Bridal Style Cues From Style Czarina Preity Zinta

Bridal beauty cannot be compared to any other beauty of the world. When a girl dresses up and puts on some makeup and a beautiful smile for her most important and special day then that girl looks like the most beautiful girl in the world. Brides like to look their best on their wedding day because they own it totally. Many people give bridal stylist tips for the brides to be which are sometimes quite right and sometimes not but now is the time to take the tips from the latest expert. Preity Zinta, a fine Bollywood actress, got hitched recently or tied a knot in Sadi. She has been through the bridal stage recently and is very well known about the flaws and purrs of this.

Bridal Style Cues
Bridal Style Cues From Preity Zinta (PC:

Here a few tips straight from Preity Zinta on bridal style for Sadi.

  1. Think about it already- before going ahead with anything it is important to first have a discussion with your family and your fiancé about the theme and the color scheme. Before implementing anything planning is important. Plan out all the things about the wedding and then you will be able to implement it properly.
  2. Preparations begin– Once you have laid out a plan for your wedding and the theme and decor is ready then it is time for starting the preparations. Gather up all the things and idea that you need. When you have all your things ready then you can easily play out with them for more ideas.
  3. Take care of yourself- aside from all the work it is very important that you take care of yourself. Keep yourself hydrated if you want to have a glow on your face on the wedding take. Eat well and be as happier as you can because the natural blush is always better than artificial blush powder.
  4. Communicate more– the time when your marriage date is already set and you have start working then it is the time when you need to communicate more and more with your partner. More communication will help you understand each others choices and wants regarding the marriage and it will be easier to get to any decisions. It is advisable that you both make all decisions together so that there are no arguments later on and you both could enjoy your day.
  5. Be beautiful and be you– Instead of applying a whole lot of makeup and trying to convert yourself into Aishwarya rai or kareena Kapoor it is better to have little but be you. Don’t try to be like someone but try to look the most beautiful in your way. Makeup is a compulsion on your wedding day and is your right as well so definitely go for it but only to the extent till you feel comfortable and happy in it.

Preity was a stunning bride without a doubt so her tips would be very helpful for you in looking the most amazing on you Sadi.


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