When planning your own Vishwakarma Wedding, Opulence on a Dime

The Vishwarkarma’s are a community that is well-knit by their profession and are also spread out across the length and the breadth of the country. They are particular about their rich tradition that they believe in, having inherited from the Vedic times. As skilled craftsmen in several areas, they were formerly a community comprising of goldsmiths, carpenters, coppersmiths and sculptors among others. Of the many traditions that they follow, their matrimony is filled with the customs and traditions that call for much splendor and opulence.

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The Essential Points:

As a large part of the community, members are no longer engaged in the traditional trade and are educated and have professions of their own, most prefer to have the needed opulence, spending the dime. It is not impossible to have an opulent Vishwakarma matrimony on a dime provided you are careful to plan your wedding cutting out some fanciful and unnecessary costs.

  • There are several stages in the traditional marriage preparation that consists of consulting of the Pandit and finding the right date for the marriage. You can have the process simply covered by going to a temple where you are likely to find such a temple with an elder accompanying you, instead of setting up the process at home where you will have to pay the person more and also treat him to a meal.
  • The next stage is that of smearing of the turmeric and the oil paste ceremony when a lot of ladies are invited to do them at the respective homes. This not just involves unnecessary costs of having to entertain those invited, but also more time to be devoted that you may not have in hand. There are a requisite number of ladies either three of five that are needed to perform the ceremony, and you can restrict them to your immediate family members.
  • When it comes to the wedding celebration proper, there is a trend of the themed wedding and destination weddings that incur major part of the expenses. A lot of sensible people will term them more as film or circus settings rather than the setting of an auspicious ceremony like the Vishwakarma matrimony. Forego this unnecessary expenditure and do up your wedding venue with flowers that you can buy in bulk from the flower market and some decorations from the art and craft shop. With the help of your artistic friend, you are likely to have an impressive décor for the venue.
  • Outfit and jewelry are the next areas that you have to take care of. Make use of the old jewelry that you have at home by polishing them well. if you do not have any, there are plenty of semi-precious jewelry shops that will give you the complete opulent look as the bride. As for the outfits, choose something that will look good and are likely to find at the cheaper stores instead of the inordinately expensive ones.
  • You need not compromise on the food as long as you have a select guest list. Invite people that are close to you and your immediate family alone and not the entire locality just to make an impression.

This way, not only will you have the auspicious ceremony in place but also not lose a precious moment of it to unnecessary opulence.


5 mistakes to avoid in a Vishwakarma Wedding

Most traditional Indian marriages are still arranged and that includes the colorful and ritualistic Vishwakarma matrimony that exists among the community members. The members of the Vishwakarma community comprise of tradesmen like the goldsmith, coppersmiths, carpenters, blacksmiths and sculptors among others that are engaged in the making of objects from respective materials of their respective trade. There are customs that are particular to the community, and they are spread across the length and breadth of the country.


When it comes to the tradition of marriages, the community is fast on strict observances in marriage rituals. There are certain aspects that you will do well to avoid bringing any kind of disaster to the marriage ceremony.

  • Firstly, elders still have a lot of influence in the traditional Indian families and the Vishwakarmas are no exceptions. The matchmaking is done by specialists that match the respective horoscopes. Even if you are not a believer of these customs, it is good to allow the readings so that there are no negative repercussions on the couple later.
  • According to the Indian tradition, the finding of the auspicious date and time of the marriage is done by the Pandit at the behest of the groom’s family. The procedure is best followed as per the traditions instead of engaging in any unnecessary clashes as it also involves the dignity of family elders.
  • The involvement of the immediate family members is inevitable in the case of a Vishwakarma matrimony, and they will take over the initiative to order for clothes, the jewelry, and the ceremony celebration If you are planning to have a themed wedding venue, you will do well to discuss all your plans with your parents in private before you engage any of the professionals.
  • Once you have decided on the theme that is most likely to be a traditional one unless you have a destination wedding in mind, you will do well to engage a professional in the field. Once of the biggest mistakes that you can make while setting up the décor of your wedding venue is to ask your friends and your cousins to put together the décor. Go in for a professional that knows the job. Show her or him the venue and express your ideas so that they have the right suggestions and also show you a draft beforehand.
  • The other two important aspects that you cannot risk are your wedding outfits and food for your guests. Concerning the outfits, make sure that while being traditional, they should complement the type of jewelry and the makeup that the bride has in mind. This will give you truly complementing looks that will make you the awesome couple. To keep your guests truly happy, you will do well to take care of the menu. Keep in mind the cross-cultural outlook of your guests and avoid a disaster by serving only your traditional dishes. Opt for a menu that will take care of all palates.

