Ditch Gold And Go Designer For Your Wedding

The gold jewelry plays an important role in the wedding. The gold jewelry makes the bride look beautiful and gives them unique feeling.  Bride wants to look beautiful and can be the centre of attraction in the crowd. Gold is very much precious and the special thing which a lady loves forever. Not only for ladies but for men’s too gold is also a precious like wearing the wedding engagement ring, wearing the gold chain bracelets. In simple words, you can say that Gold is loved by everyone. These days, varieties of gold jewelry are available in the jewelry shop which is designed by the best jewelry designers. You can choose your appropriate gold jewelry for your wedding. The new and the modified collection of the gold jewelry can be seen every new season. If you are going to be new bride then you can choose the best gold jewelry for your wedding. If you have any specific design for your jewelry for your wedding then you can give the order for your jewelry to the gold designer.

Today the marriages are arranged with the help of community matrimony sites. With the help of the community matrimony, you can choose the best bride or groom for your children. They will help you to get the satisfied and a perfect match for them.

Wedding Jewelry Designs
Wedding Jewelry Designs PC: pinterest.com)

Here are some of the tips that will help you to buy gold jewelry for the wedding:

  1. Select the best jewelry shop: It is very important to choose the best jewelry shop through which you can do the shopping for the jewelry. These days, numbers of jewelry shops are available in the marketplace that offers the varieties of jewelry for the wedding. Selecting the best jewelry shop is not the easy task to do. You need to be very careful while purchasing the jewelry from the jewelry shop.
  2. Shop around: You can take the help of your relatives, friends or colleagues for searching the best jewelry shop. In this way, you will get the various recommendations that will be helpful for you to choose the best jewelry shop for purchasing the wedding jewelry.
  3. Take the help of the internet: If you are confused regarding purchasing the jewelry, just access the internet and search for the best jewelry shop through the internet. The internet will give the list of best jewelry shops, which offers to the customers with good quality of gold jewelry and better services too.
  4. Select the jewelry of unique design: There are large varieties of exclusive designs available on the jewelry shop from which you may select the best one for you. Select the jewelry that matches with the costume and looks pretty and also unique.
  5. See the trademark also: While purchasing the jewelry see the trademark and make assure that the gold is fully pure. No other substances are mixed with it.

Consider the above-mentioned steps in purchasing the gold jewelry for the wedding to make it everlasting and awesome.


Typical Traits Of A Punjabi Groom’s Family

Marriage is measured universal and important among all the religious communities. Parent wants that, their children should marry with the perfect partner so that they can spend their life happily. Marriage is the union of two families- the bride’s and the groom’s family. It is very important top give the equal respect to each other. It is not applicable for the bride or groom only instead to other family members. One of the happy and the happening family is the Punjabi’s family. The Punjabis know how to make relations and fulfill them without any difficulty. The bride and the groom of the Punjabi family are very lucky to have each other through the Punjabi matrimony.

Punjabi Wedding
Punjabi Wedding (PC: strandofsilk.com)

Here are the typical traits of a Punjabi groom’s family:

  1. Give respect to the bride of the family: One of the major traits of the Punjabi family is that they respect to their bride. They know how to keep their bride happy so that she can feel comfortable with them. They don’t pull her or push on the work in which she is not comfortable. In simple words, you can say that they know how to treat a woman especially the bride of the family.
  2. Welcomes whole heartedly: Whether any relative or the family of newly wedded bride’s family visit to their house they welcome each and everyone with whole heartedly. They don’t think evil of anyone. They know how to be happy and make other happy too.
  3. Celebrates every festival or event with full joy: Whether there is a wedding or any other function in the Punjabi family they all celebrate like a festival. They know how to live the life and celebrate every moment of life with full enjoyment. They are unique in the matter of celebration.
  4. Unique and happy: Punjabi groom families are happy and unique. They treat their bride as the daughter of the family. They don’t hesitate to ask anything from the bride of the family. In other words, you can say that the girl who will be the part of the Punjabi groom’s family will be very lucky to have the family like them.
  5. Supportive and understanding: Alike the groom, his family is also very supportive and understanding. They move forward with the time. They make the important changes in eth family whenever they needed. They give the support to their bride so that she could be comfortably mixed with the family members.
  6. Loves to eat and drink: All the Punjabi families love to eat and drink. They love the different cuisine along with the drink. They eat, enjoy and love each other without any problem. They don’t fight on the small things or you can say that they don’t mind any small matters in the family.
  7. Follows the rituals and customs of the religion: Being the Punjabi they know what to do and what no to. They follow all the rituals and customs of the wedding then only they proceed with other function in the family.

