Typical Traits Of A Reddy Bride’s Family

The Reddy families are among some of the most historically noted and prominent ones in the region of South India. They are a class that was the erstwhile warriors and the rulers of the land that today are a part of the state of Andhra Pradesh. They have a glittering past of being wealthy rulers and landlords. The practice continued till the colonial era after which there was a change of guards. But on the whole, the caste still continues to be among the most influential in the society today.

A rich tradition behind

There is a rich history and tradition that is tied to the Reddy families in general. All religious and social practices have deep rooted meanings and are still revered by the families that are well-advanced economically as well as in the field of education. There are several families that are a part of the national political scenario apart from being wealthy businessmen or highly placed officials.

People with fine traits

Once you are bound by the Reddy matrimony you are likely to discover that her family is a deeply God-fearing and religious one maintaining all the traditions of the elders. You are sure to have noticed this during the traditional marriage itself where the rituals were meticulously followed.

As a newlywed groom, you are likely to find that each religious practice and rituals have deep significance. For example, the traditional color of the costumes of the typical traditional marriage ceremony is white base and red border. The white color signifies the purity of the relationship and the red signifies the strength of the relationship as well as that of the characters of the two people bound together.

Wedding Bride Family
Wedding Bride Family (PC: apnewscorner.com)

Similarly, there are more religious ceremonies that follow even after marriage that the family conducts for the general well-being of the newly-wed couple. Apart from the religiosity, you are also likely to find the family very warm and hospitable to the new member of the family.

Warm and hospitable

Traditionally the groom has a special place in the bride’s family and each time that you visit them you are likely to see them fuss over you. Even the elders of the family will show much respect and reverence to the groom.

Once you are tied by way of Reddy matrimony you will have the chance to enjoy some delectable dishes that are traditionally prepared at the homes. There is the staple food rice and associated dishes. The state is also known for it’s mouth watering Biryani that you are sure to be offered to taste. The Reddys are good eaters, and you are likely to be appreciated if you have a good appetite.

A well-placed Reddy family is likely to have a rich culture of being well-educated and versatile in some of the performing arts as well. A lot of families teach their daughters the classical dance form Kuchipudi that comes from the state and also give them training in the vocals. In fact, you should not be surprised if you get a lovely wife that can also sing and dance well.


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