Following these simple tips will ensure that your traditional marriage can accommodate all cultural specifications and make it a truly joyous occasion.

5 mistakes to avoid in a Ezhava Wedding

A wedding is not only a union of two people that come together to spend their lives together but Indian weddings are galore when it comes to the rituals and customs. Being a Hindu community of Kerala which is slightly orthodox about following rituals in weddings, a lot of attention is to be paid to the arrangements of the wedding itself. As part of Ezhava matrimonial, the bride and the groom must pay a lot of respect to the elders in the family regardless of the fact that the couples of the present times are exposed to a lot of factors. Moreover, the entrance of new styles in Ezhava weddings often destroys the beauty of the traditions. However, the wedding planners in the family along with the groom and the bride must try to avoid some of these mistakes that might intervene with the affairs of the wedding.


Here are the things that you must avoid in Ezhava weddings.

  1. Do not neglect the first ritual or Nishchayam-As part of the initial ceremonies and rituals that take place in Ezhava weddings, Nishchayam is vital as it is a kind of engagement between the couples that mark the beginning of the wedding. In addition to this, it is necessary for the elders in the family to buy gifts for the elders of the other family as gifts are exchanged in this ceremony between the elders of both families.
  1. Buying gifts for the groom and bride-As part of Ezhava matrimonial, the family of the bride must also buy gifts for the groom for the Nishchayam ceremony. Similarly, the family of the groom must not forget to buy gifts for the bride. Moreover, the family priest must be present in this occasion and the arrangements for that must be completed within time. In most cases, last minute rush can lead to all kinds of complications unless the marriage has been arranged in a jiffy.
  1. Performing puja before the ceremony– Ezhavas are people that love God and hence, puja is performed before the weddings. However, lots of fresh flowers must be present on the thali which is being used for offering prayers to Lord Ganesha. While this ritual is performed for clearing all the hindrances that often erupt in marriage ceremonies, it is necessary to make this ritual compliant with participation of the bride and the groom.
  1. Paying respect to the relatives– The people of Ezhava community usually believe in celebrating the wedding occasion in a grand style and all the relatives from the distant places come to attend the wedding. Therefore, the family of the bride and the groom must try to make appropriate arrangements for the relatives to feel comfortable as they come to bless the couple.
  1. Kashi yatra and marriage– Kashi Yatra is a popular ritual of Ezhava weddings which is meant for fun and it is not to be taken seriously by the couples or anyone in the family.

Avoiding these mistakes can make an Ezhava wedding more accomplished and beautiful in the real sense of the term and an occasion to enjoy for all.

When Planning Your Own Iyer Wedding, Opulence On A Dime

Like any other Iyer girl, it is even your dream to make your wedding perfect and memorable for a lifetime. After all, it is a joyous event that marks the beautiful beginning of a new relationship. Therefore, it is definitely exciting. In fact, in the Iyer matrimony, both the bride and the groom take the marriage seriously and look forward to their commitments with special attention. As far as the Iyer weddings are concerned, it is all about celebration, love, union and bonding. Everyone celebrated the union of two people in great ways.


Focus On Rituals:

In the Iyer community, lots of emphasis is given on rituals. Therefore, you certainly cannot overlook the importance of rituals for your wedding too. However, there are ways by means of which you can look forward to a wedding with opulence on a dime. You can keep your wedding simple yet gorgeous without the need to spend an extravagant amount on it. This can make your dream come true, and you can make your wedding the most memorable event of your life.

