Bridal Tips for a Summer Tamil Bride

Summers are bad and when it comes to wedding, the bride and the groom would really have hard time. In India you will see that the bride is supposed to wear loads of jewelry and very heavy dressing. But again, this is not the rule. If the bride is comfortable in something simple yet elegant and rich then she can go ahead with that. In Tamil matrimonial you will see that the bride generally wears silk sari and then there would be lots of jewelry and then the hair would be adorned with flowers. But since it would be summer time, bride can choose some of the bets options that would keep her stay cool even in summer.

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Summer tips for tamil bride

  • It is vital that if possible, the banquet hall should be air conditioned. This is because; it will keep you as the bride quite relaxed. Also, with this you would not get irritated or frustrated.
  • In summers, since the skin would turn out to be too oily, the makeup that you pout should be water based. You can call up your beautician and let her know that it would be better of she can get some long lasting water based makeup for you.
  • In summers, there are chances that due to over burden the bride may get dehydrated. But of she sips on with coconut water, orange juice, lemon juice then she can avoid tiredness and dehydration.
  • Being the summers, the bride should be given some chilled area to stay cool. If she is not given some space then it would really be quite pathetic.

In India, wedding takes place at any season. But when this happen in summer you will have to really know that some preparations should be done for the bride. This will make her feel good. In Tamil matrimonial you will see that there are so many guests coming for the wedding. If the place opted as venue would be too small then it will affect the air circulation in that area. It is therefore vital that you opt for the best tips for the summer that would keep cool. Also when looking out for the venue try the space that is very good and spacious! These are some of the basic things you must keep in mind. Tamils are lovers of natural foods. Just see to it that the food that is arranged for has some cool stuff also that can help the bride stay chilled over. Its summer time and already the skin would be exposed to sun and thus before the wedding whenever the girl has to go out for shopping or for some other thing she should wear the sun screen lotion and then only step out of the house. This is what will help in keeping the skin look perfect. If you don’t take good care of hair and skin in summer, then they would become pretty dull. So, just look out for the same.


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