When planning your own Kannada wedding, opulence on dime

Planning your own wedding is always very exciting and challenging thing. There are lots of things need to do. Although parents and friends are always there to help you, but you always need to check few things for your big day. Everyone wants their wedding to be different and astonishing and that’s too in less expense. Let’s discuss few points through which you can plan your Kannada Matrimony, Opulence on a Dime.

Kannada Matrimony (PC:Pinterest.com)


Check with your budget, there is no harm in maintaining your budget. Everyone have hard earned money, and should try to invest in a way to get maximize from it. Check with the guest list cut it short. Make list of every required items in wedding and work according to it.

Number of ceremonies

In Kannada Matrimony, it is not like one day wedding celebrations. There are many ceremonies and rituals which are initial part of Kannada wedding. For these ceremonies or rituals try to call few guests and check for small place. Even some rituals are needed to be organized at home like Nandi and Havan. Fewer guests will help you in saving a lot on food, accommodation and arrangements.

Wedding Venue and Date

Alike other Hindu traditions, in Kannada Matrimony date of wedding has to be finalized by priests. These are some auspicious date, which are quite common for wedding. on these days wedding venues are either not available or are at very high rates. Try to get some off season date. In off season you will get everything at cheaper price. You will get more options for venue, try to get venue near to your accommodation to save time and transport expenses.

Buy in bulk

Wedding shopping is always a fun and hectic both. Shopping not only includes wedding day attire or matching things, it also includes shopping for other ceremonies. Shopping for family and relatives are also required. Too get best, try to buy in bulk from one shop. You can also go for off season sale purchasing. In Kannada Matrimony gold jewelry is very important, try to purchase jewelry when rates of gold are down.

Prefer rental bride and groom outfits:

When you have fewer amounts of money and want to experience the best of the world then it is always advisable to go for the rental Lehenga or bridal gown and groom’s outfit because you do not have to wear it again. These outfits are quite expensive and you are simply going to wear it once in your lifetime. Always choose the best designer Lehenga or bridal gown for your wedding. There are many designer outfits available on rent for bride and groom equally. You can seek help from your family and friends in choosing one that suits your personality. There is no shame in wearing rental outfit for your wedding as they are just used once. Make sure you use your mind and not become a fool by spending so much on your outfits. It is better you spend the saved amount on your honeymoon.


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