Post Wedding Wardrobe for an Indian Bride

As far as women are concerned, their life style, way of dressing, routines and several other things will be changed once after wedding is done. That is, the Indian wedded women have to alter their routine according to their marital family and husband. Among the many things, the most important thing is the dressing of a wedded woman. As like before marriage, Indian brides could not able to wear whatever they like, rather they have to alter their dressing style as like a wedded woman and as per the style of her marital home, which is very important.

You might have seen that, the Indian brides will buy some new dresses for bringing them to their marital home once after wedding is done. Bringing some new and traditional outfits to the marital home is one of the wedding rituals. That is, at the time when she enters into her home, the bride should take her all the things right from dresses to jewels. At that time, the brides of India will prefer only traditional or conventional dresses rather than taking any modern outfits.

But in some home, husband and their family people have no issues in the dressing style of their daughter-in-law. And some other homes are very orthodox and they want their daughter-in-law to strictly follow the dress code suggested by them.

What Kind of Dresses Should a Bride Prefer?

Indian Bride
Indian Bride (PC:

As far as post wedding dresses are concerned, a bride should prefer taking salwars and sarees which might be a better option while comparing to other dresses. Once after wedding is over, a bride is not only a wedded woman, rather she is a wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and several other faces she will be having. And a dress of a wedded bride should give some justice to all those posts she is having in her marital home. If not she dresses well, not only their in-laws rather other relatives of her new family might get a bad impression on her.

I do not think, this is a good kind of practice. Just being a girl or woman, you can do whatever things you like without worrying about anyone around you. But being a wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, you could not wear anything as you like or you would be fond of wearing. Rather, you should wear comfortable and consoling dresses. And you should not opt for a sleek or short or see through kind of dresses being in a family.

The way you dress should get you some respect in your marital home, rather letting them down with your style of dressing. And most importantly, you should wear an ideal choice of dress while you are going to live together with your in-laws. If suppose, you and your husband are what going to live in the city where your husband works, leaving your family people and in-laws in the home town, that time, you might wear the dresses you like. But while you coming back to the home town, you should wear neat and long dresses.


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