Shopping for Devanga Weddings

Devanga weddings are really quite interesting. The rituals are pretty brief and you will see that there would also be involvement of the entire family in the wedding. In devanga matrimony, you will see that there would be rituals like haldi, mehandi, kashi yatra, kanyadaan, saptapadi and so on. The functions would mostly start with engagement. Thus, due to so many rituals and ceremonies, the bride and the groom should have good clothing collection with them. It is therefore vital that shopping should be done on time for the wedding.

The shopping list should include a lot of things

There are so many things a bride and the groom would need. Here are some of the things:

  • The bride would need good sari for the wedding day. She should purchase all these required items much before time or just as the wedding date is fixed. This is because; it would take time to buy the compatible jewelry and the required accessories to match the day.
  • The bride has to carry many gifts from her place. This means that the bride’s parents would gift her with lot of jewelry, dresses and many other items that she might need daily. Shopping of all these things should be done on time.
  • The bride’s parents would also have to give some gifts to the groom and this would include ring, gold chain, sweets etc
  • The groom’s family will have to give gifts to the bride. These arrangements can be done as per the financial condition. But whatever is to be given has to be shopped for well in advance. The groom’s family can take the bride along and this would save good amount of their time too. This is because; the choices would be done as per the bride’s will.
  • There would be many guests attending the wedding. In devanga matrimony there is a system to give gifts to the guests too who is attending the wedding.
Wedding Shopping
Wedding Shopping (PC:

Thus, as per the above information, it is fixed that there are a lot of arrangements to be made. The shopping would also include the things that are required for the rituals. But in most of the cases, this responsibility is given to the priest who takes the charge of the wedding rituals.

In devanga weddings you will see that the guests come even from far places to bless the couple. This really means that people of this caste are quite loving and caring. In the times when, no one has time for each other, these people celebrate weddings in a grand way. They are simple, yet they celebrate an auspicious event like wedding in a grand style. You will see a few devanga families also throwing parties of friends and relatives n occasion of the wedding.

Indian weddings are therefore quite amazing. There is a lot you can know about the same. But the only thing is that, all the arrangements should be made on time so that there are no issues at the last minute.


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