Style Tips For a Defence Bride

If you are a bride then you would surely need some tips to look smart and great. Every bride wishes to look great on the final day when she is about to get married. Wedding is something quite sacred and every bride has to look great. If you are defence bride then you will really rock with great looks with Defence Matrimony. You already have a good body and looks. A few trendy ideas would really help.

Styling Tips for Defence Bride
Styling Tips for Defence Bride (PC:

The best styling tips for defence bride

  • The bride should find out what trends are going on in this fashion season. These things do change. But you should stay updated. Also, at the same time you should take into consideration the rituals and customs of the caste to which you belong to. If you are a North Indian bride then you have to wear lehanga and if you belong to south then sari would look great. Again, you can make certain modifications from the traditional look and create an awesome different look.
  • The bride should appoint a good cosmetics and makeup expert who would make her look great on the d-day. This is because, if you plan to do things on your own then you might end up saving some pennies but the makeup might not be long lasting.
  • Defence brides always look great as they have a good physique and they have maintained them well. Now, in the reception you can experiment with the looks. If you are wearing something quite traditional in the wedding then in reception you should wear something modern and trendy.
  • You can surf internet and find out as to what all things would suit on you. With the right clothing you would also have to be ready with the right jewelry and accessories.
  • In Defence Matrimony you will see that the bride wants the groom of similar background and with perfect personality. The defence brides have a great personality and they are smart. Thus looking great would not be quite tough. Online things can help you to get ready. Just find out what all things you wish to wear and based on that you can take up the shopping too.
  • The bride has to be ready with perfect shopping list. If you have a list then you won’t forget anything that would be vital.

Looking great is every bride’s right. But what is important is how you can look awesome. We hope a few ideas that we have given here are practical ones and you can surely use these tips to look great. You can even look back at the family album and find out what kind of authentic dressing and jewelry would look smart. if you like something from your granny’s collection then just go ahead and borrow the same. Some things are quite elegant and eternal and might never go out of fashion. The bride should appoint a good cosmetics and makeup expert who would make her look great on the d-day.


Cultural Importance of Wedding Rituals Observed At Rajput Weddings

Rajasthan has a good amount of cultural relevance. You will see this cultural richness also in their weddings. Rajput weddings are really fun and they involve so much of cultural richness. There are many rituals that you will see in these weddings and every ritual has a deep meaning. If you wish to know about Rajput Matrimony and the rituals therein then just read on.

The cultural importance of the rituals in Rajput weddings

Rajput weddings have so many rituals. The ceremonies are initiated with the tilak ceremony. You can see that in tilak there would be the bride’s family that would go to the groom’s place. There would be so many gifts and sweets that the bride’s family would take to the groom and then would put tilak on the forehead of the groom. This ritual means that the groom is treated just like the prince or the king.

After this ceremony there would be ganesha puja and shanti path. This would mean that now since a divine ceremony like wedding is going to take place, there should be purity in the house and the deities and gods should come and bless the couple too.

Rituals in Rajput Weddings
Rituals in Rajput Weddings (PC:

The mahira ceremony has the maternal uncle giving the gifts to the bride and the groom. The bride’s uncle would give gifts to the bride and the groom’s uncle would give the gifts to the groom. When we are kids we always show right on our maternal uncle. Now, in the wedding, this is the time to show your love and respect towards your uncle and get some gifts from him.

In Rajput Matrimony you will see that there would be pithi ceremony too. There would be oil and turmeric bath in this. This celebration takes place at both the houses. In the house of bride as well as in the house of the groom, this ceremony takes place. It is celebrated on a grand way. There would be things like good and authentic food, dhol, nagaras and dance in this ceremony too.

All the ceremonies are vital

The Rajput weddings take place for a few days. Yes, it’s a grand affair for a few days. You will see that these weddings have lot of pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals. All the rituals are quite important and you can’t skip any. There was a time when people did not want to compromise on any ritual. But today, people don’t mind taking sweet and brief turns. But since wedding happens once in lifetime, it would be good if you proceed in the right method.

Even today, weddings in Rajputs take place in an authentic way but you will see that these weddings might take place as per the right rituals only, but there might be destination weddings. These are quite interesting and there are so many destinations in India where these things can take place. You can think of something innovative and then head in that fashion. Rajasthan has a good amount of cultural relevance. You will see this cultural richness also in their weddings.