  • It is a well-known fact that when it comes to Iyer weddings, one of the major emphases is given on gold. Gold is associated with status, richness and tradition. Well, you might not be able to ignore the auspiciousness and presence of gold in the wedding ritual, but you can certainly go only for the amount required. It is wise to avoid showing off your status and culture through gold.
  • As per the traditions in Iyer matrimony, the bride has to be in rich Kanjeevaram saree. This is again an important ritual that cannot be overlooked. However, in order to get opulence on a dime, you can certainly invest in a cheaper alternative. Today, lots of cheaper varieties are available in Kanjeevaram sarees, and these can fulfill the purpose of the ritual in the wedding.
  • In this community, there is a tradition of serving numerous dishes at each meal. However, it is a wise idea on your part to reduce the numbers of dishes served per meal. This, in turn, will also reduce the wastage in food and can even help you arrange the wedding with opulence on a dime.
  • In an effort to spend your money on a lavish wedding, you do not want to go in debts. Therefore, you should make efforts to keep a constant watch on the budget, and make your plans accordingly. It will even give you loads of benefits now and in the future.

It is true that different people have different expectations for the Iyer wedding, but in order to impress others, you should not create a burden on your wallet. Understand your limitations because in an effort to spend lavishly on few days, you might affect your future. Hence, planning with opulence on dime well ahead in advance is certainly a good idea, and you should give it a try. It will bring you loads of satisfaction, and you will be happy with the way your marriage has been organized.

Top 10 luxury wedding venues to hold a 5 star wedding

People want to get married in style and for that reason, they plan for a destination wedding. Here are 10 luxury wedding destinations for you!


This place is simply amazing when you think about a destination wedding. There are many 5 star hotels and farm houses in Jaipur that will make you feel like a price and princess at your wedding day. You can feel the grandeur of this place as it’s famous for king and queens. Sadi is a sacred institution and there is nothing better than a place like Jaipur.

Kayastha Wedding Customs
Kayastha Wedding Customs (PC: pinterest.com)


People around the world come to Delhi to tie the knot. This is the capital city of India and has many plus hotels and farm houses. This is an ideal place to a destination wedding. You will find resorts and hotels like Oberoi, Taj, Le Meriden and much more. You will get everything here from shopping to the wedding.


Gurgaon is considered as an ideal place as you will find 5-star hotels and resorts like The Umrao Jaan and Leela Kempinski which are known for its grandeur. These places offer a variety of catering service and decoration. Amazing flower decoration is the specialty of tense places.


Goa is famous for its beach wedding. You can have a Christian or Hindu wedding easily. This place is slowly and steadily becoming one of the most popular destination weddings among people around the world. What would be more exciting than tying a knot on the beach?


Udaipur has many 5 stars plus resorts for a destination wedding. You can book maharani mahal as well for the wedding. This place is famous for its history and people from all around the world do their bookings for a wedding and this is one of the hottest wedding destinations. People usually book Udaipur Palaces for a wedding.


You will feel elated while tying the knot at this place. Rajasthan is famous for its culture and traditional values around the world. You have to do your booking for destination wedding way back as you will find booking dates almost all occupied.


Mumbai is a heart of the Country. People come here especially for tying the knot and making their day more special. There are countless 5-star hotels available in Mumbai that is almost jam packed during wedding season.


Andaman is an amazing place for a destination wedding. This is the place that takes your heart away. You will find amazing beaches over here for tying the knot or say “I Do” and seal with a kiss. All arrangements can be done easily in Andaman with 5-star amenities.

Jim Corbett national park:

People like to have adventurous wedding sometimes and so for that reason, they book Jim Corbet National Park in Nainital for their destination wedding. This is an outstanding want to say “I do”.


Kerala is a very quiet place with mesmerizing beaches. These beaches cast a spell on people who came here for a destination wedding and make them completely different person forever. This place has its own charm that cannot be denied. For a wedding, this destination is simply ideal.

