Cultural Importance of Wedding Rituals Observed At Rajput Weddings

Rajasthan has a good amount of cultural relevance. You will see this cultural richness also in their weddings. Rajput weddings are really fun and they involve so much of cultural richness. There are many rituals that you will see in these weddings and every ritual has a deep meaning. If you wish to know about Rajput Matrimony and the rituals therein then just read on.

The cultural importance of the rituals in Rajput weddings

Rajput weddings have so many rituals. The ceremonies are initiated with the tilak ceremony. You can see that in tilak there would be the bride’s family that would go to the groom’s place. There would be so many gifts and sweets that the bride’s family would take to the groom and then would put tilak on the forehead of the groom. This ritual means that the groom is treated just like the prince or the king.

After this ceremony there would be ganesha puja and shanti path. This would mean that now since a divine ceremony like wedding is going to take place, there should be purity in the house and the deities and gods should come and bless the couple too.

Rituals in Rajput Weddings
Rituals in Rajput Weddings (PC:

The mahira ceremony has the maternal uncle giving the gifts to the bride and the groom. The bride’s uncle would give gifts to the bride and the groom’s uncle would give the gifts to the groom. When we are kids we always show right on our maternal uncle. Now, in the wedding, this is the time to show your love and respect towards your uncle and get some gifts from him.

In Rajput Matrimony you will see that there would be pithi ceremony too. There would be oil and turmeric bath in this. This celebration takes place at both the houses. In the house of bride as well as in the house of the groom, this ceremony takes place. It is celebrated on a grand way. There would be things like good and authentic food, dhol, nagaras and dance in this ceremony too.

All the ceremonies are vital

The Rajput weddings take place for a few days. Yes, it’s a grand affair for a few days. You will see that these weddings have lot of pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals. All the rituals are quite important and you can’t skip any. There was a time when people did not want to compromise on any ritual. But today, people don’t mind taking sweet and brief turns. But since wedding happens once in lifetime, it would be good if you proceed in the right method.

Even today, weddings in Rajputs take place in an authentic way but you will see that these weddings might take place as per the right rituals only, but there might be destination weddings. These are quite interesting and there are so many destinations in India where these things can take place. You can think of something innovative and then head in that fashion. Rajasthan has a good amount of cultural relevance. You will see this cultural richness also in their weddings.


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