Taking Cues From The Stylish Bride Asin!

Wow! Your wedding is near and you are planning to adapt all traditional clothes, jewelry and trousseau for your wedding then nothing can go wrong if you follow what stylish bride Asin wore at her wedding! South Indian sarees looks just amazing at your shadi functions. The richness and grandeur of south Indian sarees are simply cannot be describe in words. Asin wore a beautiful sabyasachilehenga on her Indian wedding day and she looked just stunning with minimal makeup and accessories that enhanced the charm of her attire.

The lustrous dabkandzardozi, sometimes covering whole six yards saree looks just traditional, elegant and stunning. In India, the style is very subjective. It is mainly influenced by the bollywood stars. Most of the girls want to look like the bollywood bride on her wedding day. Recent wedding took place of the bollywood actress Asin. She mesmerized everyone by her minimal look and Indian beauty. Asin is one of the most gorgeous leading ladies of bollywood and she took everyone’s heart away as she appeared in her attire on her wedding day. She looked just lovely and adorable. She chose to be real and more traditional on her shadi.

Stylish Bride Asin
Stylish Bride Asin (PC: ibnlive.com)

You can take cues from the stylish bride Asin and look as beautiful as she does on her wedding day. Bollywood shadi is something to cherish and people love to imitate just everything about bollywood shadi. Who does not love the action, romance, and drama in bollywood movies and so does the shadi of any movie is one thing that girls desperately look up to, especially fashion. Since many years, Asin has presented different bridal looks in many movies and she looked equally lovely in all her characters.

She is a true epitome of style and beauty. Golden color is in these days and it looked ravishing on Asin. She wore the Golden lehenga that has sequence, dabka and zardozi embroidery on it. She looked happy and a charming bride on her wedding. For all those girls who are looking ahead to buy something different for her wedding then they can seek help from the Asin attire she wore on her wedding. The best part about Indian culture and tradition is respect. You can wear lehenga or saree on wedding and on main function and look just stunning and gorgeous just like Asin.

These attires are used even after marriage on various other occasions. It is always advisable to not indulge on anything heavy rather keep it simple so that you can wear it later as well. Asin donned amazing south Indian sarees earlier as well and she managed to stand out the crowd. Sarees looks simply gorgeous on any girl may the girl be from India or outside India. Bollywood actress’s sarees on red carpet, movies and other different social events looks spectacular n all the way. So if you are planning your wedding trousseau then always keep in mind the attire chosen by Asin and look as ravishing as she looked without any efforts.


Important Things to Consider At Adidravidar Weddings

Weddings are really meant to be a grand affair. If you think that Adidravidars are quite poor and cannot afford that then it is really something you need to know about them. They are quite forward now and also are rich. Thus you will find that even Adidravidar Weddings are quite exciting and lavish these days. Initially they were considered as dalit community in Tamilnadu. But now, they have really grown out to be good in finances too. Thus Adidravidar matrimony also celebrates weddings in a grand style. Here are some of the things you need to know about these weddings:

Things you need to know

The marriage talks start with matching of horoscopes. This is because in their ritual, this really plays a key role. The thing that is most important is when the girl and the boy like each other, there should be matching of horoscope and this match should be approved by the priest. When that is done, the wedding is considered as fixed. After this, there is a meeting where the wedding date is to be fixed.

Wedding Horoscopes
Wedding Horoscopes ( PC: futurepointindia.com)

After this there is an agreement to be made in front of priest and this agreement tells about the wedding and the wedding date. This has to be kept on the decorated plate with coconut, betel and leaf. On this auspicious day you will also see that the groom’s family would gift a sari to the bride and the bride’s family would gift the groom with sweets and cash. Ashadh, Bhadrapad and Shunya are the months that are to be avoided for wedding. Apart from these three months, all other months are considered as fine.

At Adidravidar Weddings you will find good food that would be served to the guests. This food is authentic in nature and is served in traditional way. Mostly, they now hold the weddings in banquet halls. There was a time when these weddings were mostly conducted at the bride’s place. Also, there would be women of the family to cook all the foods. But now, these things are handed over to the catering services.

