Shopping for Arya Vysya Weddings

Weddings are the time to have a lot of fun and to celebrate the union of two people. It involves families taking part in the rituals too. In Arya Vysya weddings you will find that there are many rituals to be performed. Also, there would be ceremonies like Mehendi and haldi before the wedding. Thus both, the bride and the groom will need proper dresses, attire, accessories, and jewelry. Make sure that if you are part of Arya Vysya matrimony you take up all shopping in time.

Shopping that needs to be done

In the weddings, the bride and the groom have to dress in their very best attires. They have to look the best out of the crowd. Thus, the main shopping that the bride and the groom should do is of the attires. The bride has to wear a south Indian traditional sari and the groom has to wear the dhoti. As far as the pre-wedding rituals are concerned, there would be Ganesh puja and Gauri puja, mangal snanam, haldi and aarti are some of the important rituals. Things required for all these ceremonies would also be required to shop for. Most of the younger people would not know as to what items would be needed for these rituals. Thus, it would be prudent to ask someone who is elder and experienced in such matters.

Dresses and jewelry

The bride has to buy dresses and jewelry as gifts to be taken along with her to husband’s home. Also, she should buy the wedding sari on time. She should make such preparations in advance. This is because if that is not done then there might be chances of last minute mess. It is also vital that even the groom keep his dresses ready for the wedding.

The best idea would be to create a shopping list and then mark up each and every item that is completed. This will help in getting an idea about whether all the items are covered or not. In Arya Vysya matrimony there is a trend that the parents of the bride give a lot of gold ornaments to her as a gift for a wedding. Thus, even that shopping has to be done on time. However, now things have changed and you will see that the jewelry purchase now is according to the financial condition of the family. This is because the cost of the jewelry is quite on a high these days.

Arya Vysya Wedding Shopping
Arya Vysya Wedding Shopping (PC:

Mangal sutra

In these weddings, you will see that, sixteen days after the wedding there is a ceremony called as the Mangal sutra ceremony. In this, there would be need of two mangal sutras and they are united and tied together. This shows that here on these two lives would be together. The elders of the family give blessings to the bride and the groom. Thus, keeping this in mind when you make the shopping list there should be an addition of mangal sutras too.

Thus, if a list is made carefully, then almost all the items as required for the wedding would get ready on time.


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