5 Mistakes to Avoid in a Christian Wedding

Wedding is the most auspicious occasion of your life that includes many customs, traditions, rituals and values to follow. If yours is a Christian matrimony then you have to take care of few things which are very important in Christian wedding. Flowers are essential part of any wedding and when you talk about Christian wedding then it becomes very important to keep yourself updated with various types of flowers. Indian weddings are not complete without flowers and in some religion wedding these posses high significance. In Christian matrimony you should avoid these 5 mistakes:

Christian Matrimony (PC: rusticfolkweddings.com)

Avoid last time arrangement for flowers:

When you are taking charge of your wedding then make sure you book your flowers before hand to avoid any inconvenience at the last moment. Flowers have a lot of importance in Christian weddings as bride usually take a bouquet of flowers in her hands and then there are flower girls that goes sides by side with the Christian bride. So it becomes extremely vital to get the flowers on time and that too fresh flowers. Do the arrangement that way.

Christian wedding decoration:

Make sure the Christian matrimony decorations are not cheap and up to the mark. Avoid going for change in design at last minute. It’s very important to choose the decoration design and pattern almost a month before your wedding and don’t make a mistake of changing a pattern of design at the last moment.

Avoid inviting huge number of people:

Look at the venue first and always avoid inviting huge number of people. When you invite people at your wedding then make sure you call only near and dear ones. There are many families who invite known and acquaintance as well. Avoid doing this mistake as it will only leave in a mess at the last moment and make your wedding a hotchpotch affair.

Look for venue which is reasonable:

When you search for venue then make sure it is reasonable and can accommodate enough people you have invited. If you have invited 200 guests then ensure that the venue has space for around 350 guests to avoid any kind of misshapen. Many people invite guests in Church for their Christian matrimony and end up messing it. Church cannot accommodate more people so avoid inviting so many people there. In fact always look for venue if you want to throw a grand reception and then invite those guests there.

Book your wedding planner:

Do not handle all work alone as it will be really tiring and exhausting. Always hire a wedding planner and let him do the job. These wedding planners are well trained and experienced people who will handle all task of wedding with their wedding planning team. You do not have to run from pillar to post to search something as they will provide handy to you. One needs to make the command and they will fulfill all the demands of the bride and groom families.


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