Giving A Contemporary Look To Your Wedding Decor

Wedding is surely one of the most extravagant events that you are likely to come across while attending different social occasions. When it is matrimony time, you are sure to have gathered a host of ideas both indigenous as well as fusion to make it the splendid event that it is. Any geographical region is sure to have it’s own style with the rituals and the costumes in tow.

Wedding Decor
Wedding Decor (PC:

Explore options complementing personalities

Most modern weddings have theme attached to it so that the decor complements the theme. The venue of the wedding is sure to have a big impact on both the theme as well as the decor that you use.

  • Deciding on the theme: It is the trend to project the personalities of the two people getting married through the choice of the theme for the wedding. If it is an outdoor event, the options are infinite depending on whether you want to give it a classical and old world charm, a fun and frolic look or make it a colorful and eye-catching
  • The vintage vantage: If you have on the lines of one who admires all that is vintage, you can reflect the same in your matrimony by making use of soft elements like laces, pearls, plenty of candles, old framed pictures, and antique mirrors to make the theme stand out at strategic points. Placing traditionally designed cups and saucers with small flower arrangements or using them as candle holders are sure to make the place look like a wedding set of the last century.
  • A state oriented decor: One of the trendy ways that is hugely becoming popular is to incorporate the decor and the costume choice of the states to which the bride and the bridegroom belong. The fun element lies in the fact that the two parties in the wedding don the costumes that pertain to the other. The food stalls can be setup according to the traditional decor of both states giving the guests the best of both.
  • Use of the glass accessories: One of the best ways to pep up the event decor is by working in collaboration with an event planner. This way you will have various options of the table layout and can also make use of attractive crystal and other colorful glass to attract attention to the decorative items. This is especially useful when you are having the celebrations indoors and give your wedding a shimmering look.
  • Deft use of colors: Another contemporary style of doing up the wedding decor is by making use of two attractive colors like black and golden or silver and gold. These colors can be effectively used in suspending lights and covering areas with table spreads or the floor area with the chosen colors.

It is an age of minimalism where the chic look is derived from the minimal use of fluff and heavy decor. It all begins with the design choice and the printing of the wedding card itself that will convey to your guests the theme that you wish to follow.


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