Tips On Getting To Know Each Other Better Before An Arranged Marriage

Who said that the younger generation only opts for love marriages? There are many today too who prefer arranged marriages. The reason for arranged marriage might be, either they could not find a good life partner on their own and they feel that their parents could do this better. One of the reasons for arranged marriage preference would also be that the person believes in Community Matrimony. But the only question in an arranged wedding is, will there be good friendship among the two partners or would they get to know each other better before the wedding? Well, some efforts should be taken by both the parties for this. Here are some of the tips which would be helpful to you!

Tips how to know each other before an arranged marriage

  • Gone are the days when the girl and the boy would have no option to stay in touch. We stay in the age where technology has taken over. Thanks to the social networking sites and the instant messaging apps that the girl and the boy can stay in touch with one another almost 24X7 and know as to what the other person is doing. Talking over these apps and staying in touch would really help in knowing each other better.
  • Just when the wedding or engagement dates are decided, you can start spending time with one another over the weekends. You can catch a movie or sit peacefully at a coffee shop. You can go out together for shopping or dinner. Try to spend as much time as you can with one another so that there would be better friendship.
  • If the groom stays in a joint family then the girl should try spending time with his family too. This would make it easy to know about the family and their likes and dislikes better. The girl would feel great if the boy can spend some time with her family as well.
  • You must also take your would be out with you when you have some plans with friends. This will give your spouse an idea about how the person is with the friends and this would also be a good time to bond with one another.
Know Each Other Before Marriage
Know Each Other Before Marriage (PC:

In Community Matrimony you might have some doubts in regards to nature of the person. Often in arranged marriages you might not find out the true self of the opposite person. But if you both decide to be honest with one another and share all the feelings then this would mean that even before the wedding, you can know each other better. The newer generation is quite smart and so you can see that they also chat with one another and spend time so that they can decide that whether he or she is right or not as a life partner. Thus, even when things are not yet fixed or finalized you will see that the younger generation prefers going out with each other. This is a good thing to take the final decision.


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