Some Wedding Ideas from the Shahid-Mira Wedding

Some people think that, their wedding should be grand whereas some other people think that, their wedding should be simple. Simple or grand does not depends on the financial background or reputation of the couple, rather the word simple or grand depends on the decoration of the wedding. The good example of a simply grand wedding is Shahid-Mira’s wedding. Do you agree with my words? I know, your answer would be yes. These days, people would check for so many sites including matrimony websites to get fabulous wedding ideas.

And some people will look for unique and rare ideas to implement in their wedding. If you are the one who want to have peculiar wedding, it would be better, if you decide the wedding decors and ideas yourself rather simply copying from the matrimony or other websites. Or else, another idea is that, steal the wedding ideas from any simple at the same time grand wedding. That is, you can steal some wedding tips and décor ideas from Shahid-Mira’s wedding.

Shahid-Mira Wedding Photo

In order to let you know what kind of wedding ideas you can consider from Shahid-Mira’s wedding, I have explained some points below, just have a glance on that.

  • Less is More – The days are gone where wedding were all about fashion and overwhelming make-up and grand dressing. If you take a look at Shahid and Mira’s wedding picture, you would come to know that, the couple is satisfied with the light and simple attires rather than any grand attires that are made with so many glitz or blings. Mira did not opt for heavy make-ups or luxury dresses for any of her wedding rituals and ceremonies. Shahid also did not opt for a luxury and lavishing dress. Rather, the couple looked simply amazing with simple and good enough attires. You as well follow this wedding idea.
  • Wedding Decors–Decoration plays a vital role as far as wedding is concerned. In Shahid-Mira’s wedding, the photos of Shahid and Mira were used as a décor for Mira’s bridal shower and rituals of her wedding. Along with the pictures of Shahid and Mira, the pictures of Mira and her friends were also used a décor for their wedding. This kind of decoration does not demand more cost at all. Also, it was touchy and staggering. You also go behind the same wedding decorations as what Shahid and Mira have opted for their wedding.
  • Simple Jewels – Mostly, all brides will think that, wedding means heavy make-up and jewels. But, if you take a look at Mira, she was looking simply mesmerizing with the simple hair dos and jewelry options she opted for her wedding. She left her hair free and open, for some rituals of her wedding. Her jewels are also not too heavy and extravagance. Overall, she followed the word “simple” in all her marriage rituals and ceremonies. It is nothing wrong in being simple on your wedding. I hope, you would come to know this point once after looking at Shahid and Mira.

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