Important Things to Consider At Adidravidar Weddings

Weddings are really meant to be a grand affair. If you think that Adidravidars are quite poor and cannot afford that then it is really something you need to know about them. They are quite forward now and also are rich. Thus you will find that even Adidravidar Weddings are quite exciting and lavish these days. Initially they were considered as dalit community in Tamilnadu. But now, they have really grown out to be good in finances too. Thus Adidravidar matrimony also celebrates weddings in a grand style. Here are some of the things you need to know about these weddings:

Things you need to know

The marriage talks start with matching of horoscopes. This is because in their ritual, this really plays a key role. The thing that is most important is when the girl and the boy like each other, there should be matching of horoscope and this match should be approved by the priest. When that is done, the wedding is considered as fixed. After this, there is a meeting where the wedding date is to be fixed.

Wedding Horoscopes
Wedding Horoscopes ( PC:

After this there is an agreement to be made in front of priest and this agreement tells about the wedding and the wedding date. This has to be kept on the decorated plate with coconut, betel and leaf. On this auspicious day you will also see that the groom’s family would gift a sari to the bride and the bride’s family would gift the groom with sweets and cash. Ashadh, Bhadrapad and Shunya are the months that are to be avoided for wedding. Apart from these three months, all other months are considered as fine.

At Adidravidar Weddings you will find good food that would be served to the guests. This food is authentic in nature and is served in traditional way. Mostly, they now hold the weddings in banquet halls. There was a time when these weddings were mostly conducted at the bride’s place. Also, there would be women of the family to cook all the foods. But now, these things are handed over to the catering services.

Adidravidar Weddings are quite interesting

The reason why Adidravidar matrimony is quite interesting is because they follow rituals and customs. These rituals are quite meaningful. In these weddings, you will see that the priest plays a key role. He has to approve the horoscope match as well as he plays an important role in fixing the wedding date. Also, in the wedding ceremony, the priest plays a leading role in the rituals. You will also see that the parents of the bride as well as the groom will have to bless them and thus they play a lead role in the weddings. If you have never attended one such Adidravidar Wedding then you should try to, when you get an invitation. Every wedding is grand and amazing in its own way. In these weddings you will see that there is lot of excitement and happiness. You should witness Adidravidar Wedding once.


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