woman and as per the style of her marital home, which is very important.

You might have seen that, the Indian brides will buy some new dresses for bringing them to their marital home once after wedding is done. Bringing some new and traditional outfits to the marital home is one of the wedding rituals. That is, at the time when she enters into her home, the bride should take her all the things right from dresses to jewels. At that time, the brides of India will prefer only traditional or conventional dresses rather than taking any modern outfits.

But in some home, husband and their family people have no issues in the dressing style of their daughter-in-law. And some other homes are very orthodox and they want their daughter-in-law to strictly follow the dress code suggested by them.

What Kind of Dresses Should a Bride Prefer?

Indian Bride
Indian Bride (PC:

As far as post wedding dresses are concerned, a bride should prefer taking salwars and sarees which might be a better option while comparing to other dresses. Once after wedding is over, a bride is not only a wedded woman, rather she is a wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and several other faces she will be having. And a dress of a wedded bride should give some justice to all those posts she is having in her marital home. If not she dresses well, not only their in-laws rather other relatives of her new family might get a bad impression on her.

I do not think, this is a good kind of practice. Just being a girl or woman, you can do whatever things you like without worrying about anyone around you. But being a wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, you could not wear anything as you like or you would be fond of wearing. Rather, you should wear comfortable and consoling dresses. And you should not opt for a sleek or short or see through kind of dresses being in a family.

The way you dress should get you some respect in your marital home, rather letting them down with your style of dressing. And most importantly, you should wear an ideal choice of dress while you are going to live together with your in-laws. If suppose, you and your husband are what going to live in the city where your husband works, leaving your family people and in-laws in the home town, that time, you might wear the dresses you like. But while you coming back to the home town, you should wear neat and long dresses.


Some Wedding Ideas from the Shahid-Mira Wedding

Some people think that, their wedding should be grand whereas some other people think that, their wedding should be simple. Simple or grand does not depends on the financial background or reputation of the couple, rather the word simple or grand depends on the decoration of the wedding. The good example of a simply grand wedding is Shahid-Mira’s wedding. Do you agree with my words? I know, your answer would be yes. These days, people would check for so many sites including matrimony websites to get fabulous wedding ideas.

And some people will look for unique and rare ideas to implement in their wedding. If you are the one who want to have peculiar wedding, it would be better, if you decide the wedding decors and ideas yourself rather simply copying from the matrimony or other websites. Or else, another idea is that, steal the wedding ideas from any simple at the same time grand wedding. That is, you can steal some wedding tips and décor ideas from Shahid-Mira’s wedding.

Shahid-Mira Wedding Photo

In order to let you know what kind of wedding ideas you can consider from Shahid-Mira’s wedding, I have explained some points below, just have a glance on that.

  • Less is More – The days are gone where wedding were all about fashion and overwhelming make-up and grand dressing. If you take a look at Shahid and Mira’s wedding picture, you would come to know that, the couple is satisfied with the light and simple attires rather than any grand attires that are made with so many glitz or blings. Mira did not opt for heavy make-ups or luxury dresses for any of her wedding rituals and ceremonies. Shahid also did not opt for a luxury and lavishing dress. Rather, the couple looked simply amazing with simple and good enough attires. You as well follow this wedding idea.
  • Wedding Decors–Decoration plays a vital role as far as wedding is concerned. In Shahid-Mira’s wedding, the photos of Shahid and Mira were used as a décor for Mira’s bridal shower and rituals of her wedding. Along with the pictures of Shahid and Mira, the pictures of Mira and her friends were also used a décor for their wedding. This kind of decoration does not demand more cost at all. Also, it was touchy and staggering. You also go behind the same wedding decorations as what Shahid and Mira have opted for their wedding.
  • Simple Jewels – Mostly, all brides will think that, wedding means heavy make-up and jewels. But, if you take a look at Mira, she was looking simply mesmerizing with the simple hair dos and jewelry options she opted for her wedding. She left her hair free and open, for some rituals of her wedding. Her jewels are also not too heavy and extravagance. Overall, she followed the word “simple” in all her marriage rituals and ceremonies. It is nothing wrong in being simple on your wedding. I hope, you would come to know this point once after looking at Shahid and Mira.

