5 mistakes to avoid in a Ezhava Wedding

A wedding is not only a union of two people that come together to spend their lives together but Indian weddings are galore when it comes to the rituals and customs. Being a Hindu community of Kerala which is slightly orthodox about following rituals in weddings, a lot of attention is to be paid to the arrangements of the wedding itself. As part of Ezhava matrimonial, the bride and the groom must pay a lot of respect to the elders in the family regardless of the fact that the couples of the present times are exposed to a lot of factors. Moreover, the entrance of new styles in Ezhava weddings often destroys the beauty of the traditions. However, the wedding planners in the family along with the groom and the bride must try to avoid some of these mistakes that might intervene with the affairs of the wedding.


Here are the things that you must avoid in Ezhava weddings.

  1. Do not neglect the first ritual or Nishchayam-As part of the initial ceremonies and rituals that take place in Ezhava weddings, Nishchayam is vital as it is a kind of engagement between the couples that mark the beginning of the wedding. In addition to this, it is necessary for the elders in the family to buy gifts for the elders of the other family as gifts are exchanged in this ceremony between the elders of both families.
  1. Buying gifts for the groom and bride-As part of Ezhava matrimonial, the family of the bride must also buy gifts for the groom for the Nishchayam ceremony. Similarly, the family of the groom must not forget to buy gifts for the bride. Moreover, the family priest must be present in this occasion and the arrangements for that must be completed within time. In most cases, last minute rush can lead to all kinds of complications unless the marriage has been arranged in a jiffy.
  1. Performing puja before the ceremony– Ezhavas are people that love God and hence, puja is performed before the weddings. However, lots of fresh flowers must be present on the thali which is being used for offering prayers to Lord Ganesha. While this ritual is performed for clearing all the hindrances that often erupt in marriage ceremonies, it is necessary to make this ritual compliant with participation of the bride and the groom.
  1. Paying respect to the relatives– The people of Ezhava community usually believe in celebrating the wedding occasion in a grand style and all the relatives from the distant places come to attend the wedding. Therefore, the family of the bride and the groom must try to make appropriate arrangements for the relatives to feel comfortable as they come to bless the couple.
  1. Kashi yatra and marriage– Kashi Yatra is a popular ritual of Ezhava weddings which is meant for fun and it is not to be taken seriously by the couples or anyone in the family.

Avoiding these mistakes can make an Ezhava wedding more accomplished and beautiful in the real sense of the term and an occasion to enjoy for all.


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