Top 10 luxury wedding venues to hold a 5 star wedding

People want to get married in style and for that reason, they plan for a destination wedding. Here are 10 luxury wedding destinations for you!


This place is simply amazing when you think about a destination wedding. There are many 5 star hotels and farm houses in Jaipur that will make you feel like a price and princess at your wedding day. You can feel the grandeur of this place as it’s famous for king and queens. Sadi is a sacred institution and there is nothing better than a place like Jaipur.

Kayastha Wedding Customs
Kayastha Wedding Customs (PC:


People around the world come to Delhi to tie the knot. This is the capital city of India and has many plus hotels and farm houses. This is an ideal place to a destination wedding. You will find resorts and hotels like Oberoi, Taj, Le Meriden and much more. You will get everything here from shopping to the wedding.


Gurgaon is considered as an ideal place as you will find 5-star hotels and resorts like The Umrao Jaan and Leela Kempinski which are known for its grandeur. These places offer a variety of catering service and decoration. Amazing flower decoration is the specialty of tense places.


Goa is famous for its beach wedding. You can have a Christian or Hindu wedding easily. This place is slowly and steadily becoming one of the most popular destination weddings among people around the world. What would be more exciting than tying a knot on the beach?


Udaipur has many 5 stars plus resorts for a destination wedding. You can book maharani mahal as well for the wedding. This place is famous for its history and people from all around the world do their bookings for a wedding and this is one of the hottest wedding destinations. People usually book Udaipur Palaces for a wedding.


You will feel elated while tying the knot at this place. Rajasthan is famous for its culture and traditional values around the world. You have to do your booking for destination wedding way back as you will find booking dates almost all occupied.


Mumbai is a heart of the Country. People come here especially for tying the knot and making their day more special. There are countless 5-star hotels available in Mumbai that is almost jam packed during wedding season.


Andaman is an amazing place for a destination wedding. This is the place that takes your heart away. You will find amazing beaches over here for tying the knot or say “I Do” and seal with a kiss. All arrangements can be done easily in Andaman with 5-star amenities.

Jim Corbett national park:

People like to have adventurous wedding sometimes and so for that reason, they book Jim Corbet National Park in Nainital for their destination wedding. This is an outstanding want to say “I do”.


Kerala is a very quiet place with mesmerizing beaches. These beaches cast a spell on people who came here for a destination wedding and make them completely different person forever. This place has its own charm that cannot be denied. For a wedding, this destination is simply ideal.


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