Cultural Importance of Wedding Rituals In Maratha Weddings

People in Maharashtra are quite sweet. You will find that Maratha Weddings are truly the perfect picture of Maratha culture. The wedding is considered as sacred in Maratha Matrimonial and you will see that all the rituals are taken up properly without missing on anything. Maratha people are sweet and simple and you will see that the weddings too are no pomp. They celebrate all the ceremonies and rituals in an authentic way. But everything would be done in a simple way. This is a positive thing!


Here are some of the facts that you must know and also these would give you an idea about the cultural importance of these wedding rituals.

The cultural importance

Weddings among Maratha are simple but you will see that they would not miss out on any ritual. Seeman puja is one such thing you should know. In this, the bride’s parents call upon the groom’s family for a meal at their place and then before the meal is served, the feet of the family members and the groom are washed. This shows that how much respect these people have for one another. Guests are just compared to God.

The importance of these weddings does have some effect on Indian culture too. As we know that Indians are quite fond of pujas and also they believe that before any sacred event takes place there should be puja and offerings to God. Thus, before the wedding begins you will see Gauri Puja and Ganesha Puja. This will help in keeping all the problems away and the wedding ceremony would finish without any hassle.

Most of the Maratha people opt for arranged marriages. This is a good thing and helps to maintain the cultural relevance. It is true that in the modern world even the inter-caste marriages are permitted, there should be no issues whether the wedding is in Maratha Matrimony or it is an inter-caste wedding.

The Maratha food is something that also shows the rich culture of this community. You will see that the food would be served on banana leaf and that there would be many authentic items. You will find amazing delicacies with the rich natural flavors and ingredients. If you eat food at these weddings you will realize the importance of keeping authentic foods at the weddings. However, these days, people have changed and so have the mindsets and you will see that there would be some fusion foods too at the weddings. But nothing can beat the rich flavor of the authentic and traditional food that is served on the banana leaf.

Are the ceremonies too long

Yes, in Maratha weddings there would be many customs and rituals. These rituals are quite long and so you can say that wedding would take some time. In the rituals too, you will find that there would be elders giving blessings as soon as the rituals are over. This means that among Marathas there is a good amount of importance given to the elders and the parents. The wedding is a sacred thing and so it should take time and should be initiated with proper rituals and arrangements.


When your would be Groom is a Pilot

Marrying someone who is always in air is quite a difficult way to live your life as you will be worried all the time about your life partner’s well being. But it brings lots of responsibilities as well. You can find an ideal pilot on as it’s a popular website that will provide you thousands of reputed pilots’ profile.

c sharpcorner

Pilot is one of the most desirable jobs in this world. According to some survey this job is in top 5 jobs. Mostly girls get attracted towards pilots not because of their looks but due to their job and uniform. Suddenly, that person will become more attractive to you. Before you make any choice there are certain points, which you should know before getting married to a Pilot. You can get hold on the pilot’s profile through various matrimony sites like

Pilot’s salary is not much

If you think you will be very rich and famous than think twice before getting married to a pilot. Airlines make money but the salary of a pilot isn’t much. They squeeze their employees and pilot. According to some survey, an average salary of pilot is around 12, 00,000 INR per year, which is quite low as compare to other professionals.

Reserve Pilot

If your would-be better half is “on reserve” means sitting all day at airport waiting for another pilot call to attend flight on his behalf then they are usually called reserve pilots. That is just reserve pilots specialized for few flights only. These are not full time pilots. These pilots are paid less.

Pilot’s Schedule

Pilot’s Schedules are not fixed, it changes every month. Sometimes they are on duty for 23 days than gets off for 8 uninterrupted days. You can search a good pilot profile on as there are many matrimonial sites that are becoming popular day by day.

Pilot’s Accommodation

In some destination airline do not provide accommodation to a pilot, they need to adjust in small apartment with other colleagues. These are known as crash pads.

Ground Experience Rules

In some airlines pilots with less on air experience but more experience with company are given priority. Your time with corporation count ups more.