Typical Traits Of A Reddy Bride’s Family

The Reddy families are among some of the most historically noted and prominent ones in the region of South India. They are a class that was the erstwhile warriors and the rulers of the land that today are a part of the state of Andhra Pradesh. They have a glittering past of being wealthy rulers and landlords. The practice continued till the colonial era after which there was a change of guards. But on the whole, the caste still continues to be among the most influential in the society today.

A rich tradition behind

There is a rich history and tradition that is tied to the Reddy families in general. All religious and social practices have deep rooted meanings and are still revered by the families that are well-advanced economically as well as in the field of education. There are several families that are a part of the national political scenario apart from being wealthy businessmen or highly placed officials.

People with fine traits

Once you are bound by the Reddy matrimony you are likely to discover that her family is a deeply God-fearing and religious one maintaining all the traditions of the elders. You are sure to have noticed this during the traditional marriage itself where the rituals were meticulously followed.

As a newlywed groom, you are likely to find that each religious practice and rituals have deep significance. For example, the traditional color of the costumes of the typical traditional marriage ceremony is white base and red border. The white color signifies the purity of the relationship and the red signifies the strength of the relationship as well as that of the characters of the two people bound together.

Wedding Bride Family
Wedding Bride Family (PC: apnewscorner.com)

Similarly, there are more religious ceremonies that follow even after marriage that the family conducts for the general well-being of the newly-wed couple. Apart from the religiosity, you are also likely to find the family very warm and hospitable to the new member of the family.

Warm and hospitable

Traditionally the groom has a special place in the bride’s family and each time that you visit them you are likely to see them fuss over you. Even the elders of the family will show much respect and reverence to the groom.

Once you are tied by way of Reddy matrimony you will have the chance to enjoy some delectable dishes that are traditionally prepared at the homes. There is the staple food rice and associated dishes. The state is also known for it’s mouth watering Biryani that you are sure to be offered to taste. The Reddys are good eaters, and you are likely to be appreciated if you have a good appetite.

A well-placed Reddy family is likely to have a rich culture of being well-educated and versatile in some of the performing arts as well. A lot of families teach their daughters the classical dance form Kuchipudi that comes from the state and also give them training in the vocals. In fact, you should not be surprised if you get a lovely wife that can also sing and dance well.

Some Twists You Can Add To Your Traditional Kayastha Wedding Customs

It is hard to stay away from the traditions and customs in Kayastha weddings although the recent trends depict that more people are trying to add contemporary look to the weddings without changing the heritage and tradition. In fact, the ceremonies and the rituals can be followed in the usual manner as it involves the elders of the family. However, when it comes to Kayastha matrimony, changes can be incorporated in a diverse range of clothing for the bride and the groom. For instance, in several Kayastha marriages ghagracholi have now taken the place of sarees and the bride looks nice and pretty in this apparel which is also traditional in all respects.

Sarees with crystals

For the bride who is keen to follow the traditions of the marriage, the quality of the saree can differ. For instance, swarosvski crystals can be added to a part of the saree which is mostly made from silk and doing this can set the bride apart and make her look absolutely special on the day of the wedding. As part of Kayastha matrimony, wearing jewelry is a must but nowadays a lot of people have abandoned traditional gold jewelry for stone studded collections that have come up in the latest collection of wedding and shoes made from raw leather are more visible in the current wedding ceremonies.

Kayastha Wedding Customs
Kayastha Wedding Customs (PC: pinterest.com)

Celebration of marriage

Since the marriage celebrations take place for two to three days in Kayastha weddings, both the bride and the groom has to wear different apparels for the ceremonies that take place at different times of the day. Whatever it may be, the saree is one of the most prominent wear for the bride whereas the groom has to wear kurta for most of the occasions before and after the marriage. Instead of wearing a kurta with embroidery work on the entire piece of cloth, it can be a simple one that reflects two colors that contrast each other. Similarly, the sarees can be simpler during the other occasions with more emphasis on colors rather than embroidery or zari. However, when it comes to the wedding day, the attire has to be plush and gorgeous both for the bride and the groom.