Adidravidar Weddings are quite interesting

The reason why Adidravidar matrimony is quite interesting is because they follow rituals and customs. These rituals are quite meaningful. In these weddings, you will see that the priest plays a key role. He has to approve the horoscope match as well as he plays an important role in fixing the wedding date. Also, in the wedding ceremony, the priest plays a leading role in the rituals. You will also see that the parents of the bride as well as the groom will have to bless them and thus they play a lead role in the weddings. If you have never attended one such Adidravidar Wedding then you should try to, when you get an invitation. Every wedding is grand and amazing in its own way. In these weddings you will see that there is lot of excitement and happiness. You should witness Adidravidar Wedding once.

Single Again? Find The Right Man

There is an old and beautiful saying “life goes on”. Therefore, in this ever-flowing life you should not give yourself a reason, which will stop you from leading a happy life. However, a failure in marriage and love often for bids a person from leading a blissful life. You must understand that failure in love or marriage does not mean that you have failed in life. You can always choose to love, live and stay happy. It often happens that the man whom you thought to be the greatest support of your life isn’t actually made for you. If you are one of those women then you will be happy to know that divorcee matrimony brings you the reason to be cheerful once again.

Find your perfect match

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A second choice

There are very few things in life that come with a second chance. Divorce matrimonial site is the destination that gives you that second chance of choosing your life partner. This is the destination that understands the true meaning of relationship. You will be happy to know that most of the times second marriage proves to be much happier than first one as both the partners have better experience, patience and understanding.

Choose your reason of happiness

Life is beautiful and you should always be surrounded by the reasons that make you happy. However, in time of depression, you fail to look at this reason but divorce matrimonial site is a major reason that will help you overlook your despondency. You must wake up and choose this option to make your life happier once again. These sites are responsible for making millions smile. Therefore, choose it for giving real meaning to a relationship and be happy forever.

Experience real meaning of bonding

Few know the importance of marriage and in today’s era of impatience and intolerance very few can go through marriage. Hence, the reasons for divorces are fast increasing. If you have also gone through a divorce but want to settle down again, we suggest you log onto any of the divorce matrimonial sites. Here, you will find many other people like you- divorced yet looking for the perfect match again. You never know you might find your knight in shining armor or princess here. Give it a try and you will never be disappointed.

Shopping for Arya Vysya Weddings

Weddings are the time to have a lot of fun and to celebrate the union of two people. It involves families taking part in the rituals too. In Arya Vysya weddings you will find that there are many rituals to be performed. Also, there would be ceremonies like Mehendi and haldi before the wedding. Thus both, the bride and the groom will need proper dresses, attire, accessories, and jewelry. Make sure that if you are part of Arya Vysya matrimony you take up all shopping in time.

Shopping that needs to be done

In the weddings, the bride and the groom have to dress in their very best attires. They have to look the best out of the crowd. Thus, the main shopping that the bride and the groom should do is of the attires. The bride has to wear a south Indian traditional sari and the groom has to wear the dhoti. As far as the pre-wedding rituals are concerned, there would be Ganesh puja and Gauri puja, mangal snanam, haldi and aarti are some of the important rituals. Things required for all these ceremonies would also be required to shop for. Most of the younger people would not know as to what items would be needed for these rituals. Thus, it would be prudent to ask someone who is elder and experienced in such matters.

Dresses and jewelry

The bride has to buy dresses and jewelry as gifts to be taken along with her to husband’s home. Also, she should buy the wedding sari on time. She should make such preparations in advance. This is because if that is not done then there might be chances of last minute mess. It is also vital that even the groom keep his dresses ready for the wedding.

The best idea would be to create a shopping list and then mark up each and every item that is completed. This will help in getting an idea about whether all the items are covered or not. In Arya Vysya matrimony there is a trend that the parents of the bride give a lot of gold ornaments to her as a gift for a wedding. Thus, even that shopping has to be done on time. However, now things have changed and you will see that the jewelry purchase now is according to the financial condition of the family. This is because the cost of the jewelry is quite on a high these days.

Arya Vysya Wedding Shopping
Arya Vysya Wedding Shopping (PC: pinterest.com)

Mangal sutra

In these weddings, you will see that, sixteen days after the wedding there is a ceremony called as the Mangal sutra ceremony. In this, there would be need of two mangal sutras and they are united and tied together. This shows that here on these two lives would be together. The elders of the family give blessings to the bride and the groom. Thus, keeping this in mind when you make the shopping list there should be an addition of mangal sutras too.

Thus, if a list is made carefully, then almost all the items as required for the wedding would get ready on time.

