Bridal Style Cues From Style Czarina Preity Zinta

Bridal beauty cannot be compared to any other beauty of the world. When a girl dresses up and puts on some makeup and a beautiful smile for her most important and special day then that girl looks like the most beautiful girl in the world. Brides like to look their best on their wedding day because they own it totally. Many people give bridal stylist tips for the brides to be which are sometimes quite right and sometimes not but now is the time to take the tips from the latest expert. Preity Zinta, a fine Bollywood actress, got hitched recently or tied a knot in Sadi. She has been through the bridal stage recently and is very well known about the flaws and purrs of this.

Bridal Style Cues
Bridal Style Cues From Preity Zinta (PC:

Here a few tips straight from Preity Zinta on bridal style for Sadi.

  1. Think about it already- before going ahead with anything it is important to first have a discussion with your family and your fiancé about the theme and the color scheme. Before implementing anything planning is important. Plan out all the things about the wedding and then you will be able to implement it properly.
  2. Preparations begin– Once you have laid out a plan for your wedding and the theme and decor is ready then it is time for starting the preparations. Gather up all the things and idea that you need. When you have all your things ready then you can easily play out with them for more ideas.
  3. Take care of yourself- aside from all the work it is very important that you take care of yourself. Keep yourself hydrated if you want to have a glow on your face on the wedding take. Eat well and be as happier as you can because the natural blush is always better than artificial blush powder.
  4. Communicate more– the time when your marriage date is already set and you have start working then it is the time when you need to communicate more and more with your partner. More communication will help you understand each others choices and wants regarding the marriage and it will be easier to get to any decisions. It is advisable that you both make all decisions together so that there are no arguments later on and you both could enjoy your day.
  5. Be beautiful and be you– Instead of applying a whole lot of makeup and trying to convert yourself into Aishwarya rai or kareena Kapoor it is better to have little but be you. Don’t try to be like someone but try to look the most beautiful in your way. Makeup is a compulsion on your wedding day and is your right as well so definitely go for it but only to the extent till you feel comfortable and happy in it.

Preity was a stunning bride without a doubt so her tips would be very helpful for you in looking the most amazing on you Sadi.


Adding a Contemporary Look to Your Traditional Iyengar wedding

It is the age of adding that extra zing to every event in one’s life. Weddings are no exception. The culture of theme-based weddings has gained appreciation over the years among couples who wish to add an element of fantasy to an otherwise structured wedding. Every wedding couple craves for that extra something in their wedding ceremony to add that zing. Of course they want their wedding to be the most talked about event for a long time. Who can forget the famous television series of Band Baaja and Bride which portrays the modern ways of wedding.

India is a diverse land of myriad cultures, rituals, customs and historical tales. Amongst the most elaborate weddings in India, Iyengar wedding tops the list. They are almost like a festival, the festivities and celebrations of which create an aura of joy and excitement. The modern Iyengar families, of late, are inclined to bring a contemporary touch to their weddings, whilst not forsaking the age-old traditional Iyengar marriage customs.

The Iyengar weddings are inherently colorful and have a number of rituals and customs, each symbolic of beautiful and noble sentiments. But the monotony quotient can be eliminated by being a little innovative. The various ceremonies starting from nadaswaram to vratha, to the engagement ceremony to the kanyaadan can be revamped and modernized. Instead, a competitive dance evening can be announced wherein both the families can have a constructive platform to interact and have a better bonding with each other. A whole lot of professional expertise can be engaged in some out-of-the box thinking, conceptualizing, and setting the right mood and spirit. Like for instance, creative photo booths can be set up at the sangeet and reception. These lovely yet inexpensive ideas can add the much needed fun factor and also ensure that your friends and family have a ball with the exciting props or the picture perfect poses!

Iyengar weddings
Iyengar weddings (PC:

The traditional Iyengar weddings nowadays have become more than an event. The wedding planners can step into the shoes of the family members and make a spectacular package of amazing surprises out of the special wedding moments. Everything including the choice of the venue, the decoration of banquet halls, the colour theme, the entrance, the food counters, can be given a much needed makeover. Bachelor parties have become the buzz word in recent times and can take over the ceremony of Palligai Thalliakal. Destination weddings like sea-side wedding venues can easily take the place of temples for majority of the nuptial rituals. Tying the knot amidst the sun-kissed shores with vibrant music, can add some glorious moments of ecstasy to the wedding couples.

Although weddings in India are generally elaborate, traditional and time consuming but adding the contemporary touch to it will surely render some respite to this magnificent extravaganza. And what better way to finish one’s Iyengar matrimony experience than planning the post marital bliss in India. It would literally be the icing on the cake and a beautiful rendezvous with our cultural roots. So, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love surely gives the Iyengar couples a fairy tale to cherish for their entire lives.

Understanding Reddy Wedding Customs

It is really vital that when you are part of the wedding you at least know that what each custom would mean. In Reddy matrimony you will see that the weddings are simple but the rites and rituals would take the major place. You should find out as to what all rituals are there and if possible try to understand the meaning of the same.

The customs and traditions in Reddy

Reddies would announce that their children are now ready to get married and soon there would be many people asking for the marriage proposal. But these people believe in the astrology and horoscopes and so they tell the family priest to match the same. This is the first step. After that when the girl and the boy meet and the horoscopes match things would be taken to the next level. There would be a small engagement party that you will come across. After that there would be a patrika ceremony in which there would be a ritual taken up a few days before the wedding. The invitation card would be ready and the priest would chant some mantras and take up the patrika ritual.