Adding a zing

Adding something extra to the traditional Kayastha marriage is possible as India is a land of diverse cultures. Without forsaking the tradition and the culture, people in Kayastha community have lately started adding vigor to the weddings for eliminating monotony.  The ideas of innovation can be introduced in different ways and the most prominent changes can come into effect when it comes to the attire of the bride and groom.

Marriage or event

Starting from the food to the ceremonies, Kayastha marriages have turned into auspicious events. For instance, the marriage begins with celebration of the groom and his friends on which exotic and continental food items are included. This is a good option as the heritage and the culture of the community remains in place along with the modern additions that make the wedding even more interesting and invigorating.

Bridal Hair Styles That You Can Do In The Summer Season

Often people planning for wedding forget about hairstyle and will give priority to dress and various things.  But, in general hairstyle plays a key role along with your dress to make your look good. You will feel find it uncomfortable to move throughout the occasion because of your hairstyle if does not match with your personality. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the best bridal hairstyle that suits to your personality and needs. Sadi.com offers a very good chance to find a good partner.

Twisted Updo:

It is the perfect option for the people who would like to look unique and have short hair. All that you need to do is twist your hair with simple techniques that makes you to rock on your wedding.

Braided Twist:                              

You can do this hairstyle easily and brides look pretty in this hairstyle. It is necessary for you to maintain your hair neat to go for this hairstyle.

Triple Twist Bridal Hairstyle for summer bride:

It is the perfect option for the people who want to have curly hair and to do this hairstyle one has to have some hair skills.

Softer style for summer wedding bride:

Those who are wearing a strapless dress can choose this hairstyle as it looks good on you and is perfect for the people who don’t like curl.

A loose and wavy hairstyle with a headband:

Bride looks elegant in this hairstyle and will enjoy loose waves hairstyle.

Bridal Hair Styles
Bridal Hair Styles (PC: fashionmaxi.com)

Classic style hair style for bride to try in summer season:

Those who are getting ready to marry in summer season and looking for the style that reduces the problem of sweating issue can try this hair style.

Sleek Updos for summer wedding for short hair people:

Individuals who are struggling to style their hair can try this hairstyle for their wedding as it looks simple and will not take much time to create the style you want.

Works perfect for bob cut hair people in summer:

Those who have bob cut can choose this romantic updo for summer wedding. It helps to look elegant and neat on your wedding day which is the speciality of this hairstyle.

Chunky Flat Twist Bun for summer wedding:

You can try this hair but need to prepare for this hairstyle a lot before wedding. It is perfect for medium to long hair people and bride looks gorgeous if wears the wedding dress with this hairstyle. It helps to grab the attention of guests there at the wedding. Sadi.com can help you find a good partner.

Top Knot hair style for wedding:

Those who want to look classy on their wedding day can choose this hair style.

Twist N Pin hair style for wedding in summer:

You need not have to struggle hard to style your hair to create this type of hairstyle. Very few things are required to do this hairstyle.

Piled up Pone for Summer Wedding:

It is the perfect option for the women who are getting ready to marry in summer and is easy to make this hairstyle requires very few elements. It is better to take directions from your hairstylist before styling your hair which is a smart way to protect your hair from getting damaged.

Acing The Gorgeous Bridal Look With Less Jewellery!

Wedding is the most memorable day in anyone’s life. This is the day when every bride wants to look simply amazing and outstanding. Every bride wish is to enjoy each moment of the day. This day comes just once in a lifetime so every bride wants to look mesmerizing. There are various cultural expectations when it comes to brides around the world when you talk about dressing and fashion. All cultures lay stress on the beauty of bride above everything. Bride should look like a dream on the wedding day. The craze for jewelry is going little less these days as modern bride wants to look stylish yet gorgeous. Obviously, if you got your perfect match from shadi.com, you need to take care of these things.

Look stunning:

You can rock the stunning bridal look with less jewelry. These days’ bridals are emphasizing more on bridal outfit than jewelry. She happens to be the best dresses and one of the most splendid in jewelry and clothing, the one who looks just amazing and stands out than everyone else. When the big day date is fixed, the bride-to-be and her friends and family become excited and overjoyed. But in this excitement, there’s a little shade of stress. Everyone knows the different tasks family and friends have to perform on the big day. The preparations are quite hectic which are to be made prior the advent of the wedding day.  So, are you ready to share the story on shadi.com?

