Planning Your Wedding In Australia – Ideas for Choosing the Right Location for You and Your Guests

Today, everyone wants to have a unique wedding, something different and out of the box; to make it a memorable event. Most people who can afford it look out to have destination weddings either within India or abroad. Australia has now become a hot destination for weddings with all the rich and famous planning their special day at some exotic locale in this island with dramatic coastlines, bustling cities and never ending natural wonders. We tell you about the best places in Australia to plan your special occasion. You could also check out the good matrimonial sites in India to know more about the different wedding destinations that Australia has to offer.

Gorgeous Bridal
Gorgeous Bridal (PC:

Hayman Island-Nature at its best– Tucked away on the Queensland coast in the Greta barrier reef, this secluded and exclusive island makes a perfect hub for a private wedding. It offers luxury, serenity, and indulgence. You and your guests can indulge in the natural beauty of the terrain. It offers dense rainforests, rocky inlets, secluded beaches and lush tropical gardens. Its Whitehaven Beach has the Guinness record for being the softest, whitest beach in the world.

Gold Coast- A wedding haven– Oft called a surfer’s paradise; this seaside city is the hub of activity with happening nightlife, amazing golden beaches and plenty of natural wonders to explore.  You could plan your wedding on a yacht in the world’s surfing haven or drive up to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and hire a resort amidst nature to have your special day or soak yourself in the Sirromet Wineries, Queensland’s most awarded vineyard.

Sydney- A fine blend of modernity and nature– Australia’s popular “Harbour City” is a popular wedding destination. Its beautiful beaches and happening city life make for a perfect wedding destination in Australia.  You could plan an intimate wedding on the Australia’s most photographed shoreline at Bondi Beach or say your vows atop the Harbour Bridge. This rocky coastline offers a great view from everywhere so you just pick a place and let the natural beauty do the rest.

Cairn Beach- A tropical paradise– Straight out of the romantic old black and white movies set in the tropical South Pacific, Cairn beach makes for a perfect romantic wedding destination. With long stretches of unspoiled beaches, Cairns city offers exclusivity and the perfect ambiance for those seeking an intimate wedding. Its palm-fringed shores and azure blue waters make it a popular romantic retreat for those seeking a quiet wedding.

Having a wedding in Australia is all about having something extraordinary and unusual so get ready to start your journey surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty and charm.


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