Tips On Getting To Know Each Other Better Before An Arranged Marriage

Who said that the younger generation only opts for love marriages? There are many today too who prefer arranged marriages. The reason for arranged marriage might be, either they could not find a good life partner on their own and they feel that their parents could do this better. One of the reasons for arranged marriage preference would also be that the person believes in Community Matrimony. But the only question in an arranged wedding is, will there be good friendship among the two partners or would they get to know each other better before the wedding? Well, some efforts should be taken by both the parties for this. Here are some of the tips which would be helpful to you!

Tips how to know each other before an arranged marriage

  • Gone are the days when the girl and the boy would have no option to stay in touch. We stay in the age where technology has taken over. Thanks to the social networking sites and the instant messaging apps that the girl and the boy can stay in touch with one another almost 24X7 and know as to what the other person is doing. Talking over these apps and staying in touch would really help in knowing each other better.
  • Just when the wedding or engagement dates are decided, you can start spending time with one another over the weekends. You can catch a movie or sit peacefully at a coffee shop. You can go out together for shopping or dinner. Try to spend as much time as you can with one another so that there would be better friendship.
  • If the groom stays in a joint family then the girl should try spending time with his family too. This would make it easy to know about the family and their likes and dislikes better. The girl would feel great if the boy can spend some time with her family as well.
  • You must also take your would be out with you when you have some plans with friends. This will give your spouse an idea about how the person is with the friends and this would also be a good time to bond with one another.
Know Each Other Before Marriage
Know Each Other Before Marriage (PC:

In Community Matrimony you might have some doubts in regards to nature of the person. Often in arranged marriages you might not find out the true self of the opposite person. But if you both decide to be honest with one another and share all the feelings then this would mean that even before the wedding, you can know each other better. The newer generation is quite smart and so you can see that they also chat with one another and spend time so that they can decide that whether he or she is right or not as a life partner. Thus, even when things are not yet fixed or finalized you will see that the younger generation prefers going out with each other. This is a good thing to take the final decision.

Shopping at Dhangar Weddings

Indian weddings are really quite amazing and you will find some of the best options right there. You will find people wearing amazing clothes and celebrating the union of two lives. Also, you will see that the kind of food that would be served would really create a sense of satiety among the guests. Dhangar weddings really are great and you will see that they have a lot of traditional customs in the wedding. But again, all that is really a matter of fun. In dhangar matrimony there would be a good importance as given to the elders.

The preparations required for dhangar weddings

Any wedding would involve a lot of preparations. Thus, you should know that, the same thing holds true for dhangars as well. They have to make all the preparations in advance. This is because, there would be so many ceremonies like a few of pre-wedding ceremonies, wedding ceremony and post wedding ceremonies.

Attires of the bride and the groom: The bride and the groom should be ready with all the attires as required for different ceremonies. There would be things like the dress for sangeet, dress for haldi, dress for puja and so on. Also, when you are looking for dresses you should make sure that you also buy the relevant jewelry and accessory matching with the same.

Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress (PC:

Shopping that should be done

The very first thing that is required to be done is to keep a shopping list. When you have that list with you, it is really vital that you know what things you have take-up on the priority basis. Based on that, you can take the final decision. The most important thing is to get the attires ready first that would be needed for the wedding. This is because; this is the only thing that would take a lot of time. Many people do not take these things seriously and then finally they have to run here and there at the last moment.

In the times when, you really have to be ready with all the important things at the wedding, the good news is that you can be open to various new things too. In dhangar matrimony people have understood that things have moved a bit forward and thus, it would be better to be in sync with the new things. The current generation wants to move ahead but along with the roots and tradition. This really is an important thing.

However, the most important thing is how you are going to take up the wedding. If it would be a destination wedding then you should know that that would have a lot of options for you. You can take your family there along with all the items that would be needed. You cannot miss out on anything as it would really create the last moment issues. Indian matrimony has changed a lot over a period of time. This is really important. People should change with time so that they can be in sync with the new things that are relevant these days.

