Adding a Contemporary Look to Your Traditional MP Wedding

The weddings in Madhya Pradesh represent grandeur and the customs that are followed in these marriages are visually spectacular. With all the rituals and ceremonies that are followed in the weddings, a lot of attention is paid to the colorful clothes. Being a state which is well-known for being the hub of textile industry, you will come across a diverse range of clothing in these weddings. For instance, ghagracholi is one of the most popular attire which is worn by the bride in the weddings of this state, sarees are also not left behind as well.

Rituals in wedding

The marriage ceremony in Madhya Pradesh follows the Hindu rituals and sarees or a single piece of clothing is generally worn by the bride. The occasions such as ladies sangeet and mehndi are some of the pre-wedding ceremonies that are held before the final day of the wedding. The sari is usually draped in the normal style but the border or the pallu is brought to the front. For making these weddings look more contemporary, ghagracholi is worn by the bride instead of a saree. Although, sarees have revolutionized the wedding ceremonies that take place in Madhya Pradesh, changes have started showing up as more women prefer wearing choli and ghagra for feeling more comfortable throughout the wedding day.

Traditional MP Wedding
Traditional MP Wedding (PC:

Bridal attire of Madhya Pradesh

Chanderi is one of the most popular forms of sarees that are found in Madhya Pradesh and equally popular is Maheshwari. The intricate design on these sarees makes them popular choices for the brides, and the blouses that the brides wear in Madhya Pradesh have detailed work just like the sarees. Silver jewelry is usually worn by the brides and they are made from Kathir and some of the pieces that are worn by women include bangles and bracelets. Shoes made from raw leather are commonly seen in the weddings that take place in this state. You can go through the Hindi matrimony sites to know about the traditional wedding concepts in Madhya Pradesh.

Changes in wedding ceremonies

A lot of innovation has come through in the traditional concepts of wedding in Madhya Pradesh. For instance, women prefer wearing lehengacholi instead of ghagracholi in which more intricate designs that are present in the skirt and the choli. As far as the designs are concerned, ball room frills and fish cut designs are more popular along with embroidery showcasing zari work. In fact, the present day weddings showcase attire that come with contemporary effect.

Outfits and accessories

Similarly, costume jewelry has replaced traditional jewelry and a lot of women prefer to stick to their choice when compared with the traditional modes of wedding. Although the rituals have remained similar, the changes have largely taken place in the outfits and the accessories that are worn by the bride and the groom. The emerging trends of innovation in the marriage ceremonies that take place in Madhya Pradesh are prevalent in the modern-day scenario and the changes have reflected in the Hindi matrimony sites. However, the traditional hand woven sarees of this state are still in demand and the pallu on the front side is still popular which has gained attention in the international fashion scenario.


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