Pilot job is not an easy job. If you are on international flight, than you need to work for 15 hours. If you are flying domestic flight you need to six to seven shuttle flights. Both are hectic things. In international you also need to cope up with time zone.

Colleagues and staff

Mainly flight staff and pilots have friendly relation, but corporation don’t want them to be too friendly, sometime colleagues can play blame game. All these are some ifs and buts of marrying a pilot. The life of pilot is not easy at all.


In some airlines pilots are not offered with the food. Although in some its payable and some airline always take care of their employees and feed them. When you are planning to get married to a pilot then you have to be mentally prepared.

When your would be wife is an Air Hostess

Life of an air hostess can never be a simple job. It is very challenging not only for air hostess personnel but also for her family. Mostly men are attracted towards air hostesses due to their uniform, but getting married to someone who is always flying is quite a hectic lifestyle.  It is definitely not a cake walk. Their life style is quite different and every one cannot adjust into it. Especially if you are from civil background it becomes quite difficult to adjust. In civilian life when you have an office job then it becomes quite difficult to adjust and understand the job of an air hostess. You need to take many things in to consideration like career, time, stability and family before marrying someone whose job is to fly at odd times. There are many things that come in between like time clashes, infidelity issues, understanding, cooking issues, kids, family and much more. You can search your bride who is from aviation field easily from online matrimony site like You need to check with your job or business you are doing to cope with the air hostess wife job. Here are few things that usually happen:

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Time clashes:

When you are going to get married to an air hostess then it becomes very important to manage time. When you both are working then it usually happens that your working time clashes and you don’t get time to spend with each other. Time clash is a common issue when your wife is an air hostess as she would have to attend international and domestic flights both because of shift change. It becomes very important to manage time and make sure you are available for her when she comes.

Infidelity issues:

Couples confront infidelity issues when they both are working. It is always advisable to get connected with your partner. Usually in aviation line this problem pops up between couple and to resolve this issue its quiet essential to give time to each other. So when you are planning to get married to an air hostess then you can search a perfect one for you on


When one partner is working and other is not working. Or sometimes both are working and they don’t get time to meet each other then it becomes very important to understand the situation of other partner.

Balance between job and family:

A good balance is required and both the partners have to provide support to each other at the time of handling family and job. Maintaining a balance between work and family is of great significance. When you plan to marry air hostess make sure you know all ifs and buts of the profession. The change in timing of the job more often and cooking issues along with various other problems are to be faced by a husband of an air hostess. You can search a girl who is in the aviation field on

Pros n Cons of marrying your colleague

To get honey with money is a good option but everything comes with pros and cons. If you are good in balancing situation then certainly marrying your colleague is a good option. Maintaining personal and professional life is a little difficult. You can search your life partner on as well because this site is quite a popular matrimony site.


Before you decide to get married to your colleague you should considered these pros and cons.

The Pros

  • Working together can be economical. You can go together which can save enough of your time and money. There will be no conflict for schedule. You will be able to spend maximum time together. Sometimes you can get romantic as well at the workplace.
  • The probability of getting a promotion is increased as now you are working together. Anyone’s promotion will help both the partners financially. It can help you in increasing your living standard.
  • Sometimes working together can be fun. When you both are in a similar department or on the same team then you’ll get sufficient time to discuss ideas and strategies regarding projects and life.
  • If you are having a terrible day at the job, you don’t need to wait until late afternoon to converse it with your partner. Your partner can immediately help you in making things easier for you. Sometime partner’s presence helps in making things better.
  • You do not need an explanation for working late, as your partner will be aware of different scenario at the workplace.
  • You both can enjoy your offs and holidays together.