Important Things to Consider At Hindi Weddings

Hindi weddings are quite exciting and there are many things that you will be able to see in this. There would be a mix of happiness and sadness. Happiness would be mainly because the couple would start a new life. The sadness would be due to the fact that the daughter would now go to another place; this is in the mind of the brides’ parents. But overall, Hindi matrimony is filled with fun, joy and celebration moods.

Hindi Weddings

There are a few things that you need to consider at Hindi weddings

  1. The time of marriage should be fixed and that should be abided by: A fixed time is decided when there would be union of both, bride and the groom’s hands. Also, there would be seven pheras. These things or rituals should be performed at the pre-decided time. If late, then it is said that the mahurat was disturbed. So, if at all you are planning to attend Hindi wedding, make sure you go on time as the wedding rituals and customs would be properly at time.
  2. Parents have main involvement: In Hindi weddings, the parents have major involvement in the function. This is because the bride’s parents have to perform kanyadan ritual. This is something very much unique about Hindi wedding. Parents are almost with the couple though out and there would be blessings to be given to them every now and then during the wedding.
  3. Prayer before the wedding starts: Before the wedding begins, there is prayer to be done to the deities. This is because the couple is going to start a new life and thus blessings of God would be the main thing.
  4. The bride should look like the real bride with heavy dress and makeup: The bride should be the star of the day. She has to wear very heavy jewelry and dresses. Even groom should wear something that would complement the bride on that day. However, things have changed now and people really have started using simple and elegant attires for weddings. This includes the bride as well as the groom.
  5. The bridal dress is red, white or green: Based on the caste that the bride belongs to, the bride has to wear the sari. In most of the cases it is white and red, green and red and complete red. Red is considered as holy and good luck for the couple.

There are many more things to be considered when it comes to Hindi matrimony. But the above things are to be kept in mind. It is important to note that the rituals and customs in Hindi weddings are quite flexible these days. People have become open-minded. But the roots are same. The base still remains the same. The wedding thinks of the elders as the main thing and their blessings are to be sought.

Yes, sangeet is something that would give you almost all the liberties to celebrate. This is the day when you can dance and have fun.

Shopping for Ezhava Weddings

Shopping is always fun, especially for females. But when one has to shop for the weddings, don’t you think it is double the fun. Every caste and culture says that wedding is the time to celebrate. But when you have to prepare for the weddings, you also have to shop a lot. As far as Ezhava matrimony is concerned, it is really fun and adventure when it comes to shopping. There are a few pre-wedding rituals like vivaha nischayam, blessing ceremony and engagement ceremony. Thus as per the occasions, shopping has to be done. Apart from this, the sari that the bride has to put on the wedding day and the dresses that groom have to put are also to be looked out for. The gifts being exchanged by both the parties and the gifts as given to guests also have to be purchased. All these preparations should be done on time.

How the shopping should proceed?

Since wedding preparations take lot of time you should take up shopping as soon as possible. This is because if you start timely shopping then you will get enough time to choose things that you want. Often things done in hurry can be messy. Thus make sure you start the wedding shopping in advance.

Start looking for bride’s dresses, gifts and wedding dress: the bride and her family should start the shopping as soon as things are decided. If the bride has to look out for the pre-wedding ceremonies then she can choose colors like pink, blue and green. This is because her wedding sari would be white and golden. Thus before that she can experiment with the colors, if she wants. The wedding sari should also be purchased on time, so that you can something as per the choice. Apart from that the gifts that the bride’s parents give to bride, those to be given to the groom and those to be given to the guests should be shopped for.

Ezhava Bride Dress
Ezhava Bride Dress (PC: keralawedding1.blogspot.com)

Start looking for groom’s dress, gifts and the wedding dress: On the wedding day the groom has to wear dhoti. Thus, he would not have much choice. But if he wants to wear something else for the other functions then he should carry out the shopping in that fashion. Also, the family of groom should buy good jewelry, sari and other gifts for the bride. Also, if you want to gift the guests something, such preparations should be done well in advance.

Times have changed. Thus when the groom’s family is shopping for the bride, it would be better to take her along so that she can get things of her choice. After all, the sari and the dresses you get for her is to be worn by her. Thus taking her along would help in making the perfect choice.

Ezhava matrimony is the time when even the guests attend and thus the preparations should be all fine. Also, the bride and the groom should look their very best. Good clothing would surely enhance their charm and personality.