When your would be wife is an Air Hostess

Life of an air hostess can never be a simple job. It is very challenging not only for air hostess personnel but also for her family. Mostly men are attracted towards air hostesses due to their uniform, but getting married to someone who is always flying is quite a hectic lifestyle.  It is definitely not a cake walk. Their life style is quite different and every one cannot adjust into it. Especially if you are from civil background it becomes quite difficult to adjust. In civilian life when you have an office job then it becomes quite difficult to adjust and understand the job of an air hostess. You need to take many things in to consideration like career, time, stability and family before marrying someone whose job is to fly at odd times. There are many things that come in between like time clashes, infidelity issues, understanding, cooking issues, kids, family and much more. You can search your bride who is from aviation field easily from online matrimony site like shadi.com. You need to check with your job or business you are doing to cope with the air hostess wife job. Here are few things that usually happen:

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Time clashes:

When you are going to get married to an air hostess then it becomes very important to manage time. When you both are working then it usually happens that your working time clashes and you don’t get time to spend with each other. Time clash is a common issue when your wife is an air hostess as she would have to attend international and domestic flights both because of shift change. It becomes very important to manage time and make sure you are available for her when she comes.

Infidelity issues:

Couples confront infidelity issues when they both are working. It is always advisable to get connected with your partner. Usually in aviation line this problem pops up between couple and to resolve this issue its quiet essential to give time to each other. So when you are planning to get married to an air hostess then you can search a perfect one for you on shadi.com.


When one partner is working and other is not working. Or sometimes both are working and they don’t get time to meet each other then it becomes very important to understand the situation of other partner.

Balance between job and family:

A good balance is required and both the partners have to provide support to each other at the time of handling family and job. Maintaining a balance between work and family is of great significance. When you plan to marry air hostess make sure you know all ifs and buts of the profession. The change in timing of the job more often and cooking issues along with various other problems are to be faced by a husband of an air hostess. You can search a girl who is in the aviation field on shadi.com.


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