Around the day of wedding there would be many rituals that you would come across. There would be things like haldi, mehendi etc. There is special ritual called as vara puja. In this, a day before the wedding the groom and his family are invited at the wedding venue and they are then told to sit. There would be sweets and gifts to be given to them. Apart from that you will see that Vara means the groom’s feet would be washed. This shows that how vara is compared to God.

Reddy Wedding Customs
Reddy Wedding Customs (PC:

The celebrations of rituals

The celebrations are really quite amazing and after every custom and ritual there would be blessings given by the elders. In these weddings you will see that there would be good amount of respect to be given to the elders and they are really important part of the wedding. There is blessing ceremony that takes place a few days before the wedding at the bride’s place. This is because, the bride would now leave her home and thus this would be a good opportunity for her to spend time with her family members. The blessing ceremony would include all the elders coming home and blessing the bride for a good and successful married life.

These wedding ceremonies are really quite amazing and there would be fun filled environment in the home. They take up the wedding in the banquet halls or at some good destination. It is really good if you take up all the functions and rituals with the right understanding. This would make things more enjoyable.  You must therefore understand the rituals in the right way and this would be good for you as you can enhance your knowledge over this subject. Reddies would announce that their children are now ready to get married and soon there would be many people asking for the marriage proposal. But these people believe in the astrology and horoscopes and so they tell the family priest to match the same. This is the first step. After that other things would follow.

Adding A Contemporary Look To Your Traditional Vishwakarma Wedding

We all want to have dream wedding. This is because wedding comes once in lifetime. But some castes take up wedding in an authentic way. If you are Vishwakarma then you will see that the wedding in your caste and community will be full of rituals. But this would be very much formal. So, if you have been looking for an exciting wedding function then you can think of adding some contemporary ideas in Vishwakarma matrimony.

Things that you can do for making the wedding quite memorable

  • In order to make the wedding contemporary you will see that there would be many ideas. One of the leading ideas would be to make decoration quite interesting. In Vishwakarma the weddings are simple and this is because the people are quite simple. Also, you will see that on these weddings there would be fewer expenses. But this is not something that you must opt for. You should think of something that will offer you good option and at the same time low cost.
  • If you wish to give the touch of contemporary wedding then you must make certain changes in the dressing. The bride and the groom would wear simple clothing and attire in the weddings. The girl would be in sari and the boy would be in dhoti. But to bring some changes, there should be a note that the girl should wear something different and the groom can complement with the dress that she wears. Even the guests attending the wedding can be told to wear something different.
  • For making the wedding memorable, it would be important to add the touch of contemporariness in the food. If you wish to make certain changes in the menu then you can go ahead with the same and experiment with things.
Traditional Vishwakarma Wedding
Traditional Vishwakarma Wedding (PC:

The decoration and the decor can be changed and this would also be a very good idea. If you have been looking for the different thing or spice in Vishwakarma matrimony then all you should do is think a bit creatively and when you can do this, you will really find the best options with you. If you have been looking for the best options then you can even think about the online thing. There would be lots of ideas coming on your way.

Vishwakarma are quite forward now and they even do not mind for destination weddings. If there is destination wedding then you will see that there would be so many things you can plan. A different and experimental wedding would also be something you can think of. If you are Vishwakarma then you will see that the wedding in your caste and community will be full of rituals. But this would be very much formal. So, if you have been looking for an exciting wedding function then you can think of adding some contemporary ideas. Anything that is creative is very much in demand. Just find out how things are going to be perfect by all means. Know how to do this.

Understanding Kannada Wedding Customs

Just like every wedding, even Kannada weddings are quite interesting. These people are considered as the educational and thus people are quite forward. Wherever they live in India they would prefer that the wedding should have all the rituals. Often people of today, think that there should be destination weddings and such things. But they do include the rituals and customs properly in all these weddings too. In this article, we will discuss about the customs of Kannada matrimony.

Kannada customs

Kannada is a language and this is the language spoken in Karnataka. So, if you are Hindu, then the wedding would be brief affair. Yes, there would be rituals and customs. But they would be quite easy and simple to follow. You will see that understanding these customs is very much important as it would give the basic idea about how to take up things. In these weddings you will see that there are pre-wedding customs and wedding customs. Also, there would be post-wedding customs.

One of the fun filled and common things that you will see in almost all south Indian weddings is Kashi yatra. In this the groom would stand up from the mandap and say that he would go for Kashi yatra. Well, then the uncle of the bride would request him to stay and get married to the bride. This is full of fun. It is a ritual and thus there should be no hard feelings in the mind of the bride and the bride’s relatives.

There is one more custom in which the bride and the groom are for the wedding have to do nadi puja. This means that they are praying bull God. This would bring happiness and success in their life.

Wedding Customs
Wedding Customs (PC:

When the day comes when there would be wedding, the groom and the bride have to wear the authentic dresses. The boy wears dhoti and the girl wears a traditional sari. There would be green bangles in her hands which would show that she is going to get married. In Kannada matrimony you will see that the bride has to adorn herself with flowers. This would look amazing on her. At the same time, she would wear traditional ornaments and lots of gold.

There is one tradition called as Dhare Herdu. In this the custom is just like kanyadaan. The bride’s father would place the bride’s hand in the groom’s hand. Then he would hand over coconut and beetle to her. After that there would be holy water to be sprinkled on her.

There is saptapadi in which there would be seven rounds around God Fire and the couple would make promises to one another that they would live a good life and would trust each other and respect one another. The priest gets these customs done and he is the main person right there in the mandap. All things are done as per his instructions.

There are a few post wedding ceremonies and customs too. Over all, these weddings are really quite amazing and you will see that the guests participate with lots of happiness and curiosity.