Shopping for Ezhava Weddings

Shopping is always fun, especially for females. But when one has to shop for the weddings, don’t you think it is double the fun. Every caste and culture says that wedding is the time to celebrate. But when you have to prepare for the weddings, you also have to shop a lot. As far as Ezhava matrimony is concerned, it is really fun and adventure when it comes to shopping. There are a few pre-wedding rituals like vivaha nischayam, blessing ceremony and engagement ceremony. Thus as per the occasions, shopping has to be done. Apart from this, the sari that the bride has to put on the wedding day and the dresses that groom have to put are also to be looked out for. The gifts being exchanged by both the parties and the gifts as given to guests also have to be purchased. All these preparations should be done on time.

How the shopping should proceed?

Since wedding preparations take lot of time you should take up shopping as soon as possible. This is because if you start timely shopping then you will get enough time to choose things that you want. Often things done in hurry can be messy. Thus make sure you start the wedding shopping in advance.

Start looking for bride’s dresses, gifts and wedding dress: the bride and her family should start the shopping as soon as things are decided. If the bride has to look out for the pre-wedding ceremonies then she can choose colors like pink, blue and green. This is because her wedding sari would be white and golden. Thus before that she can experiment with the colors, if she wants. The wedding sari should also be purchased on time, so that you can something as per the choice. Apart from that the gifts that the bride’s parents give to bride, those to be given to the groom and those to be given to the guests should be shopped for.

Ezhava Bride Dress
Ezhava Bride Dress (PC:

Start looking for groom’s dress, gifts and the wedding dress: On the wedding day the groom has to wear dhoti. Thus, he would not have much choice. But if he wants to wear something else for the other functions then he should carry out the shopping in that fashion. Also, the family of groom should buy good jewelry, sari and other gifts for the bride. Also, if you want to gift the guests something, such preparations should be done well in advance.

Times have changed. Thus when the groom’s family is shopping for the bride, it would be better to take her along so that she can get things of her choice. After all, the sari and the dresses you get for her is to be worn by her. Thus taking her along would help in making the perfect choice.

Ezhava matrimony is the time when even the guests attend and thus the preparations should be all fine. Also, the bride and the groom should look their very best. Good clothing would surely enhance their charm and personality.


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