5 Tips for Planning a Chennai Mehendi

Mehendi is the important event as far as the wedding is concerned. And of course, Mehendi is a girly event which boys have no work over there. But they are as well invited to the event just to enjoy the event. But Mehendi is the event which will be solely conducting for a wedding bride. Along with the bride, the friends and women relatives of the bride will be put Mehendi on their hands. Especially, the first letter of the groom’s name will be drawn in either one or both hands of the bride.

Mehendi at Wedding
Mehendi at Wedding (PC: mehandidesignsforhand.blogspot.com)

It is also deemed as a ritual to draw the first letter of the groom on bride’s hands. The other day, the parents of the bride and groom will check the bride hands with respect to how much it has turned red. If the hands of the bride have turned as dark red, it is believed that, groom will love her the most. You could visit Chennai Matrimony to find the Mehendi snaps of a Chennai wedding. But for conducting a Mehendi function in an ideal manner, you have to follow the below said tips without fail.

Waxing – It is important for the bride to get the waxing done on both her hands and legs. Just imagine, if you have some hairs on your legs and hands, what would have happen during Mehendi? Of course, it might disturb your Mehendi session and once after your Mehendi is dried, it will strongly stick on to your hands. By that, you will get some pain while removing the Mehendi. Otherwise, the hairs on your hands will hinder the Mehendi to get sticked on your hand and by that, you will not get dark red color after removing the Mehendi. So, waxing should be done.

Trail Mehendi – Some brides have some allergies with respect to putting Mehendi. It is advisable that, brides of that kind might go for a trail Mehendi session and check whether or not they will be okay with the Mehendi. It is not a wise idea to put Mehendi on your hands if you have allergies towards Mehendi. Since, it might bring you side effects like rashes, changes in skin tone and more.

Home Made Mehendi – Some brides have no faith on the Mehendi cones that are addressable on the market. They think that might bring them some unwanted issues. So, they would love to go with the home made Mehendi. That is, before a day of the Mehendi function, they will prepare the Mehendi by themselves and use that Mehendi during the Mehendi function.

Mehendi Artist – Mostly, it would be better, if you hire the Mehendi artist from outside, even though you have Mehendi artist in your home. Since, it is your home function and you have to enjoy well along with your family. Chennai Matrimony has some Mehendi artists which you could use them.

Mehendi Guest List – You have to prepare the guest list for inviting your guests for the Mehendi function. It is enough to invite the close relatives.


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