Offbeat Colors a Tamil Bride Can Try

Whether it is a Tamil girl or for that matter girl from any caste, what really matters is how excited she is for her wedding. It is an important time of her life and thus she wishes to look her best and be her best. On an important event of her day that is the wedding, the bride would be in full moods and her happiness would know no bounds. But what really matters is, she should wear something that will help her look beautiful and that should be as per the ritual. But these days Tamil brides do not mind experimenting with colors and this here’s something in relation to off beat colors that Tamil bride can try.

The saris that the bride would need

  1. Just after fixing the wedding date the groom’s family goes with the bride for suba neram. In this the bride would get saris as gift from the groom’s family. The bride goes with the groom’s family and together they shop for three saris required for wedding ceremonies.
  1. There would be a need for red colored and yellow colored sari with the wide border. This would be required for the thalee ceremony. Now, if Tamil brides want they can tell the groom’s family to give them different off beat colored sari. Yes, but if the ritual says that the sari should be a combination of red and yellow then too a bit of pale red or pale yellow can be selected to get a different look.
  1. One sari has to be bought for wearing after the wedding ceremony is completed. This ritual is called as Innaik koorai. Again people select yellow and red color combination. But if the bride wants to and if the groom’s family allow, then there can be sari of different colors too.
Tamil Brides
Tamil Brides (PC:
  1. One sari would be for the marriage registration purpose. There is no ritual as such. Here the bride can take the liberty of choosing her favorite or an off beat color. There is no need to wear a heavy sari. A sari with neon color or some different color would also look awesome. If you like you can get the sari with work or if not needed that it can be avoided.
  1. Bride should also buy a sari and this sari is given by bride’s parents to her for the wedding stage. This ceremony is manavarai. Set of silk sari vesti and salvia should also be given by bride’s parents as gift to the bride.

Bride is so lucky that she gets so many gifts. But the point is that when you have to select different colors you can opt for off beat colors. The modern brides know what suits them and thus following ritual and at the same time looking great and different would surely help. These days things are quite different and thus people are ready to accept the change. Change is permanent and everyone should change with time.

Do Indians use Matrimonial Sites for Matchmaking

Indians as known are popular for respecting their families and the loved ones. Thus, often we feel that a boy who has to get married, if he is member of the matrimonial site would it be approved by his parents? Well, ye, the best thing about the Indian matrimonial sites are that they are just matrimonial sites and not the dating ones. Thus traditional parents have approved their children to be part of the sites when they have to get married. It is mainly used by the families and the candidate of marriage to search for the right life partner.

Indians actively use matrimony sites

If you have gone through any of the leading matrimony website you will be able to see the success stories. These are the real success stories. Such stories inspire the new guys and girls on the floor. Every young person needs a life partner and these days when people do not have time, it is just not possible to socialize much within the community so that you can get a suitable partner. Under such situations, the only resort left for the candidate and the parents is to use matrimonial sites.

Matrimonial Site
Matrimonial Site (PC:

The safety factor

The other reason why the matrimony websites are utterly popular in India is that you don’t have to worry about the safety factor. If you have subscribed on to the website and if you think your personal information would be randomly displayed in public or if there would be leak of data then you should stay back relaxed as nothing of that sort ever happens. These sites do take care of the safety and privacy concerns.

Easy communication platform

If you have liked profile of someone then you can contact the person of that profile by instant message or by chat. This is very easy and can be done from the online site itself. Often we have nervousness to meet new people. But when this feature is available, you have already talked to someone once and then meeting the person again would not be the matter of anxiety. In fact, it would be a happy moment.

There are candidates of different castes and cultures. You should mention in your preference about what kind of partner you are looking for. Also, you should mention things in your profile. In this way you can get access to the details of the kind of person you are looking for. If you subscribe for special package then you would also be allotted services of special relationship manager who would give you personalized services. Often NRI grooms searching for brides take help of such services as they want quick results.

Also, these websites are quite easy to use and the candidates or even their parents can access the data and site so as to get details of the other party. Today, we live in the world where things are dynamic and thus even we have to change a bit for better. Matrimonial sites for match making have become the need of the hour.

5 Tips for Planning a Chennai Mehendi

Mehendi is the important event as far as the wedding is concerned. And of course, Mehendi is a girly event which boys have no work over there. But they are as well invited to the event just to enjoy the event. But Mehendi is the event which will be solely conducting for a wedding bride. Along with the bride, the friends and women relatives of the bride will be put Mehendi on their hands. Especially, the first letter of the groom’s name will be drawn in either one or both hands of the bride.

