Offbeat Colors a Tamil Bride Can Try

Whether it is a Tamil girl or for that matter girl from any caste, what really matters is how excited she is for her wedding. It is an important time of her life and thus she wishes to look her best and be her best. On an important event of her day that is the wedding, the bride would be in full moods and her happiness would know no bounds. But what really matters is, she should wear something that will help her look beautiful and that should be as per the ritual. But these days Tamil brides do not mind experimenting with colors and this here’s something in relation to off beat colors that Tamil bride can try.

The saris that the bride would need

  1. Just after fixing the wedding date the groom’s family goes with the bride for suba neram. In this the bride would get saris as gift from the groom’s family. The bride goes with the groom’s family and together they shop for three saris required for wedding ceremonies.
  1. There would be a need for red colored and yellow colored sari with the wide border. This would be required for the thalee ceremony. Now, if Tamil brides want they can tell the groom’s family to give them different off beat colored sari. Yes, but if the ritual says that the sari should be a combination of red and yellow then too a bit of pale red or pale yellow can be selected to get a different look.
  1. One sari has to be bought for wearing after the wedding ceremony is completed. This ritual is called as Innaik koorai. Again people select yellow and red color combination. But if the bride wants to and if the groom’s family allow, then there can be sari of different colors too.
Tamil Brides
Tamil Brides (PC:
  1. One sari would be for the marriage registration purpose. There is no ritual as such. Here the bride can take the liberty of choosing her favorite or an off beat color. There is no need to wear a heavy sari. A sari with neon color or some different color would also look awesome. If you like you can get the sari with work or if not needed that it can be avoided.
  1. Bride should also buy a sari and this sari is given by bride’s parents to her for the wedding stage. This ceremony is manavarai. Set of silk sari vesti and salvia should also be given by bride’s parents as gift to the bride.

Bride is so lucky that she gets so many gifts. But the point is that when you have to select different colors you can opt for off beat colors. The modern brides know what suits them and thus following ritual and at the same time looking great and different would surely help. These days things are quite different and thus people are ready to accept the change. Change is permanent and everyone should change with time.


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