Planning Your Wedding In Australia – Ideas for Choosing the Right Location for You and Your Guests

Today, everyone wants to have a unique wedding, something different and out of the box; to make it a memorable event. Most people who can afford it look out to have destination weddings either within India or abroad. Australia has now become a hot destination for weddings with all the rich and famous planning their special day at some exotic locale in this island with dramatic coastlines, bustling cities and never ending natural wonders. We tell you about the best places in Australia to plan your special occasion. You could also check out the good matrimonial sites in India to know more about the different wedding destinations that Australia has to offer.

Gorgeous Bridal
Gorgeous Bridal (PC: weddingplz.com)

Hayman Island-Nature at its best– Tucked away on the Queensland coast in the Greta barrier reef, this secluded and exclusive island makes a perfect hub for a private wedding. It offers luxury, serenity, and indulgence. You and your guests can indulge in the natural beauty of the terrain. It offers dense rainforests, rocky inlets, secluded beaches and lush tropical gardens. Its Whitehaven Beach has the Guinness record for being the softest, whitest beach in the world.

Gold Coast- A wedding haven– Oft called a surfer’s paradise; this seaside city is the hub of activity with happening nightlife, amazing golden beaches and plenty of natural wonders to explore.  You could plan your wedding on a yacht in the world’s surfing haven or drive up to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and hire a resort amidst nature to have your special day or soak yourself in the Sirromet Wineries, Queensland’s most awarded vineyard.

Sydney- A fine blend of modernity and nature– Australia’s popular “Harbour City” is a popular wedding destination. Its beautiful beaches and happening city life make for a perfect wedding destination in Australia.  You could plan an intimate wedding on the Australia’s most photographed shoreline at Bondi Beach or say your vows atop the Harbour Bridge. This rocky coastline offers a great view from everywhere so you just pick a place and let the natural beauty do the rest.

Cairn Beach- A tropical paradise– Straight out of the romantic old black and white movies set in the tropical South Pacific, Cairn beach makes for a perfect romantic wedding destination. With long stretches of unspoiled beaches, Cairns city offers exclusivity and the perfect ambiance for those seeking an intimate wedding. Its palm-fringed shores and azure blue waters make it a popular romantic retreat for those seeking a quiet wedding.

Having a wedding in Australia is all about having something extraordinary and unusual so get ready to start your journey surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty and charm.

Top 10 ways to Customize Destination Weddings

When you really want your wedding to be awesome and different then you will have to learn that some different touch would give it a boost. In that case, if you have been looking for some top ways to make your destination wedding quite amazing and personal in touch then here are some of the best ways to do that. Just check out.


The top ten ways to customize the destination wedding

  1. The very first thing that you need to understand is the destination wedding is something that would make the guest enjoy. Also, this would be a fun time for the family and the groom and bride. But when you really wish to add the touch of customization then try to add the flowers of your choice to the décor.
  2. If you have the authentic look for the wedding then there can be many different options attached to the same. In fact, you can check out so much information on the web and that will help you in giving you the personal touch.
  3. The wedding is the time when you will see that there would be a touch of matrimony and you will also be able to add newer things in the wedding. You can all of a sudden tell the band to on the music and the guests would just love this unexpected thing.
  4. You can tell the decorator to make the matrimony special by putting forward so many flowers petals everywhere. This would become like the scent wedding. Anyway, you are adding a touch of customization to the destination wedding in this way. You can still add more ideas.
  5. You can try as to what all trends are there for matrimony and then based on that you can call for the wedding dress customization.
  6. The destination wedding can be fun. It would be a combination of modern party style décor and traditional thing. You can always give your views as to what changes you need to make therein.
  7. The best thing would be the kind of atmosphere that you wish to create. You can think of options like different music options and also some serene things additions.
  8. Making wedding memorable is something you may be looking out for. Try some of the best options for doing that. You can tell the photo person to take up things and move ahead.
  9. The food is something that you can plan as per the choice.
  10. Just check out what all things are there for wedding customization and then based on that you can take final decisions. This will also work for you.

In the times when everyone is looking for some different touch in the wedding, you can really find the best options ahead. Just get ready for the best ever destination wedding within your budget. Then you can always take up the customization factor. These things would really give the perfect results.