Besides these pro there are some cons, let’s discuss them

The Cons

  • Your Personal Issues can convert into a professional issue, which can ruin the work and your performance. Employers are aware of these situations and that’s why they avoid this practice.
  • Excess of everything is dangerous. Privacy is also very important in any relationship if you are together 24×7 than sometimes things can get hotter.
  • In certain cases it is found that with promotion either of you has to confront relocation issues then this will be a major issue in your relationship after the wedding. Relocation to another place is a big issue.
  • In case the company needs to wind up the business, both will be unemployed.
  • Sometimes promotion or your friendly nature with another co-worker can ruin your personal relation as well. is the site where you can search a life partner easily that matches your needs.
  • Never get in the way of each other’s business.
  • Respect each other’s privacy
  • Don’t mix personal and professional issues

These are just a few points, although marriage does not depend on pro and cons, but if both partners have a good mutual understanding that they can work successfully in the same field. But you should also consider cons of working together. You should avoid mixing personal and professional life. Let’s see certain important points to keep in mind.

If you take care of few points then you can surely taste a successful married life.

Cultural Importance Of Wedding Rituals Observed At Karuneegar Weddings

Every culture has their own rituals and beliefs, something new, each ritual has its own significance and cultural diversity. Keeping Karuneegar weddings in mind , the south Indian culture is prominently highlighted. According to the wedding rituals of a Karuneegar Wedding, the cultural importance and the will of the south Indians to keep their tradition and culture alive is portrayed as every other culture and they are grounded to their mother earth.

Karuneegar Matrimony gives a wider view of all the rituals and the cultural importance that is evoked by the south Indians. To have an overview of the rituals of a typical Karuneegar wedding, we get to know that how much the people are grounded in their culture. The mantras recited by the priest are in Sanskrit, the sacred language of our nation. They join us to the roots, the gods and goddesses are evoked in Sanskrit. The grace of these Vedic mantras create a pure ambience and the blessings of the ancestors and elders give a beautiful start to the life of a couple.

the hindu

Karuneegars’s following the Tamilian culture, which projects through these weddings the dressing sense of the bride and the groom. The bride wears a Red or Yellow colored Kanjivaramsaari, and the groom wears a typical white dhoti and a shirt with golden border. This is the trademark of the south Indians, they are recognized and stand out of the crowd with their outfits. It is a part of their culture.

They perform Ganesh Pooja and GauriPooja to invoke the blessings of God before starting any auspicious work. It is important to seek God blessings to have an uninterrupted marriage. Everything goes smoothly and keeping god above everything all is not only cultural prosperity but also that all Indians believe and trust in.

The decoration of banana leaves and coconut, rice, rice flour floor designs and colorful rangolis. Banana, coconut, and rice are the staple food of South India they are used to depict the food growth. During ’Vratham’, the sacred threads are dipped in turmeric and tied the hands of the bride and the groom, to protect the couple from all the negativity and inauspicious activities. Using spices and food material foe ceremonies, show that this world is made out of the paanchtatva’s – earth, fire , water, sky, and wind  they make the resources and the body.

This is the tradition of India that the bride’s father has to perform kanyadanam, an official ceremony to give the hand of the bride to the groom, with all the responsibilities and hoping a happy and a prosperous family life ahead. The bride and the groom take the seven vows  by taking rounds around the sacred fire. They promise each other of togetherness and compatibility and the duties and responsibilities the couple has towards each other  every single day till they are together.

The wedding rituals are the best way to show the tradition and culture and how much importance does it hold in a life of a person, they have a distinct identity and stand as a representative of the South Indian’s and their style. It depicts their lifestyle, beliefs and traditions that they live every day. Karuneegar Matrimonial takes you on the tour of the culture and traditional value of the wedding rituals of a Karuneegar wedding. India is a multicultural nation with varied castes, culture, religion and their own beliefs respectively. It’s beautiful to see the diversity of ideas and thoughts of an occasion like marriage.

