Important Things to Consider At Hindi Weddings

Hindi weddings are quite exciting and there are many things that you will be able to see in this. There would be a mix of happiness and sadness. Happiness would be mainly because the couple would start a new life. The sadness would be due to the fact that the daughter would now go to another place; this is in the mind of the brides’ parents. But overall, Hindi matrimony is filled with fun, joy and celebration moods.

Hindi Weddings

There are a few things that you need to consider at Hindi weddings

  1. The time of marriage should be fixed and that should be abided by: A fixed time is decided when there would be union of both, bride and the groom’s hands. Also, there would be seven pheras. These things or rituals should be performed at the pre-decided time. If late, then it is said that the mahurat was disturbed. So, if at all you are planning to attend Hindi wedding, make sure you go on time as the wedding rituals and customs would be properly at time.
  2. Parents have main involvement: In Hindi weddings, the parents have major involvement in the function. This is because the bride’s parents have to perform kanyadan ritual. This is something very much unique about Hindi wedding. Parents are almost with the couple though out and there would be blessings to be given to them every now and then during the wedding.
  3. Prayer before the wedding starts: Before the wedding begins, there is prayer to be done to the deities. This is because the couple is going to start a new life and thus blessings of God would be the main thing.
  4. The bride should look like the real bride with heavy dress and makeup: The bride should be the star of the day. She has to wear very heavy jewelry and dresses. Even groom should wear something that would complement the bride on that day. However, things have changed now and people really have started using simple and elegant attires for weddings. This includes the bride as well as the groom.
  5. The bridal dress is red, white or green: Based on the caste that the bride belongs to, the bride has to wear the sari. In most of the cases it is white and red, green and red and complete red. Red is considered as holy and good luck for the couple.

There are many more things to be considered when it comes to Hindi matrimony. But the above things are to be kept in mind. It is important to note that the rituals and customs in Hindi weddings are quite flexible these days. People have become open-minded. But the roots are same. The base still remains the same. The wedding thinks of the elders as the main thing and their blessings are to be sought.

Yes, sangeet is something that would give you almost all the liberties to celebrate. This is the day when you can dance and have fun.


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