Gorgeous Bridal
Gorgeous Bridal (PC: weddingplz.com)

Preparation for wedding day!

One such preparation is jewelry and bridal dress. Brides are usually very excited for the jewelry purchasing and bridal outfit. They want to look out of the world on their wedding day and for that reason they buy most expensive designer outfit from big brands and matching jewels. But these days the trend of jewelry has been minimized. Contemporary brides are focusing more on bridal outfits and bridal makeup and keeping very less jewelry. The real bride looks gorgeous in acing bridal dress and less jewelry. Only earrings and maangtika would do along with stunning bangles.

Choose best wedding outfit:

The selection of dress becomes confined as well as easy when the bride selects a Lehenga for her wedding. When you want a traditional wedding then traditional Lehengacholi look will rock your party. This bridal outfit is the best choice made along with minimal jewels. Nowadays brides are rocking acing elegant bridal look with less jewelry. They can look gorgeous as ever in beaded and embroidered Lehenga with fewer jewels. This adds style and modern touch in the bridal outfit as she looks ravishing.

Avoid excess jewels:

Many brides want to have excess jewelry and heavy Lehenga on their wedding day. Everything heavy doesn’t look good and make you look like a heavy box. So it is always advisable to keep less jewels and trendy bridal outfit to look gorgeous. You can finish your look with a delicate gajra on your hair as it would provide a sweet fragrance loved by everyone and will enhance your overall look too. Many brides prefer “A” line lehengas or mermaid cuts. Choose the best as it’s your wedding.

Adding a Contemporary Look to Your Traditional MP Wedding

The weddings in Madhya Pradesh represent grandeur and the customs that are followed in these marriages are visually spectacular. With all the rituals and ceremonies that are followed in the weddings, a lot of attention is paid to the colorful clothes. Being a state which is well-known for being the hub of textile industry, you will come across a diverse range of clothing in these weddings. For instance, ghagracholi is one of the most popular attire which is worn by the bride in the weddings of this state, sarees are also not left behind as well.

Rituals in wedding

The marriage ceremony in Madhya Pradesh follows the Hindu rituals and sarees or a single piece of clothing is generally worn by the bride. The occasions such as ladies sangeet and mehndi are some of the pre-wedding ceremonies that are held before the final day of the wedding. The sari is usually draped in the normal style but the border or the pallu is brought to the front. For making these weddings look more contemporary, ghagracholi is worn by the bride instead of a saree. Although, sarees have revolutionized the wedding ceremonies that take place in Madhya Pradesh, changes have started showing up as more women prefer wearing choli and ghagra for feeling more comfortable throughout the wedding day.

Traditional MP Wedding
Traditional MP Wedding (PC: chennai-wedding-photographers.com)

Bridal attire of Madhya Pradesh

Chanderi is one of the most popular forms of sarees that are found in Madhya Pradesh and equally popular is Maheshwari. The intricate design on these sarees makes them popular choices for the brides, and the blouses that the brides wear in Madhya Pradesh have detailed work just like the sarees. Silver jewelry is usually worn by the brides and they are made from Kathir and some of the pieces that are worn by women include bangles and bracelets. Shoes made from raw leather are commonly seen in the weddings that take place in this state. You can go through the Hindi matrimony sites to know about the traditional wedding concepts in Madhya Pradesh.

Changes in wedding ceremonies

A lot of innovation has come through in the traditional concepts of wedding in Madhya Pradesh. For instance, women prefer wearing lehengacholi instead of ghagracholi in which more intricate designs that are present in the skirt and the choli. As far as the designs are concerned, ball room frills and fish cut designs are more popular along with embroidery showcasing zari work. In fact, the present day weddings showcase attire that come with contemporary effect.

Outfits and accessories

Similarly, costume jewelry has replaced traditional jewelry and a lot of women prefer to stick to their choice when compared with the traditional modes of wedding. Although the rituals have remained similar, the changes have largely taken place in the outfits and the accessories that are worn by the bride and the groom. The emerging trends of innovation in the marriage ceremonies that take place in Madhya Pradesh are prevalent in the modern-day scenario and the changes have reflected in the Hindi matrimony sites. However, the traditional hand woven sarees of this state are still in demand and the pallu on the front side is still popular which has gained attention in the international fashion scenario.