5 Mistakes to Avoid in a Christian Wedding

Wedding is the most auspicious occasion of your life that includes many customs, traditions, rituals and values to follow. If yours is a Christian matrimony then you have to take care of few things which are very important in Christian wedding. Flowers are essential part of any wedding and when you talk about Christian wedding then it becomes very important to keep yourself updated with various types of flowers. Indian weddings are not complete without flowers and in some religion wedding these posses high significance. In Christian matrimony you should avoid these 5 mistakes:

Christian Matrimony (PC:

Avoid last time arrangement for flowers:

When you are taking charge of your wedding then make sure you book your flowers before hand to avoid any inconvenience at the last moment. Flowers have a lot of importance in Christian weddings as bride usually take a bouquet of flowers in her hands and then there are flower girls that goes sides by side with the Christian bride. So it becomes extremely vital to get the flowers on time and that too fresh flowers. Do the arrangement that way.

Christian wedding decoration:

Make sure the Christian matrimony decorations are not cheap and up to the mark. Avoid going for change in design at last minute. It’s very important to choose the decoration design and pattern almost a month before your wedding and don’t make a mistake of changing a pattern of design at the last moment.

Avoid inviting huge number of people:

Look at the venue first and always avoid inviting huge number of people. When you invite people at your wedding then make sure you call only near and dear ones. There are many families who invite known and acquaintance as well. Avoid doing this mistake as it will only leave in a mess at the last moment and make your wedding a hotchpotch affair.

Look for venue which is reasonable:

When you search for venue then make sure it is reasonable and can accommodate enough people you have invited. If you have invited 200 guests then ensure that the venue has space for around 350 guests to avoid any kind of misshapen. Many people invite guests in Church for their Christian matrimony and end up messing it. Church cannot accommodate more people so avoid inviting so many people there. In fact always look for venue if you want to throw a grand reception and then invite those guests there.

Book your wedding planner:

Do not handle all work alone as it will be really tiring and exhausting. Always hire a wedding planner and let him do the job. These wedding planners are well trained and experienced people who will handle all task of wedding with their wedding planning team. You do not have to run from pillar to post to search something as they will provide handy to you. One needs to make the command and they will fulfill all the demands of the bride and groom families.

Grooming Tips for Summer Tamil Groom

If you are a groom who is about to get married then there would surely be so many things going on in your mind. If its summer then there would be need of the best grooming tips for summer. This is because, if you don’t take good care of your skin in summer then you will realize that the skin has lost the charm. The same thing holds true with the hair as well.

Here is some of the special summer grooming tips for the groom

Since its summer time, the groom should be quite cautious about the way he looks. He would get oily skin and also there would be too much of perspiration. Steps must be taken at least for the main wedding day when the groom can look his best. The groom should have the ideas that what kind of food would be apt in summer. When he has been preparing for the wedding, it is vital that you consider all the rituals of Tamil matrimonial. Since these things are going to affect the preparations of the groom, he should consider staying chilled and cool.

Tamil Matrimonial (PC:
  • Try to eat less and drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is the key to stay healthy.
  • If there’s more of oils and perspiration then you must try to add more of fruits and fresh veggies in the diet. You should avoid food that has white flour, white sugar etc. In weddings people like eating all these foods. But they are quite heavy for getting digested.
  • It is vital that through out the wedding functions, you should be careful in eating; this is because sometimes due to over-eating there can be some issues that would come up.
  • The groom should get the apt facial and skin treatment done before the wedding. Hair spa is also recommended so as to get rid of the dandruff and sweat.

In Tamil matrimonial you will see that people expect the groom to look awesome. Since he would be in the traditional dress dhoti, it’s really going to be quite cool for him. But then since his body would be exposed a bit, he should be looking good by all means.

For the grooms, there are many options available. You must always see to it that how would things come up. If there are any doubts in that regard then you should know that you can always get the doubts cleared. In the times when everyone is so much prone to problems related to heat, summer time is the worst time. But if the right venue with proper air conditioning is chosen then there would be minimal issues. You can always check out online some of the tips that would make the groom look attractive even in the hot summers. This kind of research would enlighten the groom with few more tips. Just find out what all things are important and how they need to be carried out.