Cultural Importance Of Wedding Rituals Observed At Karuneegar Weddings

Every culture has their own rituals and beliefs, something new, each ritual has its own significance and cultural diversity. Keeping Karuneegar weddings in mind , the south Indian culture is prominently highlighted. According to the wedding rituals of a Karuneegar Wedding, the cultural importance and the will of the south Indians to keep their tradition and culture alive is portrayed as every other culture and they are grounded to their mother earth.

Karuneegar Matrimony gives a wider view of all the rituals and the cultural importance that is evoked by the south Indians. To have an overview of the rituals of a typical Karuneegar wedding, we get to know that how much the people are grounded in their culture. The mantras recited by the priest are in Sanskrit, the sacred language of our nation. They join us to the roots, the gods and goddesses are evoked in Sanskrit. The grace of these Vedic mantras create a pure ambience and the blessings of the ancestors and elders give a beautiful start to the life of a couple.

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Karuneegars’s following the Tamilian culture, which projects through these weddings the dressing sense of the bride and the groom. The bride wears a Red or Yellow colored Kanjivaramsaari, and the groom wears a typical white dhoti and a shirt with golden border. This is the trademark of the south Indians, they are recognized and stand out of the crowd with their outfits. It is a part of their culture.

They perform Ganesh Pooja and GauriPooja to invoke the blessings of God before starting any auspicious work. It is important to seek God blessings to have an uninterrupted marriage. Everything goes smoothly and keeping god above everything all is not only cultural prosperity but also that all Indians believe and trust in.

The decoration of banana leaves and coconut, rice, rice flour floor designs and colorful rangolis. Banana, coconut, and rice are the staple food of South India they are used to depict the food growth. During ’Vratham’, the sacred threads are dipped in turmeric and tied the hands of the bride and the groom, to protect the couple from all the negativity and inauspicious activities. Using spices and food material foe ceremonies, show that this world is made out of the paanchtatva’s – earth, fire , water, sky, and wind  they make the resources and the body.

This is the tradition of India that the bride’s father has to perform kanyadanam, an official ceremony to give the hand of the bride to the groom, with all the responsibilities and hoping a happy and a prosperous family life ahead. The bride and the groom take the seven vows  by taking rounds around the sacred fire. They promise each other of togetherness and compatibility and the duties and responsibilities the couple has towards each other  every single day till they are together.

The wedding rituals are the best way to show the tradition and culture and how much importance does it hold in a life of a person, they have a distinct identity and stand as a representative of the South Indian’s and their style. It depicts their lifestyle, beliefs and traditions that they live every day. Karuneegar Matrimonial takes you on the tour of the culture and traditional value of the wedding rituals of a Karuneegar wedding. India is a multicultural nation with varied castes, culture, religion and their own beliefs respectively. It’s beautiful to see the diversity of ideas and thoughts of an occasion like marriage.


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