Understanding Kannada Wedding Customs

Just like every wedding, even Kannada weddings are quite interesting. These people are considered as the educational and thus people are quite forward. Wherever they live in India they would prefer that the wedding should have all the rituals. Often people of today, think that there should be destination weddings and such things. But they do include the rituals and customs properly in all these weddings too. In this article, we will discuss about the customs of Kannada matrimony.

Kannada customs

Kannada is a language and this is the language spoken in Karnataka. So, if you are Hindu, then the wedding would be brief affair. Yes, there would be rituals and customs. But they would be quite easy and simple to follow. You will see that understanding these customs is very much important as it would give the basic idea about how to take up things. In these weddings you will see that there are pre-wedding customs and wedding customs. Also, there would be post-wedding customs.

One of the fun filled and common things that you will see in almost all south Indian weddings is Kashi yatra. In this the groom would stand up from the mandap and say that he would go for Kashi yatra. Well, then the uncle of the bride would request him to stay and get married to the bride. This is full of fun. It is a ritual and thus there should be no hard feelings in the mind of the bride and the bride’s relatives.

There is one more custom in which the bride and the groom are for the wedding have to do nadi puja. This means that they are praying bull God. This would bring happiness and success in their life.

Wedding Customs
Wedding Customs (PC: clipartfreefor.com)

When the day comes when there would be wedding, the groom and the bride have to wear the authentic dresses. The boy wears dhoti and the girl wears a traditional sari. There would be green bangles in her hands which would show that she is going to get married. In Kannada matrimony you will see that the bride has to adorn herself with flowers. This would look amazing on her. At the same time, she would wear traditional ornaments and lots of gold.

There is one tradition called as Dhare Herdu. In this the custom is just like kanyadaan. The bride’s father would place the bride’s hand in the groom’s hand. Then he would hand over coconut and beetle to her. After that there would be holy water to be sprinkled on her.

There is saptapadi in which there would be seven rounds around God Fire and the couple would make promises to one another that they would live a good life and would trust each other and respect one another. The priest gets these customs done and he is the main person right there in the mandap. All things are done as per his instructions.

There are a few post wedding ceremonies and customs too. Over all, these weddings are really quite amazing and you will see that the guests participate with lots of happiness and curiosity.


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