Shopping for Devanga Weddings

Devanga weddings are really quite interesting. The rituals are pretty brief and you will see that there would also be involvement of the entire family in the wedding. In devanga matrimony, you will see that there would be rituals like haldi, mehandi, kashi yatra, kanyadaan, saptapadi and so on. The functions would mostly start with engagement. Thus, due to so many rituals and ceremonies, the bride and the groom should have good clothing collection with them. It is therefore vital that shopping should be done on time for the wedding.

The shopping list should include a lot of things

There are so many things a bride and the groom would need. Here are some of the things:

  • The bride would need good sari for the wedding day. She should purchase all these required items much before time or just as the wedding date is fixed. This is because; it would take time to buy the compatible jewelry and the required accessories to match the day.
  • The bride has to carry many gifts from her place. This means that the bride’s parents would gift her with lot of jewelry, dresses and many other items that she might need daily. Shopping of all these things should be done on time.
  • The bride’s parents would also have to give some gifts to the groom and this would include ring, gold chain, sweets etc
  • The groom’s family will have to give gifts to the bride. These arrangements can be done as per the financial condition. But whatever is to be given has to be shopped for well in advance. The groom’s family can take the bride along and this would save good amount of their time too. This is because; the choices would be done as per the bride’s will.
  • There would be many guests attending the wedding. In devanga matrimony there is a system to give gifts to the guests too who is attending the wedding.
Wedding Shopping
Wedding Shopping (PC:

Thus, as per the above information, it is fixed that there are a lot of arrangements to be made. The shopping would also include the things that are required for the rituals. But in most of the cases, this responsibility is given to the priest who takes the charge of the wedding rituals.

In devanga weddings you will see that the guests come even from far places to bless the couple. This really means that people of this caste are quite loving and caring. In the times when, no one has time for each other, these people celebrate weddings in a grand way. They are simple, yet they celebrate an auspicious event like wedding in a grand style. You will see a few devanga families also throwing parties of friends and relatives n occasion of the wedding.

Indian weddings are therefore quite amazing. There is a lot you can know about the same. But the only thing is that, all the arrangements should be made on time so that there are no issues at the last minute.

Foods to Look Forward at Sourashtra Weddings

The wedding is the time when the bride and the groom families meet and follow all the rituals that the priest would advise. This is the time of celebration. As far as Sourashtrian weddings are concerned you should know something about the history of Sourashtrian. They had migrated from Sourashtra to the Southern part of India and thus the food they have for their weddings are very much like that in South. They had these migration centuries back.

Foods that you will find in Sourashtra weddings

In sourashtrian matrimony too you will find the impact of South Indian recipes. Thus, you will find Ambat bhaat or tamarind rice at the weddings. They are really very tasty. Apart from that, the wedding would also serve the guests with some sweets, milk and milk products and fried items. You will find tasty curries, dal, and roti or poori at the wedding. You will also be quite amazed to find out the deserts there.

However, even these people have embraced modernism and thus at their wedding you will see that there would be some fusion foods too. Foods are always an important part of Indian weddings. When it comes to Sourashtrian weddings you will really have the best level of fun because of the kind of food that would be served.

Sourashtra wedding
Sourashtra wedding Dishes (PC:

Ceremonies in Sourashtrian weddings

When the wedding is fixed you will see that there would be an engagement first. In this, the bride and the groom’s families would exchange gifts and sweets. After that, there would be ceremonies like puja so as to impress God and deities. This will help in removing all sorts of evils from the wedding space. After every ceremony, you will see that there would be some sweets that would be offered to the guests and elders. There is a good role of elders in the wedding. In sourashtra matrimony, you will find that the elders are given due respect and the elders have the duty to bless the couple.

People who have not taken the taste of the typical south Indian cuisines would never understand the charm of these foods. But those who have some liking for the southern India food should really love the recipes as served at the wedding premises.

Indian weddings are not just great in culture but they are also great in foods. In fact, in Sourashtrian weddings, you will see that the guests would be served with authentic food in an authentic way. Try some of the recipes at Sourashtrian weddings and you will understand the importance of the tasty food that would be served to the guests. Ambat bhaat or tamarind rice at the weddings tastes really nice. They are really very tasty. Apart from that, the wedding would also serve the guests with some sweets, milk and milk products and fried items. You will find tasty curries, dal, and roti or poori at the wedding.

Thanks to the world of the web that we can get almost all sorts of information about the weddings that different caste would come up with.