Mehendi at Wedding
Mehendi at Wedding (PC:

It is also deemed as a ritual to draw the first letter of the groom on bride’s hands. The other day, the parents of the bride and groom will check the bride hands with respect to how much it has turned red. If the hands of the bride have turned as dark red, it is believed that, groom will love her the most. You could visit Chennai Matrimony to find the Mehendi snaps of a Chennai wedding. But for conducting a Mehendi function in an ideal manner, you have to follow the below said tips without fail.

Waxing – It is important for the bride to get the waxing done on both her hands and legs. Just imagine, if you have some hairs on your legs and hands, what would have happen during Mehendi? Of course, it might disturb your Mehendi session and once after your Mehendi is dried, it will strongly stick on to your hands. By that, you will get some pain while removing the Mehendi. Otherwise, the hairs on your hands will hinder the Mehendi to get sticked on your hand and by that, you will not get dark red color after removing the Mehendi. So, waxing should be done.

Trail Mehendi – Some brides have some allergies with respect to putting Mehendi. It is advisable that, brides of that kind might go for a trail Mehendi session and check whether or not they will be okay with the Mehendi. It is not a wise idea to put Mehendi on your hands if you have allergies towards Mehendi. Since, it might bring you side effects like rashes, changes in skin tone and more.

Home Made Mehendi – Some brides have no faith on the Mehendi cones that are addressable on the market. They think that might bring them some unwanted issues. So, they would love to go with the home made Mehendi. That is, before a day of the Mehendi function, they will prepare the Mehendi by themselves and use that Mehendi during the Mehendi function.

Mehendi Artist – Mostly, it would be better, if you hire the Mehendi artist from outside, even though you have Mehendi artist in your home. Since, it is your home function and you have to enjoy well along with your family. Chennai Matrimony has some Mehendi artists which you could use them.

Mehendi Guest List – You have to prepare the guest list for inviting your guests for the Mehendi function. It is enough to invite the close relatives.

Jewelry Ideas for a Stylish Tamil Bride

When it comes to wedding, Tamil brides would love to embellish them in an attractive and tempting manner. They expect to get the attentions of everyone came for their wedding. But, dressing up you in attention getting manner is not that easy, at the same time not that tough too. All you need to consider wearing is that, jewels. Yes, jewels are something very mandatory and needed as far as women are concerned. No matter, either is it a normal woman or wedding woman, but you could not find them without wearing any jewels – right?

That much, the women love to wear jewels. I do not know the reason, but I can say you that, there is always a special connection between women and jewels. Am I right? I know, your answer would be yes. You can get some jewelry ideas of Tamil brides by visiting Tamil Matrimony sites. Since matrimony sites include some pictures of Tamil bride and by viewing that, you can get some clear idea about, what kind of jewels a Tamil bride wear and how much jewels she wear.

You cannot get any sure ideas even after visiting Tamil Matrimony sites, no problem, I will explain you something about the jewelry ideas of Tamil Bride.

Stylish Tamil Bride Jewelry
Stylish Tamil Bride Jewelry (PC:

As far as Tamil brides are concerned, Tikkas are very important to wear. The Tikkas will help the bride to give an adorable look. It is something needed to compliment the entire appearance of the bride. As far as brides are concerned, they have to wear complimenting accessories right from their head to heel. But, women have many accessories to adorn their neck and hands, but Tikka is only thing which could adorn their head.

While it comes to adorning the ears, the Tamil bride should wear the big and traditional Jhumkis. You might have heard about Jhumkis – right? It is a big and auspicious earring for women and it is now addressable in many designs and colors. Among the many designs and colors, you could find something that matching your complexion and style. Jhumkis has the capacity to add more beauty to the face of the women without any doubts.

While you are about to embellish your neck, you should not forget wearing necklace and harram. Since, only those two things will give a fabulous look which you have dreamt of getting. Also, remember that, the necklace and harram that you are going to wear should be of the same design rather wearing dissimilar necklace and harram.

While it comes to wearing bangles, you should wear more bangles as much as possible. The sound that comes from your bangles will announce people that, bride is coming to the Mandapa. Also, it would be even better, if you wear bangles that match your saree and its color. Some bride would love to wear glass bangles, but I don’t think it is the wise choice, since glass bangles have the chance to get smashed if you apply any force on them and in turn might hurt you.