Unearthing the Origins of Nuptial Bliss: Our Most beloved Wedding Traditions

In India weddings are celebrated in such an amazing way. The celebrations are such great. People who get wedded and those who attend the wedding, everyone would just love this. Keeping this in mind, you should always make your wedding memorable. But the point is that, what kind of traditions and customs do you follow? Do you go by the standard one or the one that your culture teaches you? Some of the marriage traditions are a common one and they are always an important part of the customs. So, here’s let us check the beloved wedding traditions in matrimonial India.

The history and the origin

The youngsters of today want to find out as to what is the history of these customs and traditions that we follow while getting married. But you would be astonished to know that these things are quite an age old and it is something that our grannies and aunties taught us. Well, it would have really quite exciting to know that some of the wedding rituals are a must and they do form an important party of matrimonial India. Here’s they are.


Wedding Traditions (pc:vendor4u.com)

  1. Kashi yatra: This is one of the most common traditions in many castes. Even in South India this is a common ritual. In this, you will see that the groom would say that he is not willing to marry and he wants to go for Kashi yatra. After that, he is told by the bride’s parents that he should marry the bride. So, he just puts himself forward and says yes.
  2. Kanyadan: The other important ritual is Kanya Daan. In this, you will see that the parents of the bride and the brother would opt for Kanya Daan. This is what happens here. It is an important ritual.
  3. Saptapadi: In most of the weddings, sap tapa di happens. There are seven spheres and this is also an important ritual.

In every Indian wedding there are many mischiefs also and so you will see that all that would be utmost fun. The sisters would tell the groom that the sisters should get some money and then only they would allow the brother to wed. Likewise, there are many other things that you will see as an important part of matrimonial India.

India is a country where diverse cultures and castes prevail. Thus, you will see that the wedding traditions are quite exciting. You will really love these things. Just know as to what all things are there in your culture.Getting married in an amazing way with all customs and traditions would also be a great thing. Try it and see how you can manage to stay in touch with your roots via the right rituals. You can always ask your granny and your aunties that how there would be such wedding rituals and all and when they started coming into existence. They would be the best people to guide you in the matter. Just know